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Michigan’s governor is fighting a losing battle with President Trump

Betsy wants war reparations from the Queen for her QinetiQ coronavirus biowar

How to Get Your Stimulus Check as Quickly as Possible

Stimulus Package Forgivable Loan – First Come First Serve

USNS Mercy: Tour A Navy Hospital Ship In 4K HD

Once again, Trump was right and the media were wrong

Trump: No quarantine for NY-NJ-CT

Globalism gone bust: Italians burn EU flag, vow to leave EU over EU’s lousy coronavirus response

Lawmakers already planning more coronavirus stimulus after $2T package

1. Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day for 5 days
2. Azithromycin 500mg once a day for 5 days
3. Zinc sulfate 220mg once a day for 5 days

Charles M. Lieber and the Queen’s QinetiQ

Indicted Harvard carbon nanotube bio-warfare [likely constructed the Coronavirus nanotube 5G delivery system] professor Charles M. Lieber has hidden from public disclosure that his father (the son of a Romanian Jewish émigré candy manufacturer Leo Lieber), Robert I. Lieber, was a satellite tracking and radar spy for RCA’s (Sir Geoffrey Pattie, Privy Council, NBC, BBC, Sarnoff) AEGIS satellite system now managed by Lockheed Martin, SERCO, QinetiQ and the British Privy Council.

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Cat Report


The economic reset has begun

Coronavirus $2 trillion stimulus package good first step for small business

Trump Authorizes Defense Secretary Mark Esper to Order National Guard and Reservists to Active Duty

US Chamber of Commerce wants to keep America dependent on China

A look inside the Javits Center’s new 1000 bed coronavirus hospital

Welsh town uses drones to urge people to stay home

Michigan Man Credits President Trump for Surviving Coronavirus, Says Gov. Whitmer ‘Sentencing People to Death’

Invoke P

President Trump Triggers Defense Production Act, Requiring GM to Make Ventilators – Watch, Democrats Will Now Reverse Position

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Discusses Timing for Coronavirus Support Funds For Workers and Business

Leaked Draft Letter Reveals Michigan Hospital’s Policy to Ration Ventilators for Coronavirus Patients

When, Exactly, Was The Moment When The Financial World Broke With Reality?

Update on Rush Limbaugh’s cancer treatment and his take on where we are as a country

The NIH had 13 years to prepare for coronavirus but still didn’t

The Men Who Can End Humankind

The Men Who Can End Humankind

Former UK Prime Minister Calls For Global Government to Fight Coronavirus

Are you a Dweller on the Threshold?

Google Tries to Get the Supreme Court to Pretend to be Congress and Write Them Fake ‘Law’

MI Governor is George Soros operative out to destroy Michigan

State of Texas and Senator Bryan Hughes Secure a Donation of Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate from Amneal Pharmaceuticals for Texas Patients

Forecast of British coronavirus deaths revised downward

Mnuchin: Americans Should Expect to Have Coronavirus Stimulus Checks ‘Within Three Weeks’

Los Angeles to shut off water, power of nonessential businesses that refuse to close amid coronavirus

Hydroxychloroquine works – I’m living proof

People Are Roasting Celebrities For Complaining About The Quarantine While Living In Huge Mansions

Feds panic: Don’t Take Your Money Out!


Hyperinflation Is Now The Most Probable Scenario

Food-Security Fears Spark Panic-Hoarding, Could Drive Inflation Sky-High

The Shift is happening

883 Pages of Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act Released

Coronavirus Fraud Shows Stupidity of Xi Jinping

Citizens Demand Coronavirus REPARATIONS from China

China Uses Coronavirus Crisis to Bulldoze Churches and Temples

Andrea Mitchell Fears ‘Skyrocketing’ Approval for Trump Amid Pandemic


Cabin Fever Special for AIM Cats

Trump Overall Approval Surges, Coronavirus Approval 60%, Resistance Media Angry, America Rallies to the Optimistic Standard

Dr. Fauci Wants America to Become a Police State Like China in Order to Stop Coronavirus

Coronavirus – Lockdown Britain – David Icke Talks To Jeff Rense

Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus and flees to Balmoral for safety

Here’s What A Lockdown Of India’s 1.3 Billion People Looks Like

Negative rates come to the US: 1-month and 3-month Treasury bill yields are now below zero

In Spain You Can’t Use Your Own Back Yard. Police Make Sure of It.

Fredo Gets Schooled by His Brother Live on Air

Donald Trump on Reopening Economy: ‘I’d Love to Have it Open by Easter’

Resurrection Power

Pelosi Suffers Massive Political Hit – Abandons House Scheme – Announces Acceptance of Senate Bill

‘Helicopter Money’: This Is The True Geopolitical Game-Changer

“The Gold Market Is Breaking Down”: Gold Spreads Explode As LBMA Warns Of Liquidity Problems

WSJ: Jeff Bezos Sold $3.4 Billion in Amazon Stock as Coronavirus Hit USA

What Coronavirus Looks Like Under the Microscope is SHOCKING!

Trump: I’m a wartime president

The Rebirth of Our Nation and the End of Globalism

The Road to Lockdown: How Britain Went From Coronavirus Light-Touch to National House-Arrest

India’s prime minister decrees 21-day lockdown to curb virus

Germany Bans Public Gatherings of More Than TWO People

Trump: I Will Listen to Doctors but Make My Own Decisions About the Economy

Tom Fitton: Deep State Uses Coronavirus as excuse to shut down FOIA & Government Transparency!

Soros Bankrolls Coronavirus Attack Ads Against Trump 

Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Celebrates Violence and Suffering Toward Political Opposition During Coronavirus Pandemic