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Cat Report

Is Bill Barr Ignoring Huge Insider Trading Scam in order to Protect the Rothschilds, the Queen, and Bill Gates?

Reuters (UK) (Rothschilds) is directing the global mockingbird media Coronavirus “news” devised to inject DNA-altering substance into every human being on earth

Moderna CMO sells shares as final vaccine trials begin, raising concerns

New York judge rules on disputed mail-in ballots to settle House race after six weeks

Why Voting By Mail Imperils Biden More Than Trump

Democrats’ ‘War Game’ for Election Includes West Coast Secession, Possible Civil War

Biden Scraps Plans to Accept Nomination in Milwaukee over Coronavirus Concerns

Pompeo Offers $10 Million Reward For Information On Foreign Election Interference…. so here are a few you can send him to collect your reward:

World Wide Election Rigging by the Queen’s Privy Council
Queen Elizabeth II and Privy Council Rig Elections Worldwide

The Windsors – Not Our Friends


Obama-Clinton-Schmidt-Zuckerberg Election Rigging Failed

Absolute Proof: Obama Rigged Elections

BLM Radicals CHASED OUT of Neighborhoods by ARMED CITIZENS as Mass BACKLASH Begins

Facebook Removes Trump Post For Violating Policies “Harmful Coronavirus Misinformation”

Vaccinate or Terminate – Mandatory Vaccination As Workplace Policy

Poll: Number of Americans who plan to get vaccinated falls to 42 percent – a new low

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Cat Report

I can’t breathe. I am BREATHLESS!

Moderna Massive Insider Trading. Will Bill Barr suppress another citizen report to protect his swamp buddies?

President Trump signs ‘Great American Outdoors Act’

Michael Flynn’s attorney: Sally Yates ‘has a lot of questions to answer’

Senate Intelligence Committee Adopts Final Russia Report, Working on Public Release

President Trump wants to stop evictions during the pandemic

Possible Biden VP Pick Karen Bass Flaming Out Over Past Comments on Castro and Scientology

Chicago-Area Leaders: Cancel U.S. History Classes

George Floyd Autopsy Report

Newly Released George Floyd Body Cam Footage Should Make Keith Ellison Nervous

Oops…we cut off your penis, yet you are still a male.

To Save America, Defund the Schools

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Moderna’s totally disqualifying RED FLAG “strategic” relationships to the Queen, Wellcome Trust, and Bill Gates

Moderna Inc is a pharmaceutical insider trading group with relationships to the Queen, Wellcome Trust, and Bill Gates.

Insiders are “Sell Sell Sell”. Insiders are not buying.

Are you the sucker holding Moderna stock as the insiders get out?

Can someone tell Bill Barr to do his friggin job and bust up these insider traders who want to exterminate humanity?!

Who are these directors and officers that are intent on exterminating humanity while pushing their vaccine snake oil?

Bancel, Stephane
Zaks ,Tal Zvi
Hoge, Stephen
Tallett, Elizabeth E
Meline, David W
Kim, Lorence H.
Flagship Ventures Fund IV, L.P.
Andres, Juan
Nader, Francois
Horning, Sandra
Slaoui, Moncef
Berenson, Stephen

Bill Gates Says Everyone Has To Get His Vaccination

George Floyd arrest recording released

Solihin Millin: Wake Up Australia COVID-19 is a Total Hoax

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Adverse Reactions In “More Than Half” Of Trial Participants

Mockingbird financial media broadcast list just leaked by whistleblower

Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA) insider trading reports (Form 4)

Trump fires Tennessee Valley Authority chair, citing hiring of foreign workers

UPenn struggles to explain $3M donation from Hong Kong shell company: report

More free homeschool curriculum materials

The Blood Business – Exposed

CDC Confirms Extremely Low COVID-19 Death Rate

Minneapolis Police, Defunded by City Council, Advise Residents to Obey Criminals

Why are blood drives for the Red Cross being hyped during COVID wars?

As Rent Moratorium Expires, Landlord-Tenant Battles Begin

With remote back-to-school, child care challenges for providers, families emerge

Victoria, Australia declares ‘state of disaster,’ locking down millions in Melbourne to fight a soaring coronavirus outbreak

Mask Fatigue Hits America: Workers Cite Headaches, Anxiety

College Students Reject Kamala Harris as Biden VP Pick

American Pilgrims Society and Georgetown Busted as instruments of British foreign policy and propaganda

Breaking News: PM Margaret Thatcher 10 Downing Street letter shows seditious use of the American Pilgrims Society and Georgetown as instruments of British foreign policy and propaganda

Need all keyboard warriors to report for duty: Operation Mrs. A. Thompson, Executive Secretary,

Anthony Weiner laptop reveals horrifying pictures of infants and children being tortured and murdered

Spygate was Directed by the Queen, not Russia

FREEDOM RISING: Large Anti-Scamdemic Protests Spring Up in Germany, UK, Netherlands

The Contenders: Joe’s selection for VP includes a wide variety of pure evil

Netflix Sneaks Transgender Ideology Into ‘Baby-Sitters Club’ Series

Evil: Bill Gates warns multiple coronavirus
vaccine doses likely to be needed and schools should stay closed for another YEAR

Change is on the Horizon – Dawn of the Golden Age


A Summer Camp Took Almost Every Precaution. The Majority of Kids Still Got COVID-19

Deport Kamala Harris to India now! No proof of United States citizenship

Data isn’t just being collected from your phone. It’s being used to score you.

Google Says New ‘Contact Tracing’ App To Launch In Coming Weeks

Crossing the Rubicon: The UK Slips into a Repressive State

Massive mail delays hit the postal service as postmaster general orders overtime ban and sorting machine shutdowns to save cash

Black Lives Matter Founder: DNC Platform Must Call for Defunding Police, Abolishing ICE

Dying Restaurants Across America Are Liquidating Their Assets In Mass!

Hundreds Of Angry Protesters Gather Outside Hamptons Billionaire Mansions To Demand Wealth Tax

Top Highlights From Ghislaine Maxwell’s Unsealed Court Records

Pilgrims Society Identified as Enemy #1 of Planet Earth. Citizen Action Plan to Expose Them!

Scam of the Millennia – the Marshall Plan

Cartoonist Ben Garrison sues the ADL for defamation, seeks over $10M in damages

Trump: Military Will Distribute Vaccine in a Very Powerful Manner

Donald Trump Suggests Delaying ‘Most Inaccurate and Fraudulent’ 2020 Election

Court Unseals Documents: Bill Clinton Alleged to Have Appeared on Epstein’s Island

Vatican Pedophilia (Bombshell information)

Dutch government will not advise public to wear masks – minister

Dr. Deborah Birx Now Recommends Wearing Goggles or Face Shield Along With Mask: “You can decorate them”

New Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Face Mask Policies Discriminate Against the Hearing-Impaired

Arizona Asks Supreme Court to Uphold Election Laws

Teachers unions may prove ‘nonessential’ to parents

What Teachers Don’t Want You to Know About Schools Reopening

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Scam of the Millennia – the Marshall Plan

Identities discovered of the current Pilgrims Society “ACELA MAFIA” shadow government interlocking relationships

The 1947 Congressional Record provides hard proof of a massive Marshall Plan conspiracy by the Anglo-American (British) Pilgrims Society and its Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) offspring

Today, the “Acela Mafia” is the U.S. insider’s name for the Pilgrims Society’s organized crime syndicate

The Acela Mafia’s massive 1947 lies and fraud to Congress (as we show below) have just been discovered and should be legal grounds to unwind it all

Newly-discovered Marshall Plan council member lists prove that in 1948, the Anglo-American (British) Pilgrims Society seized control of the Marshall Plan’s $15 billion ($165 billion today), and funded the post-war rogue C.I.A. with Marshall Plan funds via secret Swiss accounts based on the gold stolen by Nazis and Japanese deposits (they even called it the “Gold Pot”)—the criminal basis of secret Swiss bank accounts is now revealed

The Acela Mafia talks peace, freedom, anti-fascism, anti-communism, anti-racism and democracy to fool unsuspecting citizens into attacking truth-tellers whom they accuse of the very sins they are committing

The approximately 300-person Marshall Plan Committee was led by the British-American imperial Pilgrims Society and its Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) offspring

At least four members were British knights, including: William J. Donovan, chief British-American spy running the “Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during WWII, and Winthrop W. Aldrich, the Rockefeller chairman of Chase National Bank and then president of the International Chamber of Commerce (and later U.S. Ambassador to the UK), his nephew Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller later became U.S. Vice President

A current Pilgrims Society U.S. officer, John R. Drexel, IV, is a Life Governor of the Knights of Malta English Priory along with chief justice John G. Roberts, Jr. and Henry Kissinger

In 1946, the Rockefeller Foundation was simultaneously funding the Tavistock Institute in London researching mind control and brain washing for use in “fake news” media propaganda

Since as early as 1912, Congressional hounds were hot on the Pilgrims’ Carnegie, Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Rothschild “new world order” continuous wars criminality

N.M. Rothschild, Andrew Carnegie and their protégés at J.P. Morgan and Chase (Rockefeller) have been financing British attacks on America since before the War of 1812

In 1912, J.P. Morgan, at his mentor Lord Rothschild’s urging (who controlled Reuters, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, London Times, etc.) bought editorial control of all of America’s leading newspapers (e.g., New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune) to push pro-British propaganda to support war with Germany

WWI destroyed the Pilgrims’ German trade competition; at the same time, Andrew Carnegie funded U.S. libraries and education textbooks to rewrite American colonial history to be more pro-British

Simultaneously, the Pilgrims bankers created the Federal Reserve to enable the Rothschilds (Bank of England) and the Pilgrim bankers to control the American money supply—America’s Pilgrim President Woodrow Wilson facilitated this from the White House

Human devastations initiated and financed by the Anglo-American (British) Pilgrims Society: WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Northern Ireland, FARC, Cambodia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechyna, Syria, Coronavirus, etc. appear to have all been faked by the Pilgrims Society to consolidate new world order power, restrict privacy and free speech, enrich co-conspirators and kill off populations with explosives, drugs, abortion, human trafficking, vaccines, pathogens, propagandize fake threats, weather warfare, wireless radiation, etc.

The Marshall Plan organizations of labor, rights movements, churches, synagogoues, universities, educators and media were all sucked in to their tyranical, godless of orbit

. . . in the name of love, peace and freedom.

Bill Barr – Patriot or Traitor. Time will tell.

Google staffers had at least 427 meetings at the White House over course of Obama presidency – averaging more than one a week

Obama-Clinton-Schmidt-Zuckerberg Election Rigging Failed

Jim Jordan Asks Rep. Jamie Raskin Why His Wife Unmasked Michael Flynn

Now Fauci is saying we need to wear an eye shield.

Ohio bans hydroxychloroquine

Trump is blessed with truly moronic opponents

Speaker Pelosi Orders Mandatory Mask-Wearing On House Floor

First Wave New Abnormal Schooling Begins; and the 2nd Wave Cometh Soon!

UN Officials Cite Study That Finds Lockdowns, School Closures KILLING More Children Than COVID

Ellen DeGeneres’ show’s investigation could result in ‘apocalyptic ending to her TV career,’ brand expert says