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Hillary Clinton plays the TRUMP CARD to capture the White House

Hillary reads her victory speech for 2016 – today. Why?

Hildabeast can kill anyone she wants, including Joe Biden, and the FBI will never investigate and the DOJ will never prosecute.


Clif High and Catherine Austin Fitts continue to deceive you about Mr. Globalist and the BUG

British Devils list has been updated to make it 17

Fauci Family Crest Shows They Eat Humans. See for yourself!

Traitor and mass murderer: 1 Year Anniversary of Trump Demanding the FDA to give Emergency Use Authorization to the Pfizer Shot

Kamala Harris’ Jussie and Illegal Wiretapping Scandals Are Not Going Away

Hillary’s PRISON PLANET Unlocked

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Evil Patent Pools and Judge Leonard P. Stark

Biden’s nomination of Leonard P. Stark to the highest patent appeals court is marinated in fraud.

U.S. Patent Office since 2006. London attorney-bankers get exclusive pick of all American inventions to steal.

Stark is the British Pilgrims Society anglophile who was shoehorned in to the Leader v. Facebook litigation just two weeks before trial.

Stark hid the identity of his father, Walter Stark, from his Senate Judiciary Committee ethics disclosures (the public).

Attorney-bankers use “patent pool” racketeering to seize fresh inventions so that their fiat money always wins.

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Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin is a British Loyalist

Our Founding Fathers are rolling in the grave hearing that the British have taken over the state of Virginia with this well-placed crown agent.

1869 evidence of Rothschild Arkancide of his winning political opponent for MP of City of London, MP-elect, Charles Bell, and Baron Lionel de Rothschild’s replacement of the freshly dead Charles Bell—the first Jewish MP in Parliament,­ hastily announced in Bell’s obituary!

TRAITOR! New VA Governor Glenn A. Youngkin swore allegiance to the British Monarch and Ministry of Defence long ago.

Glenn Allen Youngkin is a British Trojan Horse. He has sold out America under instruction from the British Pilgrims Society.

Jonathan Richard Symonds and Glenn Youngkin conflicts of interest exposed

Youngkin – QinetiQ – “e-voting”

QintetiQ / Youngkin sold arms

QinetiQ supplies full-body scanners.

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Cat Report

Donald Trump Traitor to America

This Monster Came And Placed A Spell On The People, Wake Up

The Unholy Trinity of Queen Victoria, Lord Rothschilds and the Bank of England put humanity into slavery

Mammon, demon bankers, and the centuries-old enslavement of humanity


The Gabriels Hear the Call of the North

Our formula for Wonder Water helped us reach higher levels of frequency and vibration

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John WIlkes Booth – British Assassin for the Monarch

“Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow.” – Abraham Lincoln

Learn why and how the BRITISH assassinated Abraham Lincoln in order to preserve their fiat money paper scheme.

Yep – the BRITISH did the same with John F. Kennedy. And one wonders if they haven’t assassinated the “real” Donald Trump and all we are seeing now is a fake va666ine pusher.