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The American Intelligence Media is not an ordinary aggregator news site; it is a place where seekers go for deep truth and higher knowledge. Skim the headlines of the day or start working your way up a mountain of citizen intelligence reports that we continue to provide you. Along the way you might see a “door” within the site that looks interesting. You will need a key to unlock the door. That “key” is your resonance to the words or phrases that are displayed. When you click on the hyperlink, you will be taken to another level of play which takes you to a higher level of knowledge.

At a more profound level, our site is for the 5D thinker who sees that our solutions will be found in a different realm of consciousness. If you have been a 3D or 4D gamer, then we challenge you to this amazing 5D game. It is a Glass Bead Game.

You will recognize when you reach a higher level of play as it will contain similar content (articles) to the level that you were just on. At each higher level, you will have more revelations. We started in 2012 to develop this cosmological space for you.

We, too, can have our secret societies that they don’t know about. If you have made it to this page, then Welcome to the First Level. Don’t give secrets away to neophytes. Bring ten people into the game.

EinsteinIn order to play the GBG, you will need to increase your vibrational frequency so that you can use your resonance as a compass to navigate the 5D game field. May we suggest that you check out our recommended videos on our YouTube channel to get started?

Videos for Glass Bead Game play

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Learn more about Herman Hesse’s Glass Bead Game from these videos below.

Hermann Hesse’s “The Glass Bead Game” – analysis part 1 – Ron Dart
Hermann Hesse’s “The Glass Bead Game” – analysis part 2 – Ron Dart


Magister Ludi – Hermann Hesse


HERMANN HESSE |The Truth is lived, not Taught


Enter the Invisible College

Blue door openingHave you heard about something called the Invisible College? If you enjoy listening to your favorite internet personalities discuss the esoteric realm of woo-woo or the mysteries of the Grand Illusion, then you may enjoy visiting our Invisible College. Not everyone who reads the American Intelligence Media will be interested in this topic. We get it….but many of our readers and viewers are ready to go further in their exploration of truth, knowledge, and wisdom.

If the exploration into higher realms of consciousness interests you, then use our “key” to open the door to a place that is beyond time and space, a path to higher knowledge. Enter here.

Below is an excerpt from our post on the Invisible College:

It is to be hoped that a future history of spiritual evolution will call this time the “Age of Awakening Self-Consciousness.” Only now does man become in the true sense of the word aware of the whole scope of his soul life as “Ego.” The full weight of this fact is more instinctively felt than distinctly known by the philosophical spirits of that time. All philosophical aspirations of that epoch retain this general character up to the time of Scotus Erigena. The philosophers of this period are completely submerged in religious conceptions with their philosophical thinking. Through this type of thought formation, the human soul, finding itself in an awakened self-consciousness entirely left to its own resources, strives to gain the consciousness of its submergence in the life of the world organism. Thought becomes a mere means to express the conviction regarding the relation of man’s soul to the world that one has gained from religious sources. Steeped in this view, nourished by religious conceptions, thought life grows like the seed of a plant in the soul of the earth, until it breaks forth into the light.

Come, Play the Glass Bead Game

Glass bead bookMake sure to contribute to the day’s truth revelations by using our comment section at the bottom of the blog page. Now that we are off of YouTube (the wild, wild west space of the internet), we removed the filter that required you to provide an email or WordPress site. You should be able to comment easily now. If it is your first time commenting, it will be held in “moderation” until approved. Once approved, you should not have any hold-time on future comments.

If you leave more than two links in your comment, your comment will be held for administrator approval. If you want your video to appear as a thumbnail, then put the url in a single line with no other characters.

If you would like to post an image, a meme, or a picture, please use the imgur urls. You convert your image into an imgur. Then it shows up in the comment box…..and you know how this community loves memes! Just click on the ‘create image’ or ‘post tab’ at

If you leave troll comments, we will ban you from ever posting on our site. This community has worked very hard to educate itself on truth history and news and we have no tolerance for distractions.

When a community like us gets together in cyber space to connect, grow, and evolve, we help one another in ways that we will never know. We meet in the ‘ethers’ as Douglas might say. We are united with a similar goal for the planet – one of love, peace, truth, and natural life. Some might call this ‘crowdsourcing the truth’. We call it the Glass Bead Game.

When we began to see how the internet created spaces of consciousness, we thought of Herman Hesse’s Castalia and the Glass Bead Game. We then set out to build a cyber place in the internet that was a place like Castalia. Some of you know this space as Sophia’s Temple of Wisdom.

glass bead game.JPG

    In The Glass Bead Game, a book for which he won the Nobel Prize, Hesse formalizes an ideal of high civilization in his fictional, futuristic city of Castalia. In a monastic setting, painstakingly trained and socially reclusive scholars uphold an age-old tradition of playing what is known as the “Glass Bead Game,” the most prestigious demonstration of their ability to draw cultural and symbolic connections among various disciplines – music, art, philosophy, history, science, symbolism and all other forms of study that one might find in a university curriculum.

    The town of Castalia coalesces all of the disciplines into one expression of mastery that unifies the wisdom of broader human civilization.  layers of the game become initiates in a mystery, versed in complex symbolism they have spent their lives working tirelessly to master.

    The Glass Bead Game, then, is about mastery of mystery. Brilliantly, Hesse never describes the complete working intricacies of a game end-to-end, preserving the concept of mystery about the game itself as its own fictional symbol. 

    As he describes:

        The game is an abstract synthesis of all arts and sciences. It proceeds by players making deep connections between seemingly unrelated topics. It is “a kind of synthesis of human learning” in which themes, such as a musical phrase or a philosophical thought, are stated. As the game progresses, associations between the themes become deeper and more varied. The game uses artistic forms, and eventually cultural symbols. Themes are developed almost as a poet would,and building variations as a composer. It was a way of symbolizing music and of building broad insights into the world.

This is what is meant when we ask you to play the Glass Bead Game. We are asking you to make contributions to our cyber Castalia. If this is all new to you, here is a quick map to all the main hubs of the game:

Please contribute glass beads to the game. Glass beads are the comments, images, videos that you create, contribute, or post that help awaken and enlighten fellow truth seekers.

As the Music Master, a key character in The Glass Bead Game who symbolizes ultimate creative wisdom, advises his student:

“The deity is within you, not in ideas and books.  Truth is lived, not taught.”

Now, see the glass bead game as a math formula:

The Glass Bead Game Revisited: Weaving emergent dynamics with the MES methodology


Combinatory creativity “involves making unfamiliar combinations of familiar ideas … and the ability to form links of many different types”; Exploratory creativity “explore(s) a structured conceptual space, mapped by a particular style”; and Transformational creativity means “thoughts are now possible which previously (within the untransformed space) were literally inconceivable” and “by definition, flouts some of the accepted rules.”


You, as a media creator and/or consumer, connect to the larger wisdom network (Castalia) and it responds back to you. Lies and propaganda can not sustain themselves in our rigorous truth community as we always aim for truth.

We believe that this is what the future of “news” looks like. It won’t be some propaganda channel spewing state-sponsored lies, disinformation, omissions, and false flags at you. It will be a truth community like that described by Herman Hesse. It is more like a place of  learning and discussion – a living school. And the best part is that the Gabriels serve as your Magister Ludi in this wisdom space. 🙂

wisdom glass bead game.JPG


November 17, 2019

New reader Jeff writes:

I find myself at your doorstep but everything is very overwhelming and confusing at this point. Where should I start? Glass bead game, Sophia series, the diet, internet etc. For myself it would be helpful to have a definite starting place. Your app is so full of information it almost seems impossible to digest but I find myself drawn to the two of you.

Could you give me some direction please. Point me to a starting point.
Cat in glasses with books

Our reply: Tyla’s background is in humanities and adult education as well as Montessori primary. The Gabriels have created an educational landscape for curious adults, called the Glass Bead Game, also known as Sophia’s Temple of Wisdom. We have arranged the digital space like a Montessori teacher might do for her students – preparing the learning environment with rich content, then stepping back and allowing the students to move through the experiences at their own pace.

There are several hubs. Explore the ones that interest you. Some folks only want the geopolitical material. Others play on all hubs – spiritual and political. Go where your heart and interests take you. See our basic map above for a list of websites that comprise the game.

The first step is to start your exploration. No rush. No tests. Just satiate your thirst for truth. When you are ready, you can start offering glass beads into the game. Glass beads are contributions that you make that help deepen and enrich the experience for YouTube Channel Icon _ Book 2 _p2other truth travelers who find their way on to our site. Our comment boxes are now open for your contributions. You may leave your thoughts, musings, and contributions of links, videos, and images. You can describe your personal experience of meeting

It took us many years to create this educational landscape, which also includes our free books. Now let’s add the accessories and glitter that come when thoughtful patriots like you add timeless glass beads to the game for truth seekers that arrive today or in a year. Learning can be so much fun when you aren’t stuck in a hard desk in a state-sponsored indoctrination center being force-fed fake history from the classroom propaganda ‘programmer’, typically called ‘teacher’.


Please note we do not have time to vet items in the comment boxes. So put your thinking caps on and always use discernment. If you see that a commentor is pushing disinformation, bad research, or trolling, call them out. We will place them them in our AIM penalty box for being a distraction.