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Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’ W.H.O. World Order

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is not a medical doctor but ultimately leads, single-handedly, the WHO’s “commands” concerning health emergencies of international concern – epidemics and pandemics. Please bow down or kowtow to the leader of the world, Darth Tedros the Empire’s Pseudo-medical Sith Lord.

All of the fraudulent medical demands were instituted by ONE fake doctor – Fuhrer Tedros – who made the power of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Mao, Stalin, and Big-pharma’s World War III – Covid. But get ready, Teddy Boys’ new “International Health Treaty” will plug up all the holes he found during Covid in the United Nations World Health Organization’s global take-over of all nations, business, and economies.

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Expose Gab as Friend or Foe

Dear Mr. Torba,

Why haven’t you contacted Michael McKibben at Leader Technologies to have Gab legally licensed to use its social media networking technology?

If the Turkish dude Ekrem Buyukkaya didn’t tell you about the THEFT OF SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING, certainly your tech guy, Andrew Cates, who cut his teeth on IBM Eclipse Foundation social networking code stolen from Leader Technologies: Walmart, Netflix would have told you.

Why can’t we find details on your personal biography on the internet? Who were your parents and where are they from? Are you a Muslim from Turkey, a Christian from Scranton, or something else?


Shills in Alternative Media Protect the Pilgrims Society

Alex Jones, Greg Hunter, Joe Rogan, Sean at SGT, Dave at X22, Greg Reese, David Knight, Mike Adams, Stew Peters, WILEY COYOTE (Rick Wiles), SES Catherine Austin Fitts, Clif High, James O’Keefe, Owen Shroyer, and who could forget the SES movie propagandist Dinesh D’Souza.

Del BigTree, Juan CIA Savin, Charlie Ward, Simon Parks, Mel K, Sundance (Conservative Treehouse), Zero Hedge ‘Tyler Durden’, James Corbett, Abbey Martin, Aaron and Melissa (Truthstream Media), Ann VanderSHILL, Mike Cernovich, Candace Owens, and now children’s book writer Kash Patel…and on and on and on.

Pilgrims Society and Boston Brahmins Rule America. Period.

The British monarch plot to undermine the property grants claimed by the Plymouth Pilgrims

Hiding American opium trade by the Boston Brahmins

Ketanji Jackson ancestral corruption


The Masked Boston Brahmin Elitist

Boston Brahmins beneficiaries of British opium and white slave trafficking

Boston Brahmin Russell Sturgis and Baring Brothers of London

Boston Brahmin Russell Sturgis and Baring Brothers of London

Francis Barings owned a slave plantation, and directed The British East India Company through Francis, and even The Bank of England through Alexander.

Alexander Baring negotiated and financed The Louisiana Purchase. At the time Louisiana covered the whole of the middle of what is now the USA.

Barings financed the annexation of Texas from Mexico, and the purchase of Alaska from Russia. 

Barings financed the purchase by the United States Federal Government, i.e. Lincoln and the north, of Ironclads, which were the new military ships of their day, as well as arms!

Benjamin Moran, at the American Legation, noted with approval a speech that Baring made in the House of Commons in May 1864: The man is a gentleman…It is mortifying to me that while he is loyal to us, the only citizen of the United States belonging to his firm, Mr Russell Sturgis, is a rebel sympathizer.’ Sturgis was indeed a considerable embarrassment to his colleagues.

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Hiding American opium trade by the Boston Brahmins

Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld has common Boston Brahmin opium/slave trafficking ancestors with Ketanji Jackson & John Kerry

Rothschild and Barings financing of American opium and black, brown and white slave trafficking

Colonial Charters, Grants and Related Documents. (1492-1778). General, CT, DE, GA, ME, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, NC, PA, RI, SC, VT, VA.

Tech venture capitalist Kleiner Perkins (Google, Walmart, Twitter, Sun, First Boston, Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, etc.), Malcolm Forbes, John Forbes Kerry, Ketanji (Gardner-Weld-Russell-Perkins-Amory-Lowell-Pickering-Peabody) Jackson all gained their wealth from the 19th century British opium trade of the Boston Brahmins