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15 House Democrats Call to Replenish Small Business Relief Fund Despite Pelosi’s Objections

Trump Announces $19 Billion Relief Program for Farmers, Ranchers

Declassified DOJ Letter to FISA Court Highlights Severe Institutional Corruption – DOJ Blames FBI For Spygate

The Queen is NAKED


Trump Promises That The Cause Of Coronavirus Will Be Investigated

‘Excitement Is High’: Coronavirus Patients Reportedly Recovering Quickly After Taking Remdesivir 

One Month Into the Shutdown, Restaurants Are Boarding Up Their Windows

These Women Are Packing Some Serious Heat

Gestapo Gretchen Whitmer: Abortion Is ‘Life Sustaining’

Elizabeth Warren would say “Yes” if asked to be Biden’s VP running mate

Is the Virus a Political Weapon?

Arthur Firstenberg – “The Invisible Rainbow” – The Hidden Dangers of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation

What the AFI miners found out about Amy Conan Barrett

Why Aren’t We Allowed To Talk About George Soros’s Plan To Remake America?

DemonRats are still concerned about Russian interference in the election.

VIDEO: London Protest, Trafalgar Square, 19th Sept 2020

Joe Biden: Over 2 Hundred Million People Have Died of Covid

President Trump on the Fake News: “It’s gotten to a point where they’re stone-cold dishonest”

So what happened to all the missing paprika on the store shelves?

The Incarnation of Lucifer in Asia in the Third Millenium B.C and Ahriman in the West

Trump Battles Alone in the Swamp

President Donald J. Trump Is Taking Action to Lower Drug Costs and Ensure That Americans Have Access to Life-saving Medications

Creepy Truth About Biotech Giant, MODERNA!

Lumber Futures Maybe Topping Out

The 4% Rule Is Dead. What Should Retirees Do Now?

How Toilet Paper Companies Dealt With The 845% Demand Spike

Here’s How New York’s $50,000 Per Year Private Schools Are Re-Opening This Fall

Even Biggest Landlords Walk from Malls as Stores Go Bankrupt, Refuse to Pay Rent, Mall Values Slashed Brutally. But those Shorting Mall CMBS Made a Killing

Spain: Women Beaten by Police For Not Properly Wearing Face Masks

Is Angela Merkel having the Kuru shakes? Another shaking episode for the old globalshit captured on video

KURU – The MYSTERIOUS Disease that Emerged When People Ate People

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Evil Patent Pools and Judge Leonard P. Stark

Biden’s nomination of Leonard P. Stark to the highest patent appeals court is marinated in fraud.

U.S. Patent Office since 2006. London attorney-bankers get exclusive pick of all American inventions to steal.

Stark is the British Pilgrims Society anglophile who was shoehorned in to the Leader v. Facebook litigation just two weeks before trial.

Stark hid the identity of his father, Walter Stark, from his Senate Judiciary Committee ethics disclosures (the public).

Attorney-bankers use “patent pool” racketeering to seize fresh inventions so that their fiat money always wins.

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The Queen’s Crown Virus Must Be Destroyed Before It Destroys Humanity

The British worldwide QinetiQ, SERCO and DARPA communications centers & funding must be taken out

All their US contracts with QinetiQ and SERCO must be cancelled for fraud and treason

U.S. Treasury should immediately impound all funds of the Coronavirus perpetrators at Wellcome Trust, Pirbright Institute, SERCO, QinetiQ, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Facebook, Google, AstraZeneca, Merial, Boehringer Mannheim, Sanofi, Pfizer, Novartis and others who have conspired with the Pilgrims Society, SES and DARPA to build bioweapons to attack the human genome

Since their founding 120 years, the secret Anglo-American Pilgrims Society, Wellcome Trust, Marconi Wireless and the Empire Press Union (creators of MI6, MI5 and GCHQ) have been testing deadly viruses on human beings not to heal, but to destroy humanity (e.g., foot and mouth, Spanish flu, Ebola, AIDS, SARS, MERS, anthrax, sarin, Hong Kong flu, swine flu, bird flu, zika, yellow fever, encephalitis, West Nile, diphtheria, malaria, Coronavirus COVID-19)

Did Nancy Pelosi Just Call For Trump’s Assassination?

Elijah Cummings has died

Trump Letter to Erdogan. “Don’t be a tough guy. Don’t be a fool! I will call you later.”

Steve Scalise: What are they trying to hide?

Trump Christmas Videos Available Here

UN: Assange subjected to psychological torture

House Leadership React to the End of “Nation Building” as a Business Model


WARMONGER Lindsey Graham Wants to Be in the Middle East for a Thousand Years

They send our sons to the Middle East. They send THEIR sons to Ukraine.

Schweizer: It ‘Warrants Investigation’ That Hunter Biden Landed Deals Where His Dad Was Obama’s ‘Point Person’

Ukraine Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko Denies President Trump Pressure or Coercion During Phone Call With President Zelensky

With Italy’s Salvini out of office, the EU is wasting no time in steamrolling its open borders agenda

Trump admin says migrants passing through El Salvador must seek asylum there before asking U.S.

Twitter Suspends Entire Leadership Team Of Latinos For Trump