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Louie Gohmert: ‘This Came Very Close to Being the First Successful Coup’ in U.S. History

Louie Gohmert: ‘This Came Very Close to Being the First Successful Coup’ in U.S. History

7 Reasons Why the Uranium One Scandal Won’t Go Away

Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form

Trump: It would be ‘appropriate’ for me to talk to DOJ about investigating Biden

Comey’s top FBI lawyer James Baker admits he’s ’nervous,’


The combination of the Golden Share and 56% controlling interest in American Marconi gave the British tight control of the global wireless telegraphy deployment worldwide from inception before World War I. The weaponized technology was used for naval communications and mass propaganda mind control and brain washing. British SERCO has effectively hijacked technology worldwide via “The Internet of Things.” SERCO also runs the U.S. Patent Office under contract from the Senior Executive Services (SES) shadow government.

The Swamp Crimeline Online

Those Pulitzer prize wanna-be fake news reporters are so out of touch with truth and reality that we created a crimeline for them so they can access in one handy link. All the evidence is there. Huge files of corruption, all documented with something that propagandists may not be familiar with – judicially recognized EVIDENCE.

So giddy up you slow pokes in corporate fake media and start reporting the details that citizens out here in America already know.

We have amassed years and decades of evidence that anyone can use to help authorities put away the traitors and criminals., from Hillary Clinton to Mark Zuckerburg.

Mueller Rigged Grand Juries for Decades

Mueller Report says grand juries are not accountable to the government or We The People

Mueller cited a 1992 case he pushed along with an eventual FISA presiding judge and an SES DoJ paymaster allowing prosecutors to withhold exculpatory evidence from grand juries

Mueller used this case to justify withholding evidence in the Trump-Russia investigation
DoJ and Judiciary have become lawless.

Grand juries must be abolished