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August 1, 2022

Pilgrims progressing through history is BAD for humanity

July 30, 2022

Coutts Bank – the Queen’s Special Bank for Offshore Money Laundering

July 29, 2022

REVEALED: The Secret that secret societies know … but you didn’t until now

Was Ron DeSantis Sister Murdered in London?

Lillian Scott Troy Exposes Pilgrims Society as Destroyers of America

Ron DeSantis is in a Secret Society – St. Elmo Hall

July 28, 2022

Beat the Big Bank Money Grab

July 22, 2022

Murder on the Titanic

July 8, 2022

Explosive revelations that expose the British enemy

June 30, 2022

Secrets and Skeletons of Andrew Torba

June 23, 2022

The Way Forward for Humanity

June 20, 2022

Ron DeSantis gives away America to the British Empire

June 16, 2022

Exposing the Secret Societies of Ron DeSantis. This will need to be viewed on Brighteon:

June 10, 2022

Andrew Torba and his British Pilgrims Society friends pretend to be evangelical Christians, but are cons in real life. This video must be viewed on Brighteon.

June 9, 2022

Medical Treatment or Child Abuse?

View this video on Brighteon at:

June 3, 2022

The History of Propaganda

June 2, 2022

Inconvenient TRUTHS for Andrew Torba and Gab

May 31, 2022

The Globalists Believe Their Own Lies

Watch this video on Brighteon:


May 25, 2022

This video is available on Brighteon:

May 20, 2022

Alexander Hamilton and British Banking Espionage


May 10, 2022


Please view video under hyperlink above.


May 2, 2022

Short version below – Much taken out because of YouTube censorship.

To see the full version of the video presentation, go to this Brighteon link:


April 26, 2022

This video is available on Brighton here:


April 21, 2022

Available on Brighteon channel:

Alexander Hamilton and the Gay Trio of the American Revolution


April 16, 2022

Lies, Propaganda, Snakes, and Shills (This is a backup version on Brighteon)


March 25, 2022

View video discussion on Brighteon here: The Masked Man Behind Ketanji Brown Jackson.


Trump v Clinton


March 18, 2022

Is this the apocalypse?


March 17, 2022

Rothschild Hegemony Part 1 (Video is inside Brighteon link.)


Rothschild Hegemony Part 2 (Video is inside Brighteon link.)


March 16, 2022

The globalists sin for a reason. Learn the stunning reason why in this conversation. (Inside link is video on Brighteon)


TruNews Can’t Handle the Truth (Inside link is video on Brighteon)


March 14, 2022

The Ultimate Conqueror of Humanity


What is Cosmic Intelligence? Pt. 10 – John Barnwell & Douglas Gabriel


March 1, 2022

Nature of Conscience


February 28, 2022

Ukraine and WEF Update: Reset or Reject


February 24, 2022

Rothschilds + Schwabs = ROTHSWABIANISM (Brighteon video inside this link.)


Inside the headline link is the video that Michael McKibben recorded with David Morgan and the video uploaded by Bix Weir where he makes remarks about Michael: Betsy and Thomas Discuss Ukraine, Trudeau, and Bix Weir


February 17, 2022

TRUTH BOMB: Khazarians, Jews, and Rothschild Revelations


Is Prince William the son of a PRINCE or a KING?


February 14, 2022

Cosmogenesis Akasha


February 10, 2022

The Bond between Earth and the Celestial Hierarchies


February 2, 2022

Philosophy of Spiritual Activity is Freedom and Love


February 1, 2022

Pilgrims lose position on global chessboard (Video link goes to Brighteon video.)


January 27, 2022

Unmasking Israel-Abraham Burla – Global Exterminator


January 25, 2022

The Nature of the ‘I Am’


January 18, 2022

Congress Killed America with the Cures Act


January 17, 2022

Virus is a Theory, not Reality


January 13, 2022

Ectropy and the Source of Life

January 12, 2022

Project Veritas Latest Propaganda (show notes inside link)


January 5, 2022

Enlightenment Basics from the Akasha


Mammon and the Pilgrims – Enemies of Humanity

View on Brighteon.


January 4, 2022

The entire American Intelligence Media YT channel has been removed and with it over 700 audios/videos. The YT audio-video links in our archives and on our blog pages will not be accessible. To access any of the titles, posted just above the censored video, go to and search for the title that you wish to listen to.


January 3, 2022

Stalemate for the Pilgrims


Western Civilization Falls


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