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How the Underground Press Will Thwart the Media and Re-Elect Donald Trump

American Sovereignty is being obliterated by Zoom

President Donald Trump signs an executive order to promote patriotic education

Unsolicited Ballots are open to ELECTION INTERFERENCE by foreign countries

Aussie WHISTLEBLOWER INSIDER gives first-hand EVIDENCE of #Spygate origin prior to Candidate Trump running

Is Trump Playing Them or Us?

Trump on Mail-In Ballots: “Maybe You’ll Never Know The Election Result”

TikTok Reportedly Plans To Launch IPO In About A Year If Trump Approves Deal With Oracle

The Prophecies of Q: American conspiracy theories are entering a dangerous new phase.

‘Unlock Michigan’ Nears Signature Goal to Repeal Gov. Whitmer’s Emergency Powers, End Ongoing Lockdown

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Cat Report

Fox News panel cuts off Newt Gingrich for blaming violence on George Soros

Fox News reminds us of the Soros role in creating America’s riot-coddling DAs

Arrest Mark Zuckerberg for Crimes Against the State

Hillary paid Facebook to rig elections while colluding with Russian Uranium One

AG William Barr: Coronavirus Lockdowns ‘Greatest Intrusion on Civil Liberties’ Since Slavery

Pro-Communist China Group Funding Black Lives Matter-Linked Organization

Democrat Michigan Secretary of State Misprints Trump Ticket on Ballots for Troops

Betrayal by the US Chamber of Commerce

CFIUS Reportedly Approves TikTok-Oracle Deal Amid Backlash Over ByteDance Majority Ownership

Big Mike Obama’s Influence Over Netflix Led to Release of Pro-Pedo Movie ‘Cuties’

The Dawn of a New Middle East Begins

President Trump and First Lady Melania Participate in Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony

Zoom is a Surveillance Operation

Democrats Shoot Down $1.5T Pandemic Stimulus Compromise

Suddenly, Pelosi wants a Coronavirus stimulus deal

DISASTER: Kamala Harris Visits Florida Latino Restaurant – Owner Says She Was ‘Not Welcome,’ Customers Furious

Judge Sets Bail at $1 Million Each for Alleged Lancaster Rioters

Rockefeller Foundation Is A Criminal Enterprise Trying to Destroy the United States and President Trump

New Rockefeller COVID-19 Action Plan & The UN’s NWO Website As The CDC Goes Door to Door

BLM Co-Founder and Pro-Communist China Group Are Partnering Up. Here’s Why.

Facebook Plunges On Report FTC Preparing Possible Antitrust Lawsuit By Year End

Facebook Tumbles After Kim Kardashian Tweets She Is “Freezing” Her FB, Instagram Accounts, Asks 67 Million Followers To Join Her

US Trials For AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine On Hold Amid Probe Into “Serious Side Effect”

Pelosi’s Choice: Steal The Election Or Be Destroyed

Bill Gates Slams FDA, Doubts Agency Can Be Trusted With COVID-19 Vaccine

CDC defies Trump’s executive order, moves forward with critical race theory indoctrination

“Suspected Antifa starting fires”- Captain Jeff Smith of the Sheriff’s Department

Meghan Markle Plans Netflix Doc on ‘Marxist’ Black Lives Matter Founder

The Colossal FALL of Oprah Winfrey

Joe Biden Is FINISHED. Continues To SCREW UP DAILY Since He Left The Basement.

WHO gave D.A.R.P.A. the TREASONOUS authority to create the CORONAVIRUS?


The British False Flag Called Coronavirus

Is Bill Barr a Traitor?

Obama, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Rice: Liars Liars. Pants on Fire.

Blazing Sunlight – Senate Intel Committee Refuses to Give GOP Senators Documents From Russia Investigation

Trump Agrees To FOUR HOUR Biden Debate Hosted By Joe Rogan

Ex-Terrorist Bill Ayers Says Civil War Has Already Started

Mika Brzezinski: People Voting for Trump Are Voting for a ‘Dictator’

Massachusetts 4th Congressional primary fallout: Franklin town clerk resigns

Minnesota Police Group Withdraws Support for Democrats – Public Opinion of Joe Biden Marxist Movement Shifts

Whistleblower Nails Fauci, Rothschilds, Highlands Group, DARPA, DoD, Pirbright, SERCO, QinetiQ, Goldman Sachs, US Navy, US Air Force, US Army, CIA in Worldwide Bioterror

President Trump signs ‘Most Favored Nations Status’ Executive Order; Lowers Drug Prices

Roger Stone Calls For Trump To ‘Declare Martial Law’ To Seize Power If He Loses

Loser Hillary Clinton has a meltdown about the Russians stealing the 2020 election

Bush, Obama-Appointed Judges Rule Illegal Aliens Must Be Counted in Congressional Apportionment

Thorium Energy Technology Can Free the World from Nuclear Poisons Today

Federal Reserve Bank Has Bought up 1 Trillion $’s of Mortgages Since CV because Global Reset

Chinese tech firm compiles database on tens of thousands of British figures

Meghan and BLM Founders CAUGHT Casting WICKED Spells!!!

Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Reducing Penalties for Sodomy with Minors


GALT: The Best Kept Secret in the World that Could Free Humanity with Unlimited Free Energy

We are going to win Four More Years, after that we’ll negotiate for a few more

President Trump Has Not Been Able to Start His First Day of His First Term

The Event of the Appearance of Christ in the Etheric World

Pompeo’s wife assigned State Dept. work on secretary’s behalf using private email

October Surprise: Scaramucci Says Ex-officials Will Come Out Against Trump in ‘Mid-October’

How to Protect Your Children From Indoctrination

Chinese Government Combines ‘Track and Trace’ Corona System With Social Credit Score

DHS Proposes Massive Expansion Of “Biometric Modality” Collection

Mitch McConnell at Work – Trump Nominees For Afghanistan and Germany “Not Confirmable”

Trump’s triumph with UAE-Israel accord has unleashed a ‘preference cascade’ of Middle East peace developments

Do NOT Send Your Children Back To School; Schools Are Not A Safe

Multiple sources in Emergency Response have confirmed that the fires along the West Coast are caused by dozens of arsonists.

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Recorded Saying Schools Won’t Reopen Until “After the Election”

The 3 Things You MUST ADD to Your Rifle

Popular QAnon Website Shuts Down After Citigroup Employee And Webmaster Doxxed And Stalked

Mueller’s Team Members ‘Accidentally’ Wiped Phones Clean of Data

Nicholas Sandmann slams ACLU staffer for saying university shouldn’t admit him

Top aide in Durham investigation abruptly resigns

Ex-judge appointed to review Michael Flynn case says Trump’s ‘pressure’ led to DOJ reversal

Fairfax County Is Running Empty School Buses