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The Numbers are Staggering


Did Micheal Cohen Perjure Himself Again?


Here’s an Amy Berman Jackson flier to pass around your network. Use our PDF link or create one yourself on your own website. We left some white space on it, so feel free to personalize with your info. Let’s get the word out about this swamp bottomfeeder.

Roger needs our help exposing this corrupt judge.

Amy Berman Jackson flyer


How ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Amnesty Could Destroy American Liberty


Judicial Watch Uncovers DOJ Records Showing Numerous Bruce Ohr Communications with Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele


The truth gets more glaring everyday. Thanks to AIM Patriot Giorgio for another edgy meme. Make sure to grab it (watch out for pussies) and pass around in your network. Is Chief Justice Roberts committing HIGH TREASON for keeping Ruth’s death or incapacitation a secret from Americans in order to keep the coup d’etat in play?

ginsberg ruth robot


US Revokes Visas from 77 Associates of Socialist Dictator Nicolas Maduro


tom fitton tweet deep state.JPG


Why is Hillary Clinton Associate Lanny Davis Attending the Michael Cohen Hearings?


Google is tracking you. Even when you’re in Airplane Mode (Video)


LEAKED AUDIO: Google Discusses ‘Steering’ the Conservative Movement


Five Myths About 5G, Debunked

Listen to this crock of globalist propaganda (video headline above) pushed out by the FAKE NEWS Wall Street Journal. Corporate benefactors of 5G are getting worried that WE THE PEOPLE are savvy to their plans to weaponize the entire planet in digital tyranny. Expect more of this fake news in the days to come and warn your audience about the dangers of 5G and of corporate propaganda tactics.

A low information zombie has no idea about the harmful effects 5G will have on him/her and all human beings. This video makes 5G seem warm and cozy.

What the video doesn’t tell you is that 5G has not undergone long term testing on humans. The WSJ video doesn’t tell you that the technology has the potential to completely eradicate all life, not just human, on the planet by simply killing off the eggs in female ovaries. It’s a silent kill that people won’t know about until no living being can reproduce.

The video doesn’t tell you the dangers to bees, birds, butterflies and other flying animals that rely on sensitive internal sensors for flying. Zap. 5G will destroy their fragile etheric bodies, too.  All of God’s creatures will be exposed in 5G kill areas.

internet of things drawing

The FAKE NEWS PROPAGANDA RAG WSJ doesn’t tell you how 5G is needed to operate the Internet of Things which will be able to lock down the planet in total, irreversible, digital tyranny.

It doesn’t tell you that it is being rolled out in population dense areas as a convenient kill-zone for eliminating large groups of people in concentrated areas.

Do you live in an urban 5G kill zone?

Once the hardware is installed, they simply adjust the frequencies on 5G to eliminate all life within its range.

No wonder the Chinese and Uniparty are so upset that Trump wants to nationalize 5G. They were planning on using their 5G secret weapon to kill all of us. Seriously. Remember these are the same people who are cult devotees of Hillary Clinton and are literally ok-fine-cool with baby murder. Also remember who holds the encryption keys to it all – Ms. Patent Attorney herself Hillary Clinton.

Keep educating and enlightening your circle of influence about DEADLY 5G.


skin a catCaterwauling: The globalists are using the Muslim invaders to do the street work of killing off Americans and other patriots in their own countries. They are literally the ground armies of George Soros, the banksters, the Queen, and globalists.

They are INVADERS. They are enemies of your nation.

Once the invaders have done their job, the 5G kill switch (primarily in the urban areas) will be turned on full blast to eradicate those remaining, pesky Sharia Law followers. The Queen and the Privy Council might leave Windsor Castle for a few days while the 5G job is being done, but eventually she and her lizard people will return to England without deplorables, Muslims, and woke patriots to annoy them, at least for a few centuries.


Fake News Song


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Justin is in Trouble and Look Who Pops Up in Canada, Again


Plum book amazonLooking for the Plum Book materials? Several of you asked for the direct link. We recommend that you bookmark it. Keep in mind that the new book has not been published yet…but when it does, we plan on ripping it apart.

These people are enemies of America.

They are a Gladio ‘stay-behind army’ that controls America behind the scenes. Bill Barr knows. He is SES. So are James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Michael Horowitz, John Huber, John Brennan, Peter Strzok, Bill Preistap, James Baker, Loretta Lynch, Lisa Page, Jeff Sessions, Christopher Wray, Rat Rodentstein, Valerie Jarrett, Robert Mueller…500 SES DOJ attorneys…they are all SES swamp rats. Where are our hungry kitties?

Plum Book Files

It’s Time. Pitchforks and Torches


men playing women sports


Libyan bulldozers destroy home of late former leader Muammar Gaddafi

Trump administration scraps plan for new FBI headquarters

Why are we spending any more money on this corrupt agency? Their purpose is a farce when their ‘rank and file’ can’t even find massive HIGH TREASON happening right under their roof in Washington D.C. They refuse to investigate the biggest loser criminal of all time – Hillary Clinton. The ‘rank and file’ have been working overtime to protect their senior leadership from reporting on the crimes that citizens see clearly.

roger stone arrest garrisonWhen the FBI ‘rank and file’ are not planning and running false flags like 911, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, and the like, they are working closely with the DOJ to keep a lid on Fast and Furious and Benghazi to protect other swamp rats – Eric Holder and Amy Berman Jackson. Or they are out in the retirement villages of Florida arresting senior citizens at o’dark thirty as political prisoners for SES Herr Mueller.

Citizens have done more to expose the criminality in Washington than the ‘rank and file’ of the FBI. And what about those totally corrupt DOJ 500 SES attorneys that sit on their butts all day, not even capable of looking at the indictable evidence that citizens have collected and delivered to their boss William Barr, who is also an SES operative.

These are anti-American Senior Executive Service operatives, weaponized bureaucrats that are still working their failed coup d’etat from their office desks.

Oh yeah, folks…guess who picks up the tab for their cushy SES salaries, bonuses, and boondoggles? Let’s shut down the FBI for extremely poor job performance. And while we are at it, let’s send a note to Christopher Wray that we know he has Hillary’s emails – so do your job and start answering to the American people.

Next…what the hell does the IRS really do other than use strong-arm tactics to collect money from citizens to feed the Federal Reserve beast? We do not need to pay income taxes. We need to cut off the globalists from sucking our life forces – from seizing our hard earned money in forced taxes to killing our newborns for body parts and blood.

trials for treason 2


AIM Patriot Jim writes:

Q is phony. David Icke did a good job of summing this up. He said that people can’t wait for the hope Q-anon gives, when Q-anon implies that there is a cavalry of white hats that are going to save us all at the last minute. I believe he is right in saying that all Q is doing is putting out dates that never come true (a SERIOUS red flag) and then issuing new dates, where nothing happens. The entire charade is a setup to make the real cavalry, (which is us) delay action until it is far too late, because we believed someone else was going to round all the criminals up for us.

I agree with Icke. Q-anon has been spewing arrest B.S. for years now and nothing has come of it AT ALL, other than only people in Trump’s circle are going to jail. The whole thing really does look like false hope horse sh*t.

Icke looks stressed as hell, as if he knows that if we don’t act soon on our own, we’re screwed. He makes it clear the tactic being used with Q was the same stall tactic Israel used on Palestine to give Palestinians enough of a false hope for a two state solution for long enough to allow Israel to build all kinds of settlements on Palestinian turf which now have made a two state solution impossible. The false hope of a resolution only gave Israel all the time it needed to advance and make a resolution impossible because Israel is too entrenched. Q just might be stall kiking all of us until flushing the deep state really does become impossible.

No white hat is going to save you, THE CAVALRY IS US.


omar at auswitz giorgio


AIM Patriot Anthony writes:

love your work, however can’t listen anymore. everything is apparently rigged, all is corrupt, killary has encryption keys, we are doomed and there is no hope, and there is no solution. there is no need to listen as there is no solution in site, trump cannot even do anything. if I see an AIM youtube video giving a solution or possible solution, or hope of a solution [in the title itself] then I will again tune in. thanks.

Our reply: We understand your angst, Anthony. This is why we wrote our cosmology FIRST before beginning our work in the political realm. We knew that there would be a time when people, maybe you – or not, would have despair and feel “what does it all matter anyway.” We wrote five books to explain how we see the way forward for human evolution. We have even made free PDF versions available to all. We have also invited you to cross the bridge and explore other ways of being in the world.

Bridge to HeavenFind out what really happened early in church history to set us out on this devastating course that we find ourselves today. Learn how we can overcome detrimental and dark forces through a change in our personal and collective consciousness. Learn that what you eat may be keeping you from unlocking the potential of your pineal gland and a very real connection to the spiritual world.

Learn about the ethers and how you can create your world by becoming fully human. We also offer several books in how to educate wisdom children…perhaps even the inner child in you that didn’t receive this type of education in government indoctrination centers.

You don’t have to stay in the swamp spin-zone forever. When you are ready to find deeper solutions to the human condition, perhaps your Bible or spiritual studies will bring you comfort, or you might try out one of our books which now are read by awakening people around the world.

A gift to you from the Gabriels


Our Spirit listener Tony wrote us:

Today I had the privilege to listen to the video clip posted on utube titled FINDING SOPHIA and loved so much that I would dare ask you for a text or pdf format of it in order to translate into the Brazilian Portuguese to read it in one of our spiritual sessions.
I hence would like to congratulate you and your tribe for such a wonderful step towards this much needed spiritual approach aimed to enhance human conscious. Much love.

Our reply: See page 23 in our book The Gospel of Sophia: Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity. Here is a free PDF version and hopefully you will be inspired to translate other portions of the book for your friends in Brazil.


Finding Sophia


One can never reach true self-knowledge without having come to a knowledge of the world. To brood over our inner self will not lead to self-knowledge. What prepares the self for self-knowledge is world knowledge. In turn, one cannot come to a world knowledge without having first delved into his own self. Knowledge of the world is impossible without self-knowledge.

The two statements may seem contradictory, but it is a lively and fruitful contradiction: we cannot come to a knowledge of the world without self-knowledge, neither can we attain self-knowledge without a knowledge of the world. It is like the beating of a pendulum which must swing back and forth. So must man constantly search for the pendulum that beats, now between self-experience and world experience, and now between world experience and self-experience. This inner activity will bring about a strengthening of the soul. It is today a soul necessity and will be more so in the future.

Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – GA 192 – Geisteswissenschaftliche Behandlung sozialer und pädagogischer Fragen – Stuttgart, 1 May 1919 (page 71)


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