Thorium Energy Technology Can Free the World from Nuclear Poisons Today

The power point presentation (below) is provided by American Intelligence Media contributor Condor. We have placed the slides on YouTube as you see in the links below, but also offer these as individual slides so that you can enlarge and read the details.








































































Notes and answers to questions from author Condor:

  • This was only the initial, bare bones story board of an epic conflict stretching eight decades.  From the thousands of pages of research, I have gathered over the last decade, I can only pray I can do justice in bringing to light the bravery, hardship and secrets of a few remarkable individuals, who represented the best of humanity in the 20th century.  These individuals included Dr. Alvin Weinberg (a.k.a. John Galt), Congressman Jerry Voorhis (a.k.a. Kid Atlas), Robert Oppenheimer (a.k.a. Deep Throat) and Dagny Taggart (a.k.a. Ayn Rand in real life).
  •  In 1934, Ayn Rand had boasted to a Hollywood director, she was the first author ever capable of writing secret code in her novels.  By 1946, Oppenheimer had somehow learned of this boast.  In their last meeting, Oppenheimer warned Rand she better makes a second secret copy of her screenplay, Top Secret, if she wishes to preserve all her hard work.Since Rand’s screenplay was a work-for-hire property, once her boss betrayed her for a big pot of money, she would be ordered never to write about atomic energy again…nor speak of it.  Oppenheimer wanted to risk his life and hers (if she was brave enough) to find a way to warm future generations of Americans of treason and treachery surrounding them immediately after WWII.This is a side of Ayn Rand which could only be decoded…if the GALT chemical reactor was ever disclosed to the American public.
  • In 1946 there was nowhere Oppenheimer could turn, to warn the American public that while Germany had been defeated, the New World Order, with the aid of the Nazis, had captured Washington D.C.  Oppenheimer’s first meeting with Ayn Rand was to size up the brilliant Jewish woman, eleven months his junior.  Could she keep a secret and yet create a time-capsule message of warning for future generations…that is…if the GALT technology ever came to light?
  • If you are familiar with Atlas Shrugged, you might know Ayn Rand is the author of the epic novel.  One of the amazing events in my research was God’s irony concerning coincidences.  Alessia Rosenbaum (Ayn Rand) came to the United States, all the way from Russia, in early 1926 to escape Communism.  She turned 21 on the Atlantic vessel voyage.  After spending three days in New York City, she took a train to Chicago to stay with distant relatives who sponsored her visit to the U.S. for six-months. Alessia than planned to take a train to Hollywood and get off with the new identity, Ayn Rand.These same Chicago relatives had helped other Russian Jewish families enter the U.S. since the 1890s.  Many settled in this same small Chicago Neighborhood including the parents of two brilliant, American born, Jewish children, who Ayn Rand cross paths with in during her stay.  These two prodigy children were Fay (age 16) and Alvin (11) Weinberg.  Yes, this is the same Alvin Weinberg who would later become the second youngest physicist on the Manhattan Project. Alvin become known as the father of nuclear power.  He is credited with both the pressurized light-water reactor and the geothermal atmospheric liquefied thorium chemical reactor.  What a small world it is.
  • Question from a viewer: Pardon me for a second comment relating to Admiral Rickover and the use of reactors using liquid thorium. Americas 2nd nuclear submarine USS Seawolf was fitted with a S2G (“G” designates General Electric) liquid sodium cooled reactor. It was problem oriented and undependable. It was told to me the sodium had a problem becoming irradiated and became a health hazard. The pressurized water reactor was then chosen as the best design for shipboard use which pleased Admiral Rickover. Seawolf was then fitted with a PWR. I’m sure this suited as a negative experience for industry use at the time as well, and opened the door for the GE BWRs.

Answer from Condor: 

You are correct.  The very Navy Man who oversaw that project was Milton Shaw. Once Congressman Chester Holifield, gained control of Admiral Rickover, through future promotions, Holifield requested the transfer of Milton Shaw over to the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) in 1964/65, to oversee the Deep State’s agenda (i.e. the sabotage of the nuclear program).

AEC Chairman Dixy Lee Ray, disclosed in her biography (Is It True What They Say About Dixy, Chapter 7, The Nuclear Adventure Begins, page 99)  her shock and surprise when the outgoing AEC Chairman and future CIA Director, Schlesinger, in January, 1973, in a naked moment of candor, exclaimed to Commissioner Dixy Lee Ray, “It’s no big deal. They haven’t built anything for so long, they have forgotten how to…and anyway, the breeder’s not important.”

This was Schlesinger’s response when she informed him Milton Shaw was a screw-up and she intended to expel him from AES but was hearing he was so important to the very expensive and complicated Metal Cooled Breeder program.  Unfortunately, Dr. Alvin Weinberg had already been ordered to take a leave of absence (and not to return) from the GALT program.  It appears, Dixy never learned of the highly successful secret GALT program.  If she had, Dixy could have finally put the pieces of the puzzle together and report her findings to President Nixon.

If Dixy had learned of GALT she would have rightly concluded “Metal Cooled Breeder” reactor research was selected to kill Weinberg’s Geothermal Atmospheric Liquefied Thorium (GALT) chemical reactor technology.  The elites knew the Metal Cooled Breeder reactor would never come to completion, but they could not outright select the inferior Pressurized Light Water Reactor fuel by uranium openly.  The expensive (over $8 billion) Metal Cooled Breeder was developed as the Global elite’s Trojan Horse.  While everyone was ordered to pay attention to the Trojan Horse, GALT was sacked and hidden and padlocked.  Ultimately, as Doctor Weinberg had warned, the nuclear power industry imploded with an inferior bait & switch of technologies with the Three-Mile Island accident in 1979.

  • Question from a viewer:On the question of ‘Who as the puppet master?’ I can’t think of any politician who would be, or even most in the science of nuclear energy. But I would look for who or what benefited most from uranium reactors. Companies, and even connected families, usually benefit most on issues like the uranium/thorium issue as a government controlled development when there are political choices to make. There is one company that I’d begin with in search of the puppet mater, that is the one company that benefited by producing from the construction of power plants. That company is the one developing and building the most in the world. That company is responsible for more reactors scattered around the world with its Boiling Water Reactors. The company I’d begin with is General Electric (GE).Answer from Condor: The Deep State pretty much controlled all the nuclear construction companies qualified to build the pressurized light-water reactors.  Companies were typically paid cost plus fixed profit in building these power plants.  GALT power plants were far less complicated, especially since they worked at atmospheric pressure.  GALT facilities cost ten times less to build.  That means the Deep States profits would be ten times less for the same power output.  Follow the money!
  • Question from a viewer: Thank you for this information. Atlas Shrugged takes on new meaning. JFK didn’t have a chance in hell to complete his term. Everyone wanted him out….sounds like today.Answer from Condor: When I began my research over eight years ago, I lived very comfortably in the Matrix.  I had a very high opinion of some Presidents, a low opinion of other Presidents.  I did not think much about President Kennedy until my GALT research brought me to him.  What an amazing President he was.  I recommend looking a specific article up on the internet. It is titled JFK VS. The Empire. It was released on the 50th anniversary of his assassination.  There is also a 45-minute video interview on the same topic as the 19-page article.  You will learn how JFK was battling the Matrix back in the late 50’s and early 60s!   President Nixon was part of the Deep State between 1946-1972.  After the China trip, he got angry and frustrated at taking orders from a 6th grade dropout (Congressman Chester Holifield).  He tried to figure out why the Deep State was so fearful about something buried inside his own Atomic Energy Commission (namely the GALT technology could end the Petroleum age and bankrupt the Deep State).  The bad guys could not assassinate another sitting President so soon.  Thus, they removed V.P. Spiro Agnew and replaced him with Gerald Ford.  They then positioned Nixon where he had no choice but to resign.

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