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The American Intelligence Media is more than an alternative news site or a cutting-edge news aggregator. Citizens are rewriting history–real time, based on truth, not on the lies of the main stream media and government controlled propaganda.  The mission of AIM4Truth is to archive the progress we are making as we find out who we really are and where we really came from and are headed.

The site consists of two main features–daily news and research articles. The daily news is gathered at the top of the site and focuses on the unfolding current events that support the truth of our history. The articles below Truth News Headlines is our “mountain of evidence,” mounting every day as we post our deeply researched articles on the people, places, and events that have conspired to take away Americans’ life, liberty, and property.

The site features a translation widget on each article so that people around the world can access our material easily. We cannot guarantee the exactness of the translation, but it will give you the overall picture. A search bar is also provided so that you can find the topics and words of interest to you in your quest for truth.

We welcome readers from around the world to follow our site because as we unravel the lies and crimes of the elite global cabal in America, you will be better able to recognize the deception in your own governments and leaders/rulers.

To receive our Truth News Headlines in your inbox everyday, please “follow” the site by putting your email in the black follow box on the left side of any article. Drop in any time to start or continue your revisionist history lesson by reading any article from the bottom to the top, or whatever resonates with you in the moment. Once you know the deep truth of what has really happened to our country and the world, you will be able to look at the day’s events with a discerning eye. And, believe us, the elite cabal running this planet do not want We the People to know the truth of their crimes and treason. Once you reach the end of the article, please add your thoughtful comment for others to read. We are all in this together!


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aim-4-truth-pngYou know that feeling you get when you look up in the sky and see chemtrails spewing out of a plane, unknown chemicals falling on you and your family, yet no one seems to know who these people are? Even the President can’t seem to stop this evil. Well, that’s the feeling we hope THEY have when they see the American Intelligence Media app now available on Apple and Android. They will never see you use it. They will never know how many people around the world are finding truth. Our statistics and users will always be hidden. We accept no advertising money, so they can’t turn off our messaging with their YouTube-Google gimmicks. The neocon-globalist-traitors fly high with their chemtrail planes pouring out poison. Now we can fly above their “radar,” pouring out truth, knowledge and intelligence. Get the free app. Tell your friends. Save the world.


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I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace. Thomas Paine