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Court Martial Amendment



March talking points“What does this amendment mean?” Betsy Bulldog asks Tom Cat



Court martial manual


Our team found the annex materials:

The Annex

Additionally, this may be useful for your research: Publication of the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States (2016 ed.) and Updated Supplementary Materials



Below you will find raw research notes from the Conclave regarding this Amendment and the Annex. We thought it would be beneficial to keep these notes on one of our permanent pages


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Notes from March 6, 2018


Here’s the Hillary Cable setting up the Mueller meeting.

[994] Hillary R. Clinton. (Apr. 20, 2009). SECRET CABLE 09STATE38943_a, REF: 08 MOSCOW 521, Classified By: EUR/FO: ACTING DAS ANITA FRIEDT, E.O. 12958: REASONS 1.4 (B), (D), and (F). From: Secretary of State [Hillary Clinton], To: Georgia Tbilisi, Russia Moscow. ALERTING GOR OF DELIVERY OF SEIZED HEU DURING APRIL 27 FBI DIRECTOR,S [Robert S. Mueller, III] TRIP TO MOSCOW. WikiLeaks df=40751.U.S. State Department.



Item 94, “Sedition” added in new Executive Order

Sedition frame 1

Sedition frame 2

Sedition frame 3


Error in critical clause: The drafters have misidentified “Espionage” as “103a” – Attempted espionage when it is actually 106a.

103a is Captured or Abandoned Property.

So, why would the Code intentionally misidentify Espionage, where the penalty could be death, while property identifying stealing mail where the penalty is minimal, as an example?

Sedition frame 4


Sedition frame 5


Is this mislabeling sloppiness on the part of the lawyer(s) who drafted the document on this most critical provision of national security? Clearly not, this was meant to intentionally bring confusion to this critical change in President Trump’s executive order.

Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton appear to be guilty of this very mislabeled provision of  Article 106a ESPIONAGE when Mueller delivered highly-enriched uranium for Hillary to the Russians on Apr. 27, 2009.

Note that just 12 days earlier on April 15, 2009 James P. Chandler had pushed out a requirement for ALL FOIA requests to go through him at the White House.

Snowden had had enough just five weeks later. Maybe the nuc stuff freaked him? Notice that 4 weeks later Milner invested $200 million in Facebook.


sedition frame 6


Sedition frame 6





Notes from March 5, 2018


Looked up who is subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice: 

It includes civilians supporting the military… NOAA, Public Health Service, and OTHER organizations, when ASSIGNED [to a military agency]…


Annex 1

Annex 2

NOAA, Public Health Service, and OTHER organizations, when ASSIGNED…

Of course, the entire tech-left is supporting the military. This makes them all subject to military just. No?

Here’s just one proof that Google/Schmidt is subject:


Annex 3



annex 4




Annex 5


annex 6

p 5 Allows a military judge to review evidence sealed by the CIA/FBI/NSA Secrecy Agreement

annex 7

p. 6 Stops the US Supreme Court from being able to block CIA material from being unsealed

annex 8

p. 9 relaxed the ability to release evidence previously sealed by the CIA/NSA/FBI Secrecy Agreement

annex 9


p. 14-17 Entirely new section on sexual trafficking and pedophilia

annex 10

annex 11

See also pp. 16-17


p. 186

annex 12

p. 188

annex 13





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