Who Holds the Spear Holds the Destiny

When there is an ‘end time,’ like the flood myth, there is always a way through it for those who are listening carefully and obeying a higher power. In this case, God tells Noah to build an ark and to others ‘flee into the mountains.’ There is always a way out for the righteous.

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Michael and the Gabriels at your service.


Listen to what this preacher had to say in December 2017 about a meteorite falling in Michigan that occurred in January 2018 and was a sign of positive things to come, especially in Ohio and Michigan.  The Prophecy.

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Pictured above is a handkerchief being laid on the tip of the Holy Lance of Love. By doing this, a second class relic has been made from a first class relic. Active participants in our world movement for peace and prosperity may receive this token of our appreciation to recognize their own journey in freeing humanity from prison planet.