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Earth Changes & the Appearance/ Disappearance of Species

Karmic events: result of a spiritual feeling of hunger

Joe Visconti and Douglas Gabriel: Mood of the Grail

Is this is when we PUREBLOODS get our glorified bodies?

Who is Pehr Gyllenhammar, and what are the Aspen-Skandia networks?

Radiation Penetrating to Airlines – Major Step in Pole Shift

Why was Nick Clegg proclaiming Charles as King? The Facebook executive’s Privy Council role explained

Will September 24, 2022 be a day you will remember for the rest of your life?

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World Going Crazy | Stress and Endurance


Global FORCE MAJEURE coming after declaration of World War III – many financial obligations, contracts and pensions will be vacated

United States Department of Agriculture wants you to self-report your garden, homestead, and growing activities

Homeschooling and using Aim4Truth in my Curriculum

Electricity and Human Consciousness

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New SEC fiddle for GE on a faked Facebook $100m claim

Is September 24 a DROP DEAD date?

Ukraine’s 2nd Largest City Plunged Into Total Darkness As Russia Strikes Key Infrastructure

Magnesium, Epsom Salts, and Shilagit

The Asuras, Third Force, and Incarnation of Ahriman

WORLD GOING CRAZY | The Unseen Factor

Cyclical Disaster | What’s Coming Next

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Surviving the Apocalypse: How to Create an Ark for the Future

The Asuras, Third Force, and Incarnation of Ahriman

What the Media Won’t Tell You About KING CHARLES III

Magnesium, Epsom Salts, and Shilagit

The Dark Ugly Past of the Climate Crisis King

Jesus Warned Us About This – “The Days of Noah Have Come

The Great Tsunamis When The Earth Turns Over

Ahriman, Black Spider Memos, and Royal Rot

MERS, Mammon, the Red Dragon, and the Theft of Your Home

Lucifer & The FALLEN – From Darkness to LIGHT

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Michael Slays the Red Dragon

Banks Are Not Releasing Deeds to Paid Off Mortgages

Exchange Casinos Control Practically Everything You Own

New mining scam? Lithium?

‘A long winter’: Russian energy giant taunts Europe after cutting gas supply

Learn how to launder gold and silver like the pros

Historical Epochs of Mankind By Rudolf Steiner

The dawn of the sixth post-Atlantean cultural period

Diatomaceous Earth, Zombies, and an Elite Shungite

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Cat Report

The Cycle is Over: Incoming Earth Disaster!

Great red dragon, or London money power revealed in vintage book

‘Revelation of the Method’ revealed as a technique to gain consent to do harm

YouTube censors our video on ECTROPY and transhumanism. Find out why, inside.

Learn how to launder gold & silver like the pros!

Why does the human being not remember his former incarnations?

Elite Shungite + Orgone + Herkimer Crystal = Stardust Activated!

Debunking Black Goo Man Harald Kautz Villa

Graphene Oxide and the Collapse of Civilization

Reincarnation is a Reality

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London Gold and Silver Rigging Scheme Confirmed. Mammon at Work.

Our investigation into the liberal-turned-MAGA Candace Owens has shined a spotlight on her new father-in-law—Michael Stahel Farmer, Baron Farmer of Bishopsgate in the City of London (“Lord Farmer”).

Farmer helps lead the British Pilgrim Society control over the American economy.

Farmer even sacrificed his own son, George, to control their political groom—Candace Owens. (Lenin: “The best way to control the opposition is lead it ourselves.” Vladimir Lenin was trained in Bolshevism by British Pilgrims Society.)