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This Game of Consciousness Leads to Real Change

The American Intelligence Media is not an ordinary aggregator news site; it is a place where seekers go for deep truth and higher knowledge. Skim the headlines of the day or start working your way up a mountain of citizen intelligence reports that we continue to provide you. Along the way you might see a “door” within the site that looks interesting. You will need a key to unlock the door. That “key” is your resonance to the words or phrases that are displayed. When you click on the hyperlink, you will be taken to another level of play which takes you to a higher level of knowledge.

At a more profound level, our site is for the 5D thinker who sees that our solutions will be found in a different realm of consciousness. If you have been a 3D or 4D gamer, then we challenge you to this amazing 5D game. It is a Glass Bead Game.

You will recognize when you reach a higher level of play as it will contain similar content (articles) to the level that you were just on. At each higher level, you will have more revelations. We started in 2012 to develop this cosmological space for you.

We, too, can have our secret societies that they don’t know about. If you have made it to this page, then Welcome to the First Level. Don’t give secrets away to neophytes. Bring ten people into the game.


In order to play the GBG, you will need to increase your vibrational frequency so that you can use your resonance as a compass to navigate the 5D game field. May we suggest that you check out our recommended videos on our YouTube channel to get started?

Videos for Glass Bead Game play

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