On the Hunt for the Holy Lance of Love Journey: Councils of Nicaea

Searching for the Destiny of the SpearThis is one of several pages that contain our research notes about the Holy Lance of Love. This is part of the Glass Bead Game experience. You will not find our research in one, nice tidy place because this story is about your own awakening consciousness. You need to work through the material yourself to discover your own truth about the Mystery of Golgotha.

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Searching the Destiny of the Holy Lance of Love


First Council in Nicaea 325 AD



St. John Chrysostom (349-407)

Patriarch of Constantinople (397-407)


Pierced by lancesoldier's spear

My theory appears to be confirmed by this statement. The spear may have entered to the liturgy of preparation in response to the Arian controversy that Christ was only a man, not an inseparable person of God in Holy Trinity.

soldiers pierce side.JPG


Second Council of Nicaea


relic statement

Canon 7 commands that relics are to be placed in all churches: No church is to be consecrated without relics.

first class doctrine



other relic status.JPG