The Grayzone Posts Chinese Propaganda

The Grayzone posted an article that is pure propaganda. We have been watching their site for awhile now. When we first saw it, there were some good articles that aligned with our own research. But over time, they have drifted into the realm of propaganda. In this audio, Betsy and Thomas give you tips for spotting sophisticated propaganda like this.

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Cat Report

Hillary is a Chinese Agent

Clinton IT Aide Who Defied Subpoena Says He Created A Cryptic Gmail Account And Sent It Nearly All Of Hillary’s Emails

Jeffrey Epstein’s gal pal Ghislaine Maxwell spotted at In-N-Out Burger in first photos since his death

Epstein’s “Madam” Found: Ghislaine Maxwell Living With Tech CEO In Multimillion Oceanfront Mansion

Google Whistleblower Propaganda

The Era of “De-Globalization” is Here

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Cat Report


Judicial Watch Finds Documents Showing Fusion GPS Working Directly With Obama’s DOJ to Frame Trump

The world governance system: PEDOCRACY

Planned Parenthood sets exit from family planning program

An Inconvenient Truth: Epstein files implicates Al Gore as a frequent flyer to Pedo Island.