Sandy Hook: Do You Still Believe the Government Narrative?

If you are just now waking up from the government sponsored brain washing and propaganda that has been pushed on you through the Main Stream Media all of these years, you may wonder what really happened at Sandy Hook.  We offer these excellent articles to catch you up. Don’t be surprised if there are still people around you who will not believe that Sandy Hook was a hoax. Be gentle with them. The brainwashing was powerful!

Sandy Hook Hoax: Massive Government Criminal Conspiracy Exposed

Why Was the Obvious Sandy Hook Hoax Staged? 

Nobody Died at Sandy Hook 


Sandy Hook PHONY Dives Behind Car, Runs Away!


Sandy Hook and FEMA


Sandy Hook Hoax: The Book Banning Begins


Much more has been written by the investigative journalists and news aggregators at State of the Nation. To do a Google search, cut and paste this into your browser:  Sandy Hook State of the Nation.