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EXPOSED: Ukrainian Atlantic Council Connection and the Russian Hacking Hoax

Patriots, listen to this amazing discussion and see why WE ARE WINNING THE WAR AGAINST THE GLOBALIST GANGSTERS! In this Citizen Intelligence Report by the American Intelligence Media patriots Thomas Paine and John Barnwell connect the dots – big time. Learn the connection between the Ukrainian Atlantic Council to the DNC, the Clintons, NATO, Evelyn Farkas, Paul Manafort, James Comey, Alexandra Chalupa, Dmitri Alperovitch and Crowdstrike, George Soros, and the globalist gangsters. The anti-Russian propaganda of NATO’s Cold War machine (Atlantic Council) used Dmitri Alperovitch’s Crowdstrike to disrupt the U. S. Presidential election and Ukrainian/ Russian relations.

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Occult Significance of the Great Truth Revelations we are now witnessing

The truth goes much deeper. If you haven’t noticed, pedophilia, human trafficking and slavery, wars for profit, blackmail and lies abound. We are fighting evil at several levels. At the most profound level, we are engaged in spiritual warfare with evil satanist global elites and their mercenaries. Today, it is even more important to know who our enemy is, which includes, but goes beyond, the Globalist versus Nationalist narrative. To see our spiritual foe, we must lift our consciousness to a higher level of awareness. Spiritual evil is working hard to defeat us in our thinking, our bloodstream, and our consciousness, as well as on the battlefield, in the financial markets, and our schools and universities.