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It’s Time for a Spring Uprising

Trump’s Citizen Cavalry is on the Way

Orange and yellow vest movement

We recommend that folks begin gathering at (front) mall side area of the D.C. Capitol in neon colored vests at noon on any Saturday. If you can’t make it on one Saturday, show up on another. If you are local, help us get the party started. There are no organizers of this event.

Hunters wear orange jackets to remind Congress that we are ready to exercise our Second Amendment rights to protect our freedom and liberty. Others wear the neon vest of your choice. All MAGA hats welcomed!

It’s spring in the swamp and Trump’s citizen cavalry is on the way. Don’t stand by and let the French and English think we are a bunch of pussies. They have been protesting up to 17 weeks straight every Saturday at noon…in winter. The crowds grow larger each Saturday.

Step up and be the leader your community has been waiting for. Get your circle of influence organized and activated.

If your group cannot go to D.C., then go to your State Capitol or City Hall. Saturdays. Noon.

First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy


Donald Trump is not the only patriot called to these times. You, too, have been called to serve America. Today is the day. Our children and grandchildren will not be able to save America. They are already prisoners of the digital world.

Americans are still the subjects of the British monarchy. We are not free citizens. We did not win the Revolutionary War. But now we are awake and there are enough of us to make a difference. Please, for the sake of all humanity, stand your ground. All citizens around the world, please stand with us against globalism and corruption.

Put on your vest. Saturdays. Noon.

The Patriots Take Back The Earth – The Luciferian Reign is Over.


Dark Money Org Gave $2 Million To Group Working With Fusion GPS, Steele


The Michael Gaeta testimony was interesting. No wonder there is a lot of smoke coming out of Rome about spygate and Joseph Mifsud’s role as a western intelligence asset.

— George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) March 9, 2019


Interview With FBI’s Gaeta, Central to Russiagate, Among 53 Transcripts Slated for Release


This meme just for openers….then we need to go after all the Senior Executive Service operatives who are enemies of the United States. They have a choice – stand with their SES colleagues and British rulers, or be a patriot, give up their post, and join us in MAGA.

ohr rosenberg treason


Omar Implies Trump Is Not Human


Nancy Pelosi is a washed-up has-been old biddy


AG William Barr Meets AG Advisory Committee, Chairman Richard Moore and Vice-Chair John Huber

liu eyes

….remember what you learned about Jessie Liu last week from us:

Jessie K. Liu Nominated #3 at DOJ to Protect the Unelected Senior Executive Service (SES) Secret Government


Ocasio-Cortez Faces Allegations of Campaign Finance Violations


BIG:@JudicialWatch Uncovers DOJ Docs Showing Numerous Bruce Ohr Communications with Clinton/DNC’s Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele & Glenn Simpson; House Dems Harass @RealDonaldTrump; and @JudicialWatch sues to expose FISA abuse cover-up. Our latest Update!

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) March 9, 2019


clint eastwood meme


Trump to request $8.6B in wall funding in ‘tough’ budget request, setting up congressional showdown


Murdoch’s News Corp calls for Google breakup


AIM Patriot Doug B. writes:

I think you might want to check on your recent vid about Kamala Harris.  The document you showed was a Certificate of Live Birth; NOT a Birth Certificate.  The CoLB is filled out at the Hospital and SUBMITted to the government.  The gov in turn CREATES their own Birth Certificate and mails it to you for ACCEPTANCE.


Our reply: The point is…..Unless she can prove that her parents were U.S. citizens at the time of her birth, she is NOT qualified to hold the position of President of the United States. Furthermore, she is not black as she claims. When did Kamala Harris become a U.S. citizen? Or is she an illegal alien anchor baby?

kamala harris birth certificate

Editor note: Lot of interesting stuff you can do with this information if you have an Indigo biofeedback or a radionics device. If you do, join Betsy in healing any detrimental energy.


Pelosi and Schumer: ‘We Hope Trump Learned His Lesson’


Records in Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case one step closer to being made public


Americans MUST watch! The Suppressed History of the United States


joe biden creep - Copy
The poster named Bad Hombre wrote: “I was in a hospital waiting room today and the local news was talking about Joe Biden running for president. The guy next to me said I hope they run the “ child sniffer” against Trump. I busted out laughing.”


Dems To Introduce Bill Requiring Men Call Police When They ‘Release Sperm From Their Testicles’


leader private email form


It’s a two-fer. You get the privacy you deserve. Plus the added bonus of helping out a great patriot Michael McKibben! Be a LEADER!


Note to the community from Christopher Strunk:

Answer due date updated for Andrew M. Cuomo answer due 3/18/2019; Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. answer due 3/15/2019; The State of New York answer due 3/18/2019; Voice for Choice: Planned Parenthood of New York City Action Fund, Inc. answer due 3/15/2019; Warren “Bill De Blasio” Wilhelm, Jr answer due 3/15/2019. (hmr) (Entered: 03/11/2019)

URGING that POTUS Donald John Trump revoke PROCLAMATION 2040 of 9 March 1933 of the PRESENT 85 YEAR EMERGENCY GOVERNMENT to return the REPUBLIC to We the People who are only those “Pre-1933” Private National Citizens of the United States of America…Versus… The EMPIRE of 12 USC 95a with 50 USC App. 5(b) (CHAPTER 53) under the Executive Proclamation 2040 time of war or emergency using the SURETY INDENTURE SERF to pay the Debt for the Creditors

That POTUS ORDER THE IMMEDIATE USE OF The Sherman Antitrust and Robinson Patman Acts and prohibit The SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE  members of 10000 SES members of the so-called DEEP STATE from SES fixing of no-bid Federal contracts that support the CROWN’S Monopoly SERCO INC. running the Congressional Military Industrial Complex among other real suggestions if he would listen.




Why the Ohrs’ Dinner Party is an International Crisis


Ohr, Steele, Fusion GPS. (Dec. 19, 2018). Judicial Watch v. DOJ, FOIA 2018-001653, 2018-001549, 339 pgs., 39.5 MB. Judicial Watch.

Bruce & Nellie Ohr hosted a dinner with the Chief Crown Prosecutor for London and member of the Order of the Bath (2013), Alison Saunders, on Jun. 05, 2016, just four days before the infamous Trump Tower meeting on Jun. 09, 2016 (Read: Neither Michael Horowitz nor Robert Mueller could coach Bruce and Nellie, but Brit Alison Saunders could)

Chris Steele discussed Nellie Ohr meeting and mentions (Glenn) Simpson

steele memo.JPG

Glenn Simpson & Bruce Ohr are meeting in Aug. 2016, weeks before Nellie goes to work for Verisign

glenn simpson email

Glenn Simpson & Bruce Ohr are meeting in Sep. 19-21 2016, just after Nellie went to work for Verisign

ohr steele memo

turcotte email


This note just in from our UK AIM Patriot regarding Patrick Stevens from the above dinner meeting:

This is one of the other people who attended the dinner.


alison saunders

This meeting occurred just 4 days before the Trump Tower Meeting Jun. 9, 2016

Alison Saunders, C.B. (Dec. 29, 2012). 2013 New Year’s Honours, Order of the Bath, Supplement No. 1, N3. The London Gazette.

order of the bathalison saunders 2

saunders title.JPG


saunders 1

Personal life[edit]

Saunders is married to Neil Saunders, a lawyer, and has two sons.[28][29][3]


In the 2013 New Year Honours, she was appointed Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB) “for services to Law and Order especially after the 2011 London Riots”.[30]

CPS measures

saunders cps

saunders 2

saunders 3

alison saunders 3

Member of Common Purpose

saunders cps 2

michael brock 1

linklaters 1.JPG

Linklaters has Blackrock (CIA) as client:

Linklaters is #1 Deal Maker in …. RUSSIA:

Linklaters advises Bank of China:

Clients (24)

Barclays Investment Bank (14)

Barclays PLC (12)

Wells Fargo & Co. (10)

Credit Suisse Group AG (4)

Deutsche Bank AG (4)

Air France-KLM (4)

Societe Generale (4)

Piper Jaffray Companies (3)

B/E Aerospace (2)

DISH Network Corporation (2)

HSBC Holdings PLC (2)

Allied Irish Banks PLC (1)

Altria Group Inc. (1)

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (1)

Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. (1)

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (1)

Deutsche Boerse (1)

Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA (1)

Safilo Group SpA (1)

Cartier SA (1)

Panalpina WeltTransport Holding Ltd. (1)

Martinair Holland NV (1)

SAS AB (1)

Holtec International Inc (1)


crown agents bank.JPG

crown agents 1crown agents 2crown agents 3steven marshal.JPGdavid beejennifer johnsonsimon poole


American Intelligence Media Conclave note to readers:

We told you the Brits did it.


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