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Assange’s arrest is a message to journalists all over the world












Truthfilter posts:

This article is written by a leftist but it’s well sourced. She explains the extradition of Assange under the “Specialty” rule which is outlined in our extradition treaty with U.K. She also links to the actual unsealed indictment in Virginia. Assange is being charged with one count of computer conspiracy. Under the Specialty clause, the US can’t bring additional charges against him unless the charges are smaller and rely on the same evidence as the original charge.

If they are using the Specialty rule, it sounds like this may be a good deal for Assange. It makes me wonder if Barr didn’t arrange all of this as part of his review into the predication of the Trump Russia counter intel operation.


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Devin Nunes: “The Spying Began in 2015″


Obama spyingDonald Trump: William Barr’s Spying Claim ‘Absolutely True’


Basel 3: A Revolution That Once Again No One Noticed


Trump said it was a coup and treason












Review The Dates: Mueller Special Counsel Shaped Prosecution of Obama Lawyer Greg Craig


‘Not My Deal’ — Donald Trump Distances Himself from WikiLeaks Arrest


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Proof That Spying Did Occur









MAGA Patriots Celebrate More Winning








What You Need To Know About Julian Assange — Who Wants A Piece Of Him And Why


brexit shortened.JPG”Ms. May? Don here…. Thanks for the call last week, I know you are concerned regarding your involvement in the spy thing, I’m willing to do what I can for you…..Listen, to start with, can you grab that Assange guy for me ?…. ya, he’s got some info I need. Thanks, I’ll be in touch…” Posted by coveyouthband


Farage Launches Brexit Party to ‘Begin Political Revolution in UK’


Candace Owens’ Testimony Was Historic






Mitch McConnell tells 2020 Republicans to run ‘independent’ of Trump

This is a great idea, Mitch. husband of Chinese operative and U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. We are ready to flush out all RINOs from the GOP SWAMP – including our DITCH MITCH campaign in Kentucky.

First, we need to get rid of all traces of the globalist Romney clan, which includes unfit Mitt, his niece Ronna McDaniel, and his son Tagg – all who know about Mitt’s election rigging machines that he operates with George Soros. Can you believe that Ronna knows how her uncle rigs elections against MAGA opponents and sits tight with her lips zipped?

Then we are completely disgusted with the 12 RINOS that voted against the border wall. These are unAmerican, RINO, globalist operatives. We give exception only to Rand Paul, but still rebuke his vote.

DO NOT GIVE YOUR CAMPAIGN DONATIONS TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Ronna will just divvy it out to Uncle Mitt and his nasty globalist friends – See the dirty dozen under this link. Give your donations to the MAGA candidate directly or to the Trump campaign at

Time to clean out the RINOS in 2020.

dirty dozen

As far as we are concerned, Mitch….there are only two political paths in America in 2020. And we aren’t  interested in supporting YOU, the GOPe, or your globalist colleagues.

globalist patriot parties

We support the party of  AMERICAN PRIDE


paulraven1 posts:

Romney is without question the most craven, useless and secretly vicious POS Republican in my memory — a walking rotted husk of a political figure. He’s the antithesis of Trump; unable to ever create or build a vital business he could only scavenge dying ones for bloodless profit. Likewise, unable to ever win a fight for any good cause and knowing, somewhere inside himself, his own cowardice and inefficacy, he has achieved the ultimate in politics for himself, the meager and transitory “power” of nullification.


Predators 5 giorgio


Thus Spoke Trumpathustra 2020







NY Dems block bill expanding college tuition for Gold Star families after approving $27M in tuition aid for illegal immigrants


Trump’s sister retires, negating judicial ethics complaints


AIM Patriot leepermax writes:

The BRITISH collaboration in the ATTEMPTED COUP to take down a duly elected president will be the FINAL DOWNFALL of this “pathetic failing country” as BREXIT and this arrest of Assange opens a can of very filthy worms. Scumbag CECIL RHODES must be rolling in his grave . . . The UK is finished

Looking forward to the Wikileaks Data Release


Plum BookAIM Patriot CR Rains writes:

Please end my frustration in finding if someone is on the SES Plum. I have searched “SES” plus adjectives “List /Membership/Members/Plum List”…the ability to search the SES membership does not come up.
What the hell am I doing wrong?
Watch out I am a 72YO Texan, Ex USAF SAC SIOP Pilot blow the hell out of anyone that needs it, Retired AAL Captain, MAGA Patriot, Libertarian NOT a RINO conservative. My pitchfork is sharpened and pencil dulled.

Our reply: Yes sir. Plum Book listing here, sir. Everybody needs to bookmark it because it will be your field guide to all the action going down in the swamp. The amazing patriots at Leader Technologies made these files searchable. Use ctrl F and type in the name you are looking for, book by book. Remember these crafty devils use many ways to hide their identities – maiden names, initials instead of full names, etc.

The Senior Executive Service is what is known as a “stay-behind-army”.

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