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The American Intelligence Media is more than an alternative news site or a digital news aggregator. It is a record of over four years of research that a small team of committed patriots published for the benefit of citizens around the world. They researched the deep truths of the way the world works and rewrote history–real time, based on truth, not on the lies of the main stream media and government controlled propaganda and indoctrination.

The mission of AIM4Truth was to archive the progress we made in discovering who we really are, where we really came from, and were we are headed. Along the way, many of you asked us to write a real history book… which is what this site is, now. We have secured this site and its companion site Americans for Innovation on a secure server with extra special encryption protocols. Our partner in this historical endeavor was ‘Michael and the Miners’ over at Americans for Innovation:


We welcome readers from around the world to study our site because the lies and crimes of the British – American Pilgrims Society affect everyone on the planet.

Basically, this site is now the first HISTORY ‘BOOK’ of its type in the world. It’s digital, shareable, and searchable. Use our articles, history lessons, videos, memes, and reams of evidence to create your own way to tell the truth of our world. We did the research. You can now do the reporting and storytelling confident that you have solid history and factual content from the AIM School of Truth.

Please use our SEARCH feature to find original research on a wide array of characters and events.

The site features a translation widget on each article so that people around the world can access our material easily. We cannot guarantee the exactness of the translation, but it will give you the overall picture. A search bar is provided so that you can find the topics and words of interest to you in your quest for truth.

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If you would like to contact us: https://aim4truth.org/contact-us/

Your truth history lessons start here and the best way to learn is to seek out the material that resonates with you. Once you know the deep truth of what has really happened to our country and the world, you will be able to look at the day’s events with a discerning eye. And, believe us, the Pilgrims running this planet do not want We the People to know the truth of their crimes and treason. .

Thanks to all the amazing contributors to this real-time history book project. Readers will find their comments and article links in the comment boxes which can lead you to further truths.

We do not accept advertising or corporate funding so that we are not beholden to any corporate or government interest. If you want to support our efforts, and we hope you will, please share this site with others. That is the highest compliment you can give us and one that will benefit us all.


I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.

Thomas PAIne