Author: Our Spirit

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Behold: The Frankenstein of our Day

We are in a war with machines and it looks like we are losing. People will not put down their smart phones and computers to ask basic questions about what costs are associated with all of this “sucked-up” time and energy spent on the Internet and computers. Even if the dangers and illnesses caused by tech-addiction are screamed from every roof-top, we wonder if people will take out their ear-buds, put down their phones and listen. Perhaps we should develop an app for the smart phone that might be able to get the WARNING through the unconscious user.

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Mitt Romney: Just Another Corrupt Bush Son

We are going to remind you of that history and put into perspective the crimes that Unfit Mitt carried out with seeming impunity. Mitt’s true history cannot be told unless the criminal milieu that he worked within is described beforehand. Only when you get the picture of this crime syndicate and their incredible power and political reach, will you see where Unfit Mitt fits into the puzzle of corrupt bankers, rogue CIA, and the underbelly of politics. Mitt’s crimes have often been aligned with the big dogs on the global block — the Bush Criminal Cartel.