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James Comey Exposed: Chief Election Meddler and Instigator for the Overthrow of Trump

Since we haven’t seen any traction on this story in the media or from the DOJ or FBI, the Anonymous Patriots continue to provide citizen research on James Comey so that there are no corners on the face of the earth for this traitorous criminal and his compatriots-in-crime to hide. No blue curtains in the White House or underground hide-aways will hide James Comey and friends as we continue to expose his nefarious operations designed to overthrow America and hand Her over to global interests and control.

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FULL DISCLOSURE: The Matrix Shatters into a Thousand Pieces

The Deep State plans on muzzling Steve Bannon by threatening him with disclosures that violate the security clearances he had while working in the White House. But this is not going to work. The American Intelligence Media has you covered, Steve. You won’t need to use any of the information you received that may have been classified since we have provided dozens of citizen intelligence reports that came from information available to any citizen. Just use our search bar at the top left of the page and plug in any name, place, or event that needs FULL DISCLOSURE. Our citizens intelligence reports uncovered 95% of what we need to put the criminal thugs behind bars.