Rep. Adam Schiff is buried in undisclosed Clinton Foundation conflicts of interests

Rep. Adam Schiff is buried in undisclosed Clinton Foundation conflicts of interests

His involvement in matters related to Clinton have spoiled those proceedings as “the fruit of the poisonous tree” along with Mueller, Rosenstein, Berman, Rhee and Roberts.

See Mueller’s Judge [Amy B. Jackson] and Prosecutor [Jeannie S. Rhee] Take Their Orders from Hillary

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Adam B. Schiff. (May 15, 2017). 2016 Financial Disclosure Report. Office of Government Ethics.

Researchers are still processing all the primary evidence in their analysis of Rep. Adam Schiff’s financial disclosures. In summary, they discovered direct Clinton Foundation conflicts. Just on the surface, Rep. Schiff has volumes of conflicts in his various investments in Apple, Abbvie, Bank of America, Blackrock (esp. iShares), Fidelity, Franklin Investments, Nuveen (Invesco) and UBS.

Of special note is his disclosure of his daughter’s involvement with the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ). The Clinton Foundation makes mention of a UJR alliance, but that press release has been scrubbed from their site. However, that association reappears with a damning vengeance in:

Annual Report. (2009). MAKING THE DREAM REAL 2009 Annual Report. Green For All.

The following associations are correlated in this Green For All Annual Report (2009):

Union for Reform Judaism

Open Society Institute

Clinton Global Initiative

HSBC Bank USA, N. A.


Ford Foundation

Google Matching Gift Program

The Rockefeller Foundation

Virgin America and Virgin Unite

Center for American Progress

union reformed justice

Now see the Clinton Foundation company that the Schiff’s keep inside the Union for Reform Judaism:

green for allGreen for all 2green for all 3green for all 4green for all 5

(Note: W.K. Kellogg Foundation is a hidden donor in the Clinton Foundation’s 2017 Form 990 tax return.)

Donorsgreen for all 6green for all 7

It appears that this Clinton Global Initiative “Green” Initiative sucked in Schiff’s daughter to the extent that Schiff felt compelled to disclose it.