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British Foreign Secretary Austen Chamberlain admitted six years after the end of WWI that the stories of German atrocities of rendering baby bodies into soap were false.

Who is this British Pilgrims Society sleeper traitor Sir George Poste?

More Countries Are Planning to Link SIM cards to Digital IDs

Founding Member of Hamas Calls for Global Rage and Jihad to Begin Friday the 13th

Nikki Haley Urges Genocide

The Disturbing Truth About the Israel–Hamas War — Todd Callender Interview

BANKS Now ‘REJECTING’ Mortgages For Energy Inefficient Homes!

What Is Garden Lime and How to Use It to Help Your Plants Thrive

Mittleider Garden: Weekly Feed Fertilizer Recipe, Sustainable Gardening

How to Manifest Your Higher Self in 5 Steps

Why most people won’t shift into the New Earth

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The global power of the Pilgrims Society started with a secret plot in 1909 that created MI5, MI6 and GC&CS, now GCHQ, and staffed it with newspapermen

The Pilgrims Society has nothing to do with the Mayflower Pilgrims; it’s a globalist secret society with maybe one thousand living members and many feeder groups

All the leading British and American newspapers were weaponized in 1909 by the British Government-led Pilgrims Society’s Empire Press Union: Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Times, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Sunday Times, Observer, Financial Times, , Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Reuters, AP, etc.

As radio and television emerged in the 1920s, the list of Pilgrim- weaponized intelligence propaganda media expanded to BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CBC, CNN, CNBC, Comcast and now FOX

The C.I.A., FBI, NSA and State Department are the step-children under (British) Pilgrims Society control today

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Gavin Newsom Groomed for the Presidency – British style

Pete Santilli and Michael McKibben Expose London Banker-Demon Hoax

Douglas gets a message from a relic of Mother Mary’s robe

State of the Nullification Movement: Summer Update

Everything Wrong With The Capitol Riots In 889 Angles

Activate White Blood Cells to Become Ascension Cells

Leonardo tied to IBM Eclipse Foundation, Chandler, Internet of Things and … Eurotech SpA, Ltd.—It’s a British Pilgrims Society operation

Ancient Oligarch Families Keep Humanity Steeped in Ritual Sin and Murder

Ajit Pai Kills Effort to Stop Big Tech Censorship, ‘Wont Second Guess’ Trump Ban

Second Cabinet Member Quits: Betsy De Vos Resigns As Trump Education Secretary

200-Year Information War. Patriots around the world know the enemy and join together to defeat the one world order beast.

Lance Roberts: GMO’s Jeremy Grantham Is Correct, There’s An ‘Epic Bubble In Stocks’

BBC Tells People To Wear Face Masks During Sex

Democrats Eye Vote On Impeachment As Early As Next Week

McChrystal, Information Warfare and Trump

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Cat Report

To the Kremlin: RELEASE THE KRAKEN. Publish all AIM/AFI intelligence reports for the world to see who our common enemies are. We have spent over a decade compiling these reports which are evidence-based, well-documented research, better than any of our 17 intelligence agencies has ever produced for the American people.

We the people have no clue who the enemy are and by the time the time alt media laggards and distractors finally get around to revealing the Pilgrims Society and its centuries’ war against Russia, China, America, and every nation in the world, we will all be dead.

We believe the time has come for Russia to use a weapon of mass INTELLIGENCE against the British-American Pilgrims.

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Outing shills in social media is a cat’s duty to the cattery – look who we “hooked” today in a little cat fishing exhibition

Tremors Abound as Godzilla Trump Crushes GOP Field in First New York Times Poll of 2024 Campaign Season

Bank Bends the Knee to Farage: Cancels Closure of Account in Desperate Bid to End Growing Scandal


Breaking News! Rothschild Pilgrims Society interlocking bank, Digital, Biotech subterfuge against America

Trump Signs Executive Orders On Coronavirus Relief, Payroll Tax, Student Loans, Housing

Jackboot Whitmer Interviews for Vice President, Then Mandates Self-Lockdowns for People Exposed to Sore Throats

More Than 84,000 Mail In Ballots Disqualified In New York City Primary

Pedophile Supply Chain Interrupted by Indictments

Is Jerry Falwell, Jr. a pedophile? Look for yourself.

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Cat Report

Magnetic Pole Shift | When It’s Time, It’s Time

Will Civilization Collapse?

Safe Zones, Animal Anomalies, Primary Risks

Moscow says Power of Siberia 2 pipeline to China will ‘replace’ Nord Stream 2

Putin Announces Partial Mobilization In Ukraine War Escalation, Says West Wants To “Destroy Russia”

How to evoke angels into your life

Powerful Magnitude 7.6 Earthquake Strikes Off Coast of Central Mexico, Tsunami Warning Issued

French warned of winter blackouts

New Zealand raises alert level on giant Taupo volcano

Transition from Luciferic to Ahrimanic Age and the Christ event to come By Rudolf Steiner