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Mueller’s Pathetic Attempt to Overthrow Trump and Prepare His 2020 Successor Fails Miserably

Just when you thought Bob Mueller’s conflicts of interest, continuous illegal leaks, bogus indictments, overtly Democratic team, politicized over-reach, compromised team members, corrupt lawyers, blindness to the real election meddling, legal chicanery, entrapment of witnesses, nothing-burger results, and his own collusion with James Comey, the Anonymous Patriots uncover his own personal cover-up that has been going on for years.

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Facebook Unmasked: How the World’s Most Relevant Entrepreneur Was Screwed By Zuckerberg

One of the largest government sponsored industrial espionage thefts of copyrights, trade secrets, and patents in modern times was the theft of scalable social networking inventions. The technology and programming code that underlie Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and most the other large-scale social networking companies runs on Leader Technologies’ intellectual property.

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Trump Conquers the New World Order

The Anonymous Patriots are impressed with the work Trump has already done in dismantling the New World Order. One mighty presidential action after the next is leaving the globalists crying and trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered plans.

Trump is “not their president” and he is messing up the entire system that has been developing since 1913 when the Fed made its bid to “take over the Republic” via international bankers, brokers, and warlords.

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Scientific Materialism Shattered with Return of Nibiru

You are not only being deceived about the geopolitical nature of our world, you are also being kept in the dark about the true nature of the cosmos.

This post is for readers who are ready to go beyond the material-physical description of the cosmos and delve into the mysteries of magnetic cords, paleomagnetism, the Schumann Wave, the Pleiades, anunnaki, and the tattvas and ethers,

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Hillary paid Facebook to rig elections while colluding with Russian Uranium One

On Sep. 26, 2009, Hillary Clinton and the State Department entered into a secret contract with Facebook for $120,000 to build “a template for winning elections using advanced Facebook marketing.” The next month, on Oct. 16, 2009, Hillary promoted Facebook on a video presentation to a U.S. State Department-funded Alliance for Youth Movements Summit in Mexico City. This contract was not known because Hillary had hidden it on her private email server in the basement of her house. It first came to light through the dogged work of Judicial Watch who obtained it in Apr. 03, 2014.