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We the People Make Official Charges of 28 Counts of Treason

With this internet posting, We the People are officially charging these traitors with crimes and we demand that military tribunals be set up immediately to begin prosecution and trials.

After you read this, please make your official charge to the authorities for those listed in this citizen intelligence report. Make sure to send a copy to the Department of Justice and the White House. Please forward this link through your social media networks to wake up other patriots.

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Internet of Things: Fascism by Another Name. Powered by 5G

We are immersed in a microwave ocean of electromagnetic frequencies, drowning in negative health effects that the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services and its counterparts worldwide are totally oblivious to or which are complicit with evil in creating a high-tech system that will enslave humanity in a lock down of planet earth, all the while making us sicker and more controlled.

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The Obama Alien Invasion: Full Disclosure

While you were being distracted with legend and lore of alien invasions from different worlds, the real alien invasion was being conducted by Barack Obama and his unlawful alien invasion of illegal foot soldiers and voters of the Globalists (which includes many GOPers) and Democratic Party. We were under invasion by aliens for eight long years and their leader was Barack Obama.