Truth History

Truth History of the Modern World through Leader Technologies, Inc. v Facebook Case History

For years people around the world have asked us to write a truth history book so that they could teach their children and generations to come about the truth of our world as we watched the decline and fall of 2,000 years of corruption. Michael McKibben and Tyla and Douglas Gabriel are preparing that book now!

Inside the chapters of this online history book, you will find PDFs that are multi-media and full of documentation and evidence to support the truth of what really happened from Cecil Rhodes’ initial planning to take over the world in 200 years until today with a full-on genocide operation run by the Pilgrims Society to exterminate humanity.

While we are building the chapters of this book (adding PDF chapters daily), please make copies for yourself and organize them so that your family, local library, schools, and downline can learn the real truth of global history in this epic take-down of western civilization. Save them on a computer or a flash drive – but please save them!

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Thanks to the support of AIMCats around the world for funding this project.

This link takes you to the page where the videos can be viewed.

The Weaponization of Social Media Should Concern Us All

The 200-year Information War: The UK-U.S. Pilgrims Society controls the Press

MSM British Plot to Destroy Humanity

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown – The globalist racketeer kingpin running the Pilgrims Society inside the Queen’s Privy Council with George Soros

Spy-gate is directed by the Crown’s courtiers in the UK, not by Russia. Americans for Innovation

The Timeline of Evil Goes Viral

Uranium One Judge Tied to Mueller ‘Wet-Ware’ Surveillance Patent and Theft of Social Networking

Meet The Person Who Can Remotely Crash Planes And Can Your Mind

Main Stream Media (MSM) is one big British psyop, and has been since 1909

Rothschilds & Schwabs are German Frankist blood cousins, like Charles. Patriots for a Human Future under God.

If you are unable to access these PDFS above, we have saved them in an alternative form here: Truth History Chapters

[More chapters coming – Check back regularly.]

We are also uploading vintage videos that have historic significance in telling the story of history – real history, not Pilgrims propaganda. Eventually, these selections will be presented on a single page, but for now, the ones we have uploaded appear as such:

Evil men who rig our elections Mark Malloch-Brown George Soros

They have their own court system

What you don’t know could kill you

Internet Global Dominance Military Cyber Warfighting – Part 4

Trillion Dollar Rip Off Social Networking is Stolen Trade Secret – Part 1

Evil Tech Cartel Weaponizing Social Media – Part 2

Leader Technologies Cyberwar Solution to Unweaponize the Internet

Real Russian Meddling in the Election

Did Zuckerberg or McKibben Create Facebook? Ben-Shields-The-Right-Media-Dec-30-2017.mp4?autoplay=1