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Plan A: Overthrow Donald Trump Plan B: Destroy the American economy with a bioweapon developed by the Queen’s companies Pirbright, Merial, and Qinetiq

Plan A: Overthrow Donald Trump

Plan B: Destroy the American economy with a bioweapon developed by the Queen’s companies Pirbright, Merial, and Qinetiq

The first documentary movie on the origin of Coronavirus

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates’ Vaccine Dictatorship Plan – cites Gates’ twisted ‘Messiah Complex’

Covid-19 had us all fooled, but now we might have finally found its secret.

Deborah Birx’s Husband Is Former Clinton ‘Advance Man’ Paige Reffe

Propaganda Alert: Mass burial captured by drone in New York City as morgues pushed to limit

AG Bill Barr Discusses: The Firing of IG Atkinson, The Ongoing Durham Investigation, and Current FISA Abuse Issues

Larry Kudlow Outlines Internal Discussions and Way-Points Toward Re-Opening the U.S. Economy

Mortgage industry on the brink of collapse

History of the Royal Dragon Bloodline

EU Headed for COLLAPSE as Support for ITALEXIT SURGES

Fake News and British Propaganda: The Origins of Fake News

Queen Elizabeth and the Overthrow of Trump

Wellcome and the Wee Little Death Box

Planned Parenthood was just forced to admit in court to harvesting aborted fetal parts

Court Unseals Flynn Brady Motion – 40 Items Requested by Flynn Defense

Taiwan steps into trade war breach for US, saying it will buy US$3.6 billion in American agricultural products

Nancy Pelosi is back. What happened to her face?

Boom Times Are Here: Hemp Farming Quadruples This Year!


Romney to Vote to Convict President Trump

Epstein’s recruiter Ghislaine Maxwell‘s father Robert Maxwell gave Mitt Romney his first $2m investment

RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel Takes No Position on Mounting Calls to Expel Her Uncle Mitt from GOP

Put a Cape on His Back, an ‘S’ on His Chest, and Call Him Superman

Pence on Pelosi: ‘I Wasn’t Sure if She Was Ripping Up the Speech or Ripping Up the Constitution’

Republicans planning to expunge Trump impeachment if they win back the House

FBI’s Wray Acknowledges Illegal Surveillance of Former Trump Campaign Aide Page

Open and Shut Case: Ilhan Nur Said Elmi is a fraud and criminal – She must be deported.

Two Trillion $$ Worth Of Military Equipment All Teed Up!

Eliminating Qasem Soleimani was Donald Trump’s Middle East farewell letter

John Huber Completes Review of Clinton Foundation and Uranium One

The Trump rally line in Toledo is so long you couldn’t even see the end of it

Obama officials caught advising Iran how to defeat U.S. foreign policy

Graphic: Twitter Pedophiles Openly Discuss Raping Children

US Starts Collecting DNA At Border Entry

Judge James E. Boasberg is a globalist puppet, LIAR, and enemy of America

Former SEAL: Stay Away from Jan. 20th Richmond Rally

Kim Foxx calls in big legal heat to help with Smollett probe

#Cult45 – The Cult Of Trump And How It Came To Be

President Trump Visits U.S. Troops in Afghanistan for Thanksgiving

Buttigieg Offers Quid Pro Quo to Change Israeli Policies

Worried about climate change? Learn about THORIUM

How $5 Billion In Physical Gold Was Secretly Moved From London To Poland

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Raises More Money Than Every Other House Democrat

Fired Navy Secretary Confirms He’s Part of the Deep State

Polls show massive surge in black voters supporting Trump

Three Reasons Trump’s ROCKY TWEET is Absolutely AWESOME

British Saboteurs have been working with Crown Agent operatives to overthrow Donald Trump

Trump Sends Historic Impeachment Takedown Letter to Nancy Pelosi

Social Media IS The Chinese Social Credit Score: Here’s Why

The Chateau Marmont …. Schiff…. we know.

Forced by Reality – The Washington Post Cancels the Recession

The Ground Zero Mosque Project Is Back

It begins: Virginia forms active militia to protect sheriffs, citizens from unconstitutional laws

The Swamp is Infested with SES Vermin

CIA Destroys America from the UK

Most New Zealand Gun Owners So Far Decline to Hand in Anything

VERMIN ALERT! Senior Executive Services are crawling all over D.C.

Democrats’ Election Win in Virginia Yields Gun Confiscation Proposal

Kid Atlas and the History of GALT in America – FREE 1300 page PDF Book INSIDE

James Comey testified under oath that there was no surveillance of the Trump Campaign

U.S. Trade Ambassador Robert Lighthizer Explains “Phase One” of U.S-China Trade Deal

Former AG Michael Mukasey Outlines FBI Conspiracy, Explains Why Lisa Page is Suing DOJ and Why FBI Refuses to Unreadact Text Messages