Grab your DIGITAL Pitchforks and Torches

Citizens spent over 18 years compiling this huge trove of information, evidence, and reporting so that you could use it as a modern day weapon to defeat the criminal enemies of America. Do your part TODAY.

Do not let the men and women who fought for our country to have died in vain because you were too lazy to send a blast of emails to D.C.

Get your keyboard out, your cut and paste hand ready….and lodge a few information bombs in the enemy camp.

Even One Share Requires Recusal

We have pulled out and highlighted the “even one share” portion of the judicial rules on disclosing conflicts that Amy Berman Jackson is so flagrantly violating. To those that think our recent posts about all the financial conflicts from the swamp bottom feeders are ‘much to do about nothing’, think again.

Even ONE SHARE must be disclosed.