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German Neurologist On Face Masks: ‘Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage’

Hunter Biden’s Ex-Partner To Be Trump’s Debate Guest As Senate Demands Hunter Turn Over Records

Lockdown till a Covid vaccine comes? It’s too long to wait, and there’s no guarantee it will be effective anyway

German Neurologist On Face Masks: ‘Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage’

Who’s Behind Cicada 3301

Cicada 3301 – A Modern Secret Society?

This is Leslie Stahl from CBS who was joking with Hillary Clinton about assassinating Muammar Gaddafi

Mark Malloch-Brown, former top UN official and Open Society Global Board member, to Head Open Society Foundations


20-year-old aide to Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler and boyfriend of Brian Kemp’s daughter killed in car crash

The White House removed nine members of the Pentagon’s Defense Business Board on Friday and installed people loyal to President Donald Trump in their place, including presidential allies Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie

DNI John Ratcliffe States He Has Produced Thousands of Declassified Documents For Special Counsel John Durham to Use

Vice President Mike Pence Warns at Georgia Rally: ‘If You Don’t Vote, They Win’

Mystery Surrounds $7 Billion Outflow from Vanguard S&P 500 Fund

Chief Medical Officer Says Canadians Who Refuse Vaccine Won’t Have “Freedom To Move Around”

Pennsylvania – Don’t Assume Alito Giving Until 12/9 To Respond To Emergency Application Means He’s Letting It Die On the Vine

Biden: ‘I’ll Develop Some Disease And Say I Have To Resign’

Michigan Secretary of State Issues Order to Delete Election Data Amid Audit Calls

“What was it like in that moment of spiritual enlightenment,” people have asked me.

“All Hands On Deck” – Up To 25,000 National Guard Now Authorized In DC For Biden Inauguration

Let’s get going and Arrest the Traitors, Saboteurs, and Pedophiles!

Confirmation hearing for Biden’s DNI pick postponed

Dante Tells us where those traitors are going – straight to hell.

Executive Order on Encouraging Buy American Policies For The United States Postal Service

Time to make curls and curves great again, ladies.

The Dead Poets Society: Why we (don’t) study the humanities

Without effort it is impossible to attain a true knowledge

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Cat Report

The Luddites Return

Of ‘Luddites’ and ‘Eli-ites’

Bank of England hides American operations in England, Arkansas


Power Cuts At Dutch Greenhouses

Neo-Luddite Anarchist’s Handbook by Captain Ned Ludd

Rage against the machine before it is too late

Learn how to operate a Big Cat backhoe

Explore the Lumen global network

Moderna Chief Medical Officer Admits mRNA Alters DNA

International Criminal Court accepts Israeli government’s Nuremberg Code violation complaint

MI Court: Michigan Secretary of State’s Absentee Ballot Order Broke Law, Vindicating Trump Claim

Georgia Judge Gives VOTER GA the Right to Inspect Fulton County Election Ballots

Facebook Executive ADMITS Facebook’s Voter Registration Project Helped Biden in the Election

Cruella, Michelle Obama & The Queen

A By-the-Mile Tax on Driving Gains Steam as a Way to Fund U.S. Roads

Lindell counter-suing Dominion, alleges racketeering

Myanmar Regime Seizes Bank Accounts of Soros’ Open Society Foundation

Poland Wants More Gold: “The ‘Most Reserve’ Of Reserve Currencies”

Expert witness says he believes the numbers in Arizona are fraudulent based on the data

‘Biggest fraud’ in US history—up to 300,000 fake people voted in Arizona election

President Trump Calls into Arizona Legislature Hearing on Election Fraud

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai presents his data at the Arizona Hearing

Georgia Govt Lawyers Defended Dominion’s ‘Trade Secrets’ to Stop Forensic Analysis of Machines/ Software

Pfizer Asks EU To Approve COVID-19 Vaccine, Aims For Rollout Before Year’s End

Michigan State Senate Committee on Oversight Holds Hearing on Election Issues

The First Female College Football Player

As Fall turns to Winter in Rural New England

The Failed Start Of The League of Nations I THE GREAT WAR 1920

SPIRITUAL AWAKENING – Get ready for the changes

Trump: ‘No’ National Mask Mandate — ‘I Don’t Believe in That’

Chinese diplomat points out 2.5 million Americans run Huawei code on their pacemakers and “it’d be horrible if they couldn’t get an update”

UK accuses Russia of trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research

They Want to Kill Six Billion of Us – Here’s How They’ll Do It

Testing Will Begin In Africa For Biometric ID, “Vaccine Records”, & “Payment Systems”

What Will Be Required For You To Move in Society 2021 Forward

Demand Mask-FREE Shopping

Colorado Town Threatens Up To A Year In Jail For Not Wearing A Mask

Joe Biden Fights Science: ‘Just Plain Dangerous’ for Children to Return to School

“Half Of The Internet Is Down” After Cloudflare Suffers Major Outage

Defund Public School Indoctrination Centers

Dear A. G. Barr, Do your f^cking job!

It begins: Citizens say it is time to defund public schools and get education $$$ to parents, not unions and Big-Ed

Liberal Education is Not About Learning

Sexualization, Pornography, and Grooming in the Schools

‘Downright Sickening’: Public Schools Prep Graphic Sex Ed with Bondage, ‘Blood Play’, and K-3 Gender Queer

Biden Campaign ‘Mistreating Latino Field Organizers And Suppressing Latino Vote’ According To Scathing Letter

SCOTUS John Roberts Destroys American Court System for the Queen

Pennsylvania health secretary links closing bars with opening schools

How ‘Lisa Page best-friend’ Tashina Gauhar took over Main Justice, orchestrated Jeff Sessions’ recusal and then eclipsed the Mueller investigation.

A timeline of dirty, nasty Senior Executive Service operatives Tashina Guahar and Dana Boente and their attempt to destroy the Republic
Open Society Foundations Announce $220 Million for Building Power in Black Communities 

ANTIFA Tough Guy Spills The Beans On Who Is Backing And Bailing Them Out Of Jail

Epstein Isn’t the Only Predatory Sex Offender in the News: Here’s How Shockingly PREVALENT This Has Become

Epstein Isn’t the Only Predatory Sex Offender in the News: Here’s How Shockingly PREVALENT This Has Become

White House Slams Judge’s Order Blocking Asylum Restriction

Barr’s Russiagate Origin Probe Pivots To ‘Smoking Gun’ Tapes With Exculpatory Evidence

Epstein Phone Book Contained E-Mail Addresses, 21 Phone Numbers For Bill Clinton

Betsy Ross Calls on All Patriot Sleeper Cells to Wake Up and Engage