Scytl The Vote-rigging Company that Fixed the 2020 Election for Lord Mark Malloch-Brown

Scytl was Spanish, but is now British/Irish with branch offices throughout the world. The familiar smell of Lord Mark Malloch-Brown filled the air as the English international vote-riggers’ fingerprints were all over this blatant election manipulation by Scytl.

The standard English plan of imperialist regime-change accomplished through a fake democratic vote taken with machines and software owned by the best international Fake-Election Lords Sir Geoffrey Pattie and Lord Mark Malloch-Brown.

Both of these vote-riggers are dear friends of George Soros and his compatriots in Color Revolutions around the globe that are usually centered around a contested election. This Scytl digital “man in the middle” was beginning to remind us of Optech’s creation in the late 70’s with Malloch-Brown and Jimmy Carter in Venezuela through the CIA and the United Nations.