Starship 7………Mothership, we have a problem. Over. Mothership…….State the nature of your problem please.

Missing 13th Amendment: No Lawyers Allowed in Public Office

CNN Panel Admits “House Lawyers” Pushing Impeachment Agenda

Lisa-the-whore-traitor wants a #MeToo pass for committing treason

China sends Fentanyl to America

America sends GMO soy to China

As DACA Approaches Its End, ICE is Asking Courts to Begin Deportation Proceedings Against Participants

video of the fashions worn by Melania Trump in 2019

Biden Open To Nominating Obama For Supreme Court

Sexual Exploitation ‘Epidemic’ in England as Nearly 19,000 Children Identified as Victims

Judges Boasberg & Jackson push coup for Pilgrims Society and Privy Council

Lisa-the-whore-traitor says there was no insurance policy

Company co-founded by Nancy Pelosi’s son charged with securities fraud

Report: Senate GOP Unites on Plan for Senate Impeachment Trial

If The FBI’s Contempt For The Law Is Not Reined In, Its Abuses Will Get Worse

Chuck Todd of NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ Blames Russia for ‘Fake News’

New 2020 law prohibits California public schools from suspending students for disobeying teachers

After Years of Common Core, Betsy DeVos Announces ‘Devastating’ Results

Leo Zagami and John Barnwell discuss current events with Roseanne Barr

VIRGINIA PATRIOTS: Do not fall for the gun registration trick

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Citizens File Treason Report

On May 13, 2019, citizens around the country began sending copies of the Citizens’ TREASON Report to the White House, Department of Justice and AG Bill Barr, and elected representatives.  Americans for Innovation and American Intelligence Media are the White Hats many of you have been calling for and we delivered a TREASON REPORT in your name.

Here is an updated video of what you will find in the report. With the added images and memes, the report is even better today than then.

Now we call upon information warriors around the world to deliver this powerful citizen report to President Trump, Bill Barr, and U.S. Attorney John Durham.

The Swamp is filled with SES enemies of America – NEW MEME VIDEO

President Trump and America’s Life and Death Battle Against the Pilgrim Society’s Anglo-American Intelligence Network

Britain’s Security Services Granted License To Kill

A Serious Storm is Brewing Against Virginia Tyranny!

James E. Boasberg is a Pilgrims Society Soldier

Biden: I Wouldn’t Testify in Senate Impeachment Trial if Subpoenaed

Obama-Clinton-Schmidt-Zuckerberg Election Rigging Failed

Reporters Without Borders demands immediate release of Julian Assange

Spotify is suspending political ads in 2020

Cat’s out of the bag about Gina Haspel!

Whose law in America reigns supreme?

James Comey Exposed: Chief Election Meddler and Instigator for the Overthrow of Trump

Propaganda Media is Source of Trump/Russian False Flag


200-Year Information War. Patriots around the world know the enemy and join together to defeat the one world order beast

Two Possibilities in Trump Wiretapping, and Neither Is Good

The Comey Crime Spree is Much Bigger and Longer Than Anyone Knows

The Great Cover Up Of The Biggest Scandal In American History

Why Are There No FBI Whistle blowers Outlining Institutional Corruption?

Tom Fitton: Inspector General was ‘Late to the Game’ on Probing #SpyGate Abuses Targeting Trump

FISA Court Owes Some Answers

Democratic lawmakers insist Durham resign from Justice Department probe of Russian meddling in U.S. elections

Detailing the Commission of Comey Crimes

Jobless Claims Drop – Labor Market Remains Very Strong

Police officer to Virginia politicians: We took an oath, and real cops won’t confiscate firearms

5 Ways to Activate Your Endocannabinoid System

Robert Mueller Should Have to Answer for His Trump Dossier Dodge

Busting Former FBI Agent and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers

‘OSS’ Counter Operation Initiated To Stop Coup

Memes Galore 

FISA court review order leaves out key FBI players implicated in Horowitz report

Who Really Owns the Military Industrial Complex: The Highland Group Exposed

Source Identified – IG FISA Report Identifies One Confidential Human Source Leading to Audit of FBI Activity

WSJ Editorial Board: Robert Mueller Should Have to Answer for His Trump Dossier Dodge

Is a Grand Solar Minimum Something We Should Worry About? Is Another “Little Ice Age” Approaching?

Pentagon tells military personnel not to use at-home DNA kits

The answer to tyranny is suddenly obvious: 2A sanctuaries and armed militias in every county, every state across America

Defense secretary eyes pullout from West Africa: report

After Blowing $3 Trillion On Lies In Afghanistan, Congress Just Authorized A Trillion More For 2020

Senator Rand Paul’s Annual Festivus Rant

Burger King’s ‘Impossible Burger’ Has 18 Million Times More Estrogen Than Regular Whopper

Hunter Biden Denies Ukraine Money Laundering Allegations

General Flynn & Admiral Rogers – Heroes of the Second American Revolution

Global shift in consciousness

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Education – Wisdom or Indoctrination?

Children are the future and education is the means to create that future – for good or ill. Public education in America is now simply Tavistock directed, Frankfort School driven, socialist indoctrination, and materialistic propaganda that leads to conformity and ignorance, not freedom and wisdom. Educators are left with the decision of what “truths” to teach the children – the hope of our future. Where can we find the wisdom that can supplant the cleverness of entropic materialistic science?