Deep State Shadow Government = SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE. It is an enemy of America and must be destroyed

House Democrats Unveil Two Articles of Impeachment Against Trump

This was an overthrow of government. This was an attempted overthrow and a lot of people were in on it, and they got caught

Lindsey Graham does not want Schiff or other congressmen to testify at Senate impeachment trial

Obama knew all along about the FBI bid to spy on his rival

‘Scratching the surface’: Education Department uncovers $1.3B in foreign university funding

U.S. Attorney John Durham Does Not Agree With IG Horowitz Conclusions

Attorney General Bill Barr Statement Following IG Review: “A clear abuse of FISA process”

Revealing the New ‘Cecil Rhodes’ of Our Time

Horowitz protected the swamp – Just as we told you he would

European Union Commission Accused of Aiding Crypto Crime

Rank and Vile – FBI Director Christopher Wray Releases Pathetic Letter Following Highly Critical FISA Report

FISA Court Finds “Serious Fourth Amendment Issue” In Obama’s “Widespread” Illegal Searches Of American Citizens

Proof of British Pilgrims Society direct ties among ICG, Soros, Malloch-Brown (UN election rigging), Lord Patten (Oxford chancellor-Rhodes Trust), BBC (MSM) & CLINTONS-URANIUM ONE-RENAISSANCE CAPITAL uncovered

USAID and OPIC – Corporate Gravy Trains Operated by Senior Executive Service

OAN’s Chanel Rion gives debriefing on Ukraine trip

The War of All against All

AFI Crimeline Being Downloaded Worldwide!

Imagine how much the DC financial network extracted from their Libya endeavors

Joe Biden Claims Ignorance On His Son’s Conflicts Of Interest With Burisma

Yuriy Lutsenko says Yovanovitch perjured herself before Congress

Senator Lindsey Graham Pledges to Block Testimony of U.S. Politicians Coordinating With Ukraine

Pensacola shooting ‘looks like terrorism,’ Trump national security adviser says

Nadler: Trump Will ‘Rig’ 2020 Election If He Isn’t Impeached And Removed

If Pelosi doesn’t move quickly, it will collapse

Obama Corruptocrat Foot Soldiers Hiding in Senior Executive Service

NYT Runs Hit Piece on Alex Jones; They Apparently Still Fear Infowars

Liberals have become dangerously insane

This week there have been more US Google searches for Peloton than impeachment

John Kerry Joins Joe Biden’s ‘No Malarky’ Tour, Touts as Superhero Who Will ‘Save the World’

Devin Nunes: “My phone records don’t match what Schiff, Dems put in report”

Trump Campaign Releases New MUST SEE Impeachment Ad

US Constitution obligates the President to investigate and ask for investigations of corruption in countries we provide funds to

This week federal judiciary became one-fifth Trump-appointed, while media focused on Jerry Nadler

Nancy Pelosi is the supreme commander of the Democrats’ impeachment army

See how the richest CEO criminals in the world live

Biden Refuses to Explain What He Meant by ‘Roaches’ But an Online Search Shows It’s a Racist Slur Against Black People

The Schwarzman Scholars: Future globalist operatives for the Pilgrims Society

November Jobs Gains +266,000, Unemployment Rate 3.5%, Wage Growth +3.1%, Inflation 1.4%

Senate Chairmen Say Ukraine Meddling ‘Not Debunked’, Demand Docs From DNC Contractor

Six Saudi Nationals Arrested Following Attack at Pensacola Naval Air Station

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Deep Fake

Are your 401k investments supporting China? 

Nancy Pelosi’s Moveon.org email to protestors

Supreme Court halts subpoena to Deutsche Bank for Trump records

Epstein – Mossad Agent Used To Blackmail American Politicians, Former Israeli Spy Claims

Cross Fire Hurricane eventually becomes the Salt and Pepper Shaker Scandal

Washington crime families circle the wagon to protect their adult children

Devin Nunes Responds To Adam Schiff “Subpoenaing” Private Phone Records from AT&T

Twitter Censorship: “Shadow Banning” Is Written Into The Platform’s New Terms

Advancing Thorium Molten Salt Reactor

Trump Impeachment Effort is a Constitutional Crisis Affecting ALL of Our Rights!

Pelosi Gets Furious When Reporter Asks ‘Do You Hate Trump?’

10 Ways Democracy Contradicts Islamic Law

China Will Use Millions Of Zimbabwe Citizens To Improve Facial Recognition Accuracy

Bill Gates Wants to Export India’s National ID System Around the Globe

The left are eating their own: Black Lives Matter Outburst at Buttigieg Event

Germany: All EU Members Must Take in Migrants

The Intelligence Community is an ENEMY of the People of the World

Nunes ridicules impeachment hearings: ‘This is totally nuts’

Pedophile Mueller witness and tech millionaire are charged with funneling $3.5 million in illegal foreign cash to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign

Devin Nunes: Adam Schiff Violated My ‘Civil Liberties’ with Phone Snooping; Pursuing ‘All Legal Options’

Bill Barr Indicts 8 For Illegally Funneling Foreign Money To Adam Schiff And Multiple Dem Senators

Why is Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse so confused about Joseph Mifsud?

Dems Risk LOSING 50 SEATS Going Forward with Impeachment

Baltimore Mayor Warns Of Body “Snatching” White Van Targeting Young Girls To Sell Their Organs

Guess what happened to Gillette after ‘toxic masculinity‘ ads

Trump unloads on ‘maniac’ Adam Schiff on overseas trip: ‘He’s a deranged human being’

Donald Trump Cancels NATO Press Conference in London

Brutal Honesty – President Trump Calls Justin from Canada “Two-Faced”

Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme Explained with Drs. Jonathan Levy and Douglas Gabriel

House Passes Uyghur Bill Urging Sanctions on Chinese Officials

Matt Gaetz: Brian Kemp Ending Political Career by Picking Kelly Loeffler

Nunes Sues CNN for $435 Million Over ‘Hit Piece’

Andrew Lang’s ‘Howard Dean’ moment

U.S. Students Show No Improvement on International Tests

Liberal Tim Pool: California Plans FORCED Internment And Asset Seizure To Solve Homeless Crisis