David Sarnoff – RCA, NBC, Pilgrims Society, Imperial British terrorist

The recent arrest of Harvard bio-nanoscience Prof. Charles M. Lieber unlocked his family secrets that led us to David Sarnoff and his Pilgrims Society overlords when British wireless hegemony hatched ca. 1898

Charles’ hidden father Robert helped Sarnoff build the AEGIS satellite, radar and missile systems now poised to unleash 5G bioweapons

Shockingly, Asst. Navy Sec. Franklin D. Roosevelt helped get the Pilgrims Society wireless terror moving in 1919

NBC, RCA, CBS, AT&T, GE, (SERCO, QintetiQ, Wellcome Trust), Westinghouse and United Fruit have always been propaganda, surveillance and weaponry systems for the Pilgrims Society headquartered in London, UK