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The history of our world since about the 1890s has been driven by this demonic slavery specter, variously called the Boer Wars, Bolshevik “Revolution [read: British betrayal],” WWI, Tavistock Institute, Wellcome Trust, Marconi Wireless, Reuters (Rothschild propaganda), Pilgrims Society, communism, FBI, MI6, MI5, GC&CS/GCHQ, League of Nations, CFR, RCA, NBC, United Nations, WII, “Five Eyes,” C.I.A., Chinese “[YMCA] Cultural Revolution,” Korean War, Cold War, Senior Executive Service (SES), Cambodia, Rwanda, Syria, Kosovo, 911, African embassy bombings, war on terror, biowarfare, Trump-Russia hoax, brainwashing, mind control, migration, propaganda, intelligence, false flags, gas lighting, BLM, Antifa, fiat banking.

W.T. Stead (with Lord Rothschild, J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt and Andrew Carnegie bankrolls) co-opted The Salvation Army (and the Y.M.C.A. & Y.W.C.A.) into his global ‘One World Order’ schema

Research is showing that the YMCA and Salvation Army combined have received more than $1 billion in U.S. federal contracts.

The Salvation Army runs its own bank and insurance company in London. Both organizations are tied to USAID which is notoriously known for being a funding source for the Senior Executive Service.

Both organizations deal heavily in human trafficking subjects, ostensibly to help….but that isn’t the way it really works.

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The Fauci Dossier

This is enough to put Fauci and Obama in jail for the rest of their lives. No fluff, just indictable evidence that is conclusive. Dr. Martin is one of the most recognized experts in biomedical patents, bioweapon proliferation and the laws that govern such illegal activities in America.

The evidence is staggering and definitive. Martin names all of the criminal characters and companies involved in the creation of the man-made, laboratory designed synthetic bioweapon that mixed SARS and corona virus variants into a deadly weapon.

Even the fake Covid vaccine is revealed as a viral vector, not a vaccine. This is the weapon that We the People need.

Rothschilds Use Mass Surveillance and Nanotech Bioweapons to Control Humanity

This is an excellent compilation of the history of the Rothschilds, using research from Americans for Innovation. The link takes you to a digital book that you can easily share with others. It shows your the historical evidence of how the Rothschilds control the world – and everything is backed by FACTS and EVIDENCE.

The Rothschild plan to take-over the world and destroy humanity is no longer conspiracy.

Judge Protects ‘Child Porn’ Husband who is U. S. Attorney for Western District of Missouri

IMPEACHMENT WORTHY: Judge Roseann A. Ketchmark ruled against a Christian college against co-ed bathrooms and dorms. Turns out, she failed to disclose her U.S. Attorney husband’s involvement in numerous child porn cases under impeached U.S. AG Eric J. Holder, Jr.

This AIRHEAD has no legal experience herself (outside her husband’s) and no scholarly work.

What is Cosmic Intelligence?

Douglas Gabriel and John Barnwell discuss TRUTH and WISDOM in a livestream

Richard Poe: Globalism Rooted in British Liberal Imperialism, Not American Empire

Genetically engineered ‘Magneto’ protein remotely controls brain and behaviour

Fatima’s Secret Prophecy Revealed

Archbishop Viganò on the Great Reset

The Great Miracle of the First Crusade

TIMELINE: Holy Lance of Antioch

History To Remember: The First Crusade

Michael Crow Serves the British Pilgrims Society

Michael Maurice Crow, president of Arizona State University—-the self-anointed King of Arizona—is a well-groomed member of the British Pilgrims Society—placed to facilitate the “Great Reset” using Arizonians as experimental guinea pigs for election rigging, viral pathogens, brainwashing, 5G and depopulation

Crow’s 32-page ASU resume is evidently fake—no human being could do all the things he claims

Evidently, Crow has been placed in his position at ASU and at the C.I.A.’s highly illegal In-Q-Tel “private” venture capital arm