The Heart is an Organ of Perception

We want to take the AIM School of Truth to a higher level of experience for readers. Douglas spent the summer researching the heart for this time in history when we need to be forward-thinking about who we are to become as fully actualized human beings and not as slaves to the British-American Pilgrims Society.

We have shown you in the last four years of research at the American Intelligence Media that we have been enslaved on a prison planet for centuries and that our real capacity as human beings, literally our human evolution, has been suppressed through diet, education, and culture. Now, the time has come when you can walk yourself and people in your downline out of their prison cells into what humanity becomes. But to do that, you must come to know your heart….and many of you may not realize that the heart is an organ of perception.

Remember that time I told you about walking through the White House (August 2010) and using conscious clairvoyance to perceive what was happening to our country because I was so distraught that there was no resolution to 9-11 and Barack Obama was fundamentally changing America right in front of my eyes? I used a different type of perception in order to see the landscape at a higher level of understanding. I used my “heart forces” which allowed me to perceive and experience beyond the five senses and thinking, feeling and willing. I used a different capacity, but one that anyone can develop and improve upon continuously.

In our next lessons, Douglas Gabriel is going to explain how you can develop this supersensible organ of perception. He spent the summer writing about the subject and we are ready to release one chapter at a time to the American Intelligence Media and Neoanthroposophy blogs. Along the way, we will add new audios to deepen your understanding of the subject. If you have questions and comments, please add them to the boxes below. Your insight will help us develop meaningful conversations about the topic as we add new audio content to the chapters.

If you are only here for the geopolitics, we understand that you may want to drop off at this time. But if you, like us, can’t get enough of TRUTH – no matter what it is about, then join us. We can assure you that you will never see the heart in the same way again.

Dear AIM Cats, if you are reading this blog, you are the leaders that will guide humanity out of its prison into the New World Awakening. Let’s get started teaching you about becoming a free and spectacular human being.

Chapter One: The World Changes When Our Hearts Do