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VIDEO Russian Hacking and NSA Surveillance

Betsy and Thomas of the Anonymous patriots discuss the unfolding events on Russian hacking and NSA surveillance. For articles referenced in the video, please see Naming  Neocons Traitors.

Right Wing News Interviews Anonymous Patriot

Listen to this exclusive interview by host Mike DePinto from Right Wing News as he throws Thomas Paine the hardest questions he can and finds that the Anonymous Patriot has answers to them all. If you only have time to see one of these interviews, then start with Part 2 where Thomas is unleashed!

Part 1     Part 2

Secret Brotherhoods Revealed

Secret societies and occult brotherhoods have existed since ancient Egyptian and Greece mystery centers taught moral development and the knowledge of life after death. Death mysteries have evolved since the time of human sacrifice into secret Freemasonic ritual re-enactments of the death ritual of the master mason who is brought back to life. Modern secret groups focus on death and contact with demons rather than immortality and contact with angelic hosts. The most evil secret groups plan modern wars that bring about the death of millions of innocent “sacrifices.” Satanism, pedophilia, and death rituals are as old as history but have now been turned into the most insidious forms of evil that have ever been seen before.

Second American Revolution and the Alt Media

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