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The Durham Report Proves America has been Captured by the British


FBI Leadership Sabotaged Clinton Foundation Investigations: Durham Report

A meme created in 2017, yet it took Durham 6 years to release the report.

Matt Gaetz Plays Shocking Video Of Whistleblower, Alleges ‘Political Capture’ Of FBI

Citizens Charge James Comey with 28 Counts of Treason

The hangings for TREASON need to start… one way or another. If the SES can’t do the job, then WtP need to erect gallows in DC and start dragging these traitors out of their Arlington, Virginia suburban homes.

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Someone needs to enlighten Robert F. Kennedy Jr that his daddy and uncle were assassinated at the Queen’s command. The CIA is just a “front” for the British Pilgrims Society and Five Eyes. Junior demonstrates that he is a low-information troglodyte – that or a crown agent.

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This note from an AIMCat who did not want his name used.

Dear Tyla,

Fitting the pieces of the puzzle together. I do not know how, but in some extraordinary way we are connected. When your post about potash appeared in today’s Gabriels_Horn, I knew that I must respond. This information is so explosive and since names and locations are given, I must ask that Michael’s miners verify this information. Michael Beck, known locally as Mike, lives off of Hwy 59 between I-10 and Hwy 90 just east of Tallahassee, Florida. I did not know why some of my very wealthy friends were afraid of this small man in stature. Now I understand why. They are probably the wealthiest family in the Tallahassee area. Mike was and is the natural resources manager for the Rothschild family, the Radhanite Jews that you often reference. His job was to corner all the potash mines globally for the Rothschilds. Your post did not distinguish what potash actually is. Simply, it is the K in N,P, K the chemical fertilizer that is destroying agriculture.

Recently, you posted one of my insights referencing phosphate mines in Florida. This is the P in N, P, K or phosphate. Ron DeSantis has been implicated in purposely obfuscating the role of phosphate in the destruction of the state of Florida. I will briefly recap. Dan Canfield was the premier lake scientist in Florida and determined that our product was much better, cheaper, and more effective than alum at cleaning up phosphate pollution in the water table. Unfortunately, his number two scientist worked in DeSantis’s cabinet on water pollution, but resigned after one year. While Mosaic was never implicated, those of us who live in the state of Florida, know that when the cabinet officer resigned, he cited lobbyists as the reason for resigning. What lobbyist besides Mosaic would stand the most to lose by enforcement of water regulations protecting us from red tide, collapse of phosphate tailing piles, and contamination of our groundwater?

I know that you have alleged that the death of Ron DeSantis’s sister involved with covered accounts in London looked suspicious. DeSantis’s wife and children may have been the target of this suspicious death that from all appearances was death by natural causes. All of this is in the realm of conspiracy, but facts can be verified with the information that I have provided to connect to the efforts of the Rothschilds to usher in a world government. Since it is based in large part upon deceit, once the lies are exposed, their house of cards will collapse. “There is nothing covered that will not be revealed.” Luke 12:2-3

Durham Finds the Importance of Nellie Ohr

Bruce And Nellie Ohr Had Bigger Roles In Dossier Than Known: Durham Report

Nellie at her ham radio, writing narratives for British spy Christopher Steele as hubby Bruce, SES paymaster and former high-level DOJ operative, keeps an eye on both.

We wrote back in October 2020:

“When is anyone in the alternative media, because it will never happen on propaganda Fox News, going to call out the little dinner party that Bruce and Nellie Ohr had with the Queen’s prosecutor Alison Saunders just a few days before UK spy chief Robert Hannigan came over to the U.S. and helped John Brennan wire tap Trump towers? Why is the indie media crickets about this?

Actually, they all need to hang for TREASON, except the foreigners on this list that need to be executed for foreign interference in our elections.

Here’s a quick note from Mike to an AIMCat who asked a question that prompted this answer:

“My former patent attorney, James P. Chandler III, was one of the chief thieves, in conspiracy with the Chief Trustee of the British Institute of Intellectual Property, Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, and Highlands Group (a fascist DoD DARPA program that weaponizes patents. Highlands created all of Silicon Valley, including Google, Facebook, etc.”

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


The Senior Executive Service (SES) and Britain’s Crown Agents were/are Marshall’s fascist troops

Institutionalized patent theft has driven American and British (fascist) economies for 100 years

Marshall directed Highlands Group patent theft planning as government policy with James P. Chandler, III since 1973 through the DoD Office of Net Assessment & DARPA

Sunday, June 3, 2018



Friday, July 20, 2018



foolishgame100 wrote us:

Tyla, Gabriel, I feel that I must tell someone… I realize that a lot of info, links and videos that I sent to Dr. Reiner through his whistleblower site throughout these few years, he didn’t share them to others. I thought he will as he always said… sharing of info… Recently I sent a few to Todd Callender and some alt media site, only they started to learn. I feel very very disappointed, I always thought they work closely and he will share. I wondering if this guy really sincere fighting for humanity or he is a opportunist… in the shake of making money and get credits only? Without me telling him this is an agenda and helping him connect the dots by sending him the histories, economy and other info/videos that i hv done my research almost everyday and its free, I don’t think he will realize this is a long plan agenda and connect the dots together!!! I sent him your site too. But, the vax ingredients and hospital killing he knows better than me through the professionals. I feel very disappointed!!! I wondering does he ever work hard to find the info by himself or always waiting for other people to feed him with all the info??!! I feel so disgusting after knowing that he used his donations to get a luxury property and enjoy himself… no wonder he always said he work stresslessly!! After that incident, I hardly watch his interviews anymore. There was one video from Richard Fleming said that Reiner wants him to hire him as an advisor. I really feel that he is a really selfish person, but always talk very nice in front the screen. Really waste a lot of my time. I know better by doing my own research than rely on him!!! He won’t tell you the whole truth just like a lot of alt media!!!


FBI Audit Reveals 8,000 Unjustified Searches Of Americans’ Communications

How can we mount an effective resistance to save America when the FBI is spying and surveilling our emails? We need safe and secure communications – it’s our constitutional right to be free from spying and tyranny. But since the domestic enemy (SES-CIA-FBI-DOJ-ETC) has no intentions to stop, we created our own “free speech zone“ in another part of the internet. We are calling it MySQIF – like your personal “SCIF room” but on your computer or phone.

You will be able to send email attachments like Word docs, PDFs, Powerpoints, and voice mail files through your regular email. The attachment will be “cloaked” through a Leader Secure system.

You see, DARPA and IBM Eclipse Foundation stole Michael’s technology and distributed it to the world for free so that they had “backdoor keys” to any system that used Leader’s technology – which is just about everything on the net. But what they don’t know is that Michael is installing a “high powered electric fence“ around his invention that will keep Five Eyes from even making it to the backdoor.

You will need to install MySQIF on your computer and the receiver’s. Then, the next time there is a trucker rally in Canada, a patriot gathering at the Capitol, or you just want to buy a side of beef from a local farmer…. You won‘t be caught up in a surveillance trap by rogue agencies.

AIMCat Rebecca is using her alchemical skills. She gifted us these COPPER mugs which have sigils engraved on them.

She invites you to order and sends everyone a Coupon Code 3W92CRCS for $25 off of personalized mugs:

If you are interested in being an early adapter to Leader’s newest technology – MySQIF, please send us your handle (first name will do) and email address. The “cloaking” technology will be ready for distribution in another month. The first iteration will be for secure email exchanges; later there may be a version for phone texting.

Although anyone will be able to purchase a subscription, our priority is to get it into the hands of patriots around the world who are organizing resistance efforts against enemies like the FBI, Five Eyes, Pilgrims, WHO, etc. This technology will enable users to communicate securely with one another. So far NO ONE or NO AGENCY has been able to break our unique code.…. and we have asked the best to try and they have all failed.

Another use could be for “off grid” commerce when the purchaser and seller want privacy in their transactions. Want to buy meat and organic food online without prying government eyes watching you? When both seller and buyer use MySQIF, the email exchange is cloaked. And unlike Elon Musk’s encryption technology which he claims “isn’t really secure”, this LeaderSecure product is.

We will NOT offer MySQIF to any government agency or affiliation because they require inventors to give them the keys to the “backdoor.” We will not register our technology for a U.S. patent as the USPTO is run by British Five Eyes which will steal the technology just as they did with Leader’s invention of social media networking.

Once our early adapters are “plugged in”, we will start a campaign to get more grassroots users on board so that we can get back to enjoying freedom of speech without surveillance. We are pleased to report that we have raised limited funds to get this into the hands of resistance fighters, around the world, without cost – we consider this our direct assistance in the “war effort.”

You will only hear about this through AIM/AFI. Michael, Douglas, and Tyla give it their “seal of approval”. The technology will be a game changer in winning the war against the Babylonian Radhanites.