White House to convene social media summit after new Trump attacks

Reddit The_Donald has been “Quarantined”

White House to convene social media summit after new Trump attacks

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Michael Flynn Attorney Suggests Special Counsel Withheld Key Information From His Defense

Omar the Rag Head Celebrates Purple Rain with Lipstick and Dance. Defies Sharia Law!


Their “Inner Sanctum” brotherhood took an “ULTRA oath” not to reveal even the existence of their Mar. 05, 1945 agreement and reluctantly allowed the FBI inside. How did a United States Brigadier General (James Freeze) help patent troll James P. Chandler III pull off the biggest theft social media history, all for the ability to spy and control citizens around the world.

Trumping Socialist Media

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Horrible Executive Order on Frankenfoods Will Kill Many Americans

Trump just signed an Executive Order giving the GMO industry full reign over seeds and crops with their frankenfood industry. We are livid. Who in the hell is advising him on GMOs, 5G, and social media technologies?

Let’s face it, President Trump may be a brilliant builder, billionaire, and deal-maker, but we have all seen what he eats – fast food and diet coke. Anyone knowledgeable about food, nutrition, and health would not be ingesting these poisons. Just coming after his approval of 5G, 6G, and higher, this executive order gives a green light for our food industry to become total poison.