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John Brennan has committed treason, says counter-terror expert

Why Is The UN Hiring English-Speaking Disarmament Officers In New York?

Giuliani Says Ukraine Corruption Came From ‘Highest Levels Of Obama Administration’; Wants To Testify, Try Case

Pro-Communists Deploy 40 Million New Voters

Intel probe puts CIA’s Haspel in a bind

Ahead of Crackdown Virginia to Cut-Off Internet & Phone

Hunter Biden Accused of Multi-Million ‘Counterfeiting Scheme’ Linked to Burisma

Students in Seattle Told to Get Vaccinated or Don’t Come Back After Winter Break

Homeland Security Chief Orders Review of State DMV Laws on Immigration Enforcement

They cannot mass murder us if we ban together and say NO.

Palm Beach County commissioners vote 7-0 to require masks in public indoor spots, not outdoors

ID Please! | UK pubs will register customers to TRACK THEM in case of infection

A chilling warning about where the statue-toppling leads…

College Removes Word ‘Freedom’ From ID Cards Because It Reminds Some Students Of ‘Slavery’

Betsy & Thomas: Their House of Cards Has Collapsed

Trump Claims Germany Owes $1 Trillion In NATO Obligations

Obama and Biden were up to their necks in the Flynn persecution

Amid Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, Governor Cuomo Announces Collaboration with Gates Foundation to Develop a Blueprint to Reimagine Education in the New Normal

Destruction of America Through the Education of Our Children

Polish President Vows to Oppose “Social Experiments” Designed to Harm Family Unit

‘Shrink’ government: Trump’s budget reduces spending by $4.4 trillion, makes 2017 tax cuts permanent

Joe Biden and the Lyin Dog-Faced Pony Soldiers

Did the British Reclaim Their Sovereignty Only to Surrender It to China?

Lindsey Graham: AG Barr Said Giuliani’s Ukraine Information Possibly Russian Propaganda



Patriots take a stand: No more drag queens in our schools!

Crossfire Hurricane: Texts Suggest FBI Considered Using Agent’s Connection to Mike Pence Aide

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Moderna’s totally disqualifying RED FLAG “strategic” relationships to the Queen, Wellcome Trust, and Bill Gates

Moderna Inc is a pharmaceutical insider trading group with relationships to the Queen, Wellcome Trust, and Bill Gates.

Insiders are “Sell Sell Sell”. Insiders are not buying.

Are you the sucker holding Moderna stock as the insiders get out?

Can someone tell Bill Barr to do his friggin job and bust up these insider traders who want to exterminate humanity?!

Who are these directors and officers that are intent on exterminating humanity while pushing their vaccine snake oil?

Bancel, Stephane
Zaks ,Tal Zvi
Hoge, Stephen
Tallett, Elizabeth E
Meline, David W
Kim, Lorence H.
Flagship Ventures Fund IV, L.P.
Andres, Juan
Nader, Francois
Horning, Sandra
Slaoui, Moncef
Berenson, Stephen

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Rudolf Steiner on British Imperialism

Through wars of bullets, bombs, newspapers, radio, television, vaccines, bioweapons, and nation-fleecing, the monarchy of Britain has ruthlessly manipulated trade, empire building, politics, international relations, diseases, resource theft, underhanded corporate deals, and the drive towards a one world government, which will be controlled by them.

The Queen uses the subversive and undermining methods of the Jesuits, who plan for the demise of their enemies, generations ahead of time. The 200-year plan for world hegemony of Cecil Rhodes has been carried out perfectly by the British Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Milner Round Table, the Pilgrim’s Society, the Fabian Society, the Tavistock Institute, the Empire Press Union, Burroughs Wellcome, Wellcome Trust, the Pirbright Institute, Merial Animal Health Institute, QinetiQ, the Privy Council, and the other perfectly proper British thugs who have created a dynastic corporatocracy of the British aristocracy and elite.

Rudolf Steiner, even in his time, saw the British as the imperialists that they were. He pointed out the degradation of the Divine Right of Kings that turned into the modern “empire building” of the British globalist who believe they are divinely chosen to rule the world and the lesser races.

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British Plans to Depopulate the World

If you have been following the AIM4Truth narrative lately you might have noticed that our shared research with Americans4Innovation has focused on the British sources of the current “false flag pandemic” coronavirus. Our research led us to the doorsteps of the

British company Pirbright who owns the virus and the vaccine for the virus. Obviously, a clear case of a man-made biological weaponry created for the sole purpose of killing people – essentially depopulation or what the elites call “eugenics.”

Our reporting, always backed up by evidence, has shown who the British and x-US intelligence officers are who run these program – corporations like QinetiQ.

And each time we look closer, we find more British corporations pulling the strings and hiding behind shell corporations who obfuscate the true sources of evil. But we have rooted them out, again and again.

Dissidents jittery about prospect of Trump contesting general election results

Socialism is a proven destroyer of free markets

The stock market is responding accordingly – it’s falling

Rand Paul: President Trump Does Not Support Clean FISA renewal – McConnell Meets With President Trump to Discuss

Senate Judiciary Calendar Empty as FISA Reauthorization Deadline Approaches

Federal Court Deals Major Blow To Sanctuary Cities

Betsy and Thomas: The dissidents must be removed

The American Intelligence Media has been banned on the new, censor-free the_Donald site

New social security rule limits access to non-English speakers

Creepy Facial Recognition Company Clearview Admits Entire Client List Stolen

8 Elected State Officials Announce Party Switch, Join GOP

Trump Considers Making Illegal Aliens Pay for Their Deportation Appeals

The welding together of human beings with machines