American Intelligence Media Is a Network of Truth Seekers

American Intelligence Media AIMS for Truth

The American Intelligence Media is a grassroots citizen-activated free association of citizen journalists and investigators that promotes the disclosure of truth-based intelligence to the public. News intelligence reporters, or investigators and journalists, use public-source evidence to construct in-depth analysis of critical geopolitical machinations that undermine America, the U. S. Constitution, and a peaceful world.

Our movement emerged from the American grassroots impulse to overthrow the globalist/transnational agenda by educating our fellow citizens at a time in history when the legacy media fails to inform its citizenry of truth. We welcome truth seekers from around the world to join our efforts as an open source think tank for citizen intelligence and news. Truth has no geographical, political, or religious boundary.

AIM exposes the foreign and domestic traitors within the U. S. that are actively carrying out the globalist/transnational takeover of America through the United Nations, the Council of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Reserve System, all factions of the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, Soros-funded subversive activist organizations, the international central banking system including the International Monetary Fund, Bank of International Settlements, and the World Bank, among others.

KEY POINT: Research done by AIM patriots is transparent, substantiated, and based upon internet searchable documents and other evidence that often “follows the money” back to the original sources.

AIM analysts have not forgotten history, as the legacy media has, and our citizen-developed articles, videos, and books are a library of research that can be used to convict the culprits who have perpetrated crimes against humanity. We salute the enormous efforts of groups like 4 and 8Chan, Voat, and Reddit that have exposed the sordid details of pedophilia and human trafficking.

We encourage other citizen journalists, videographers, artists, and contributors to continue to build their research database so that when law enforcement agencies and courts are able to do their jobs again, they will have plenty of indictable material from citizen research.

Let us be very clear here. We represent a citizens’ movement. We are not supported by outside funding sources. We do not have to answer to corporate financial influence that would require us to distort, deceive, and thwart the disclosure of truth. AIM journalists and analysts seek to educate readers and viewers about the real state of the nation so that the citizens around the world can begin a path of transparency and truth as a part of a worldwide peace movement.

AIM Members Honor Truth and Wisdom

The America Intelligence Media uses a variety of techniques to seek out the most important geopolitical topics of our time.

We use intuition and wisdom to unravel the historical roots that have led us to the current state of affairs. We then do the deep research work needed to elucidate our hunches and suspicions. We do not use the spear of Odin to strike our target until we have vetted our sources and verified our information and can find the threads that have been combined to create the current picture.

Intelligence is the new form of warfare and the common person is being overwhelmed by conflicting stories that are hard to vet as well as being overpowered by the government sponsored propaganda pushed by the main stream media. New sources of legitimate news must now be created by people who are not controlled by the six major media corporations who control news and turn it into propaganda and disinformation through political spin and subversive narrative networks. Subliminal messaging accompanies most advertising and newscasts. Brainwashing and perception management have now become the norm.

It is time again for American “minutemen” to rise up and join the battle for the American mind. Global forces of dominance wish to end American and replace it with a New World Order – a Global government controlled by the United Nations and its many agencies. True American patriots are called on to engage in the war of media propaganda and to win the day through media guerrilla warfare using superior forms of intelligence gathering.

The general on the field of battle is only as good as his intelligence. It is our duty to gather that intelligence and arm our leaders with the truth that the American Intelligence Media can provide. The time is at hand. Will you answer the clarion call to duty?  The spirit of America awaits your response.





Who Are Our Members?

mother ship 2 iconMothership

The Mothership (which is the AIM4Truth website) is supported by two types of contributors:  Starships and the Rebel Alliance. We offer a free app for Apple and Android users. Download “American Intelligence Media” and you have “bridge capabilities” in navigating the alternative media landscape. You can also download an app to your PC using this link. 

Starship 64x64Starships

Starships are sites that we have been watching for over a year and feel that their content is worth a regular look from our readers. A roster of the current Starship Fleet is kept up to date on our Apple and Android apps.

Rebel Alliance 64x64Rebel Alliance

Rebel Alliance sites are places that we go to for article re-posting. We suggest that readers use discernment on an article-to-article basis as we can’t vet every article. We keep a roster of the current Rebel Alliance sites on our app.

How to Recognize an AIM Member?

The citizens of the world will not tolerate fake news any more. They survey websites, videos, and articles for truth and when these sites do not explore the deeper truths, they move on to find sources which will. The American Intelligence Media is a place to find CORE TRUTH as our Mothership partners have been posting articles and videos for many years, with a proven track record, and no topic is off limits from their piercing quest for truth.

If you ever need help in discerning fake news from the real news, please read Yellow Journalism: The Globalist Weapon of Mass Deception, an article that will give you the deep truth about the legacy media and many new alternative media sites. Keep in mind that the enemy of our nation knows that you aren’t reading their main stream propaganda anymore, so they have created devious ways to confuse you with their “new” alternative channels and sites. Never before has it become so important to know how to spot fake news.


AIM members are given permission to use the AIM seal on their website to identify their site as citizen-vetted trustworthy. Readers who are looking for truth in the media are encouraged to check AIM4Truth to verify that their news source is citizen-approved. You may also use our emblem on your own blog to show your support for the citizen network. Please hyperlink the image to this website.

How to Join AIM?  

If you are in the independent media space and have a track record of delivering truth to your constituency, we want to hear from you. Please drop us a line on our Contact Us page. There is no cost to become a member. Truth is priceless and so is your alliance with alternative media colleagues. The only membership dues we accept is your commitment to provide truth to your fellow citizens and your regular constituency.

We hope that in time we can become a non-profit group that is able to raise funds from grant and donations in order to financially support our members for the good work they are doing. But first we need to grow our movement and the American Intelligence Media!

Our Logo Is Inspired by Norse Mythology


We have chosen the image of the Norse god Odin and his wife Frigg as a symbol of the way that citizen-intelligence research is conducted by the Anonymous Patriots  and the Conclave members.

Odin, the “All Father” the god of battle-healing-poetry, sits on his throne in Asgard next to his wife Frigg, the goddess of wisdom and foresight. A most wondrous thing transpires on the throne each day as Odin and Frigg look out from their kingdom Asgard onto the kingdom of humans – Midgard – as they make wagers about the outcomes of human endeavors. This back and forth female/male dynamic creates a loving past-time for the heavenly Father and Mother of humanity. Each side has a perspective that is different than the other.

Odin has two ravens who attend his throne and fly out to the east and west each morning to listen to all that is said and watch all that is done in Midgard, returning to Asgard at twilight to whisper into Odin’s ears all the news (intelligence) they have gathered. Odin traveled to one of the roots of the Great Tree Yggdrasil and there drank from the Well of Mimir which endowed him with great wisdom. In order to see all wisdom from that time forward, he had to sacrifice his left eye and drop it into the well.

Frigg is the goddess of wisdom and also foresight. She knows the wisdom of the past and has insight into the future. Frigg travels to a different root of the World Tree to the Well of Urd (Fate), to speak with the Three Sisters of Destiny, the Norns, who weave the threads that rule the past, the present, and the future. Once Frigg drinks from the Well of Urd, she can see the wisdom of Urd’s thread of life that defines the pathway to birth, while Verdandi weaves that thread into a tapestry showing the individual lives of gods and men. Skuld’s dread scissors cut the thread, ending the life of each god or man. It is from the wisdom of the Well of Urd that Frigg refreshes her news of the world each day as she lounges on her throne under the branches of the World Tree.

Odin, with the wisdom of the Well of Mimir and his ravens, tries each day to “know more” than Frigg “knows” from her daily trips to the Well of Urd. Both Odin and Frigg sit each night and make wagers on what destiny might befall the humans below them.  Both Odin and Frigg have independent “intelligence capacities” and “intelligence networks” that come from two different directions – the Well of Mimir and the Well of Urd. When the two networks clash, the wager (bet) is on and the fate of each human becomes a game of fate.

When the two networks combine and share their information, the combined thrones of Odin and Frigg are invincible.

The Anonymous Patriots are like Odin because some of the patriots are similar to Odin in that they gave up one of their eyes and dropped it in the Well of Mimir by previously paying dues in clandestine organizations whose mission was ostensibly “knowing all things.” Some Odin-like patriots were in the NSA and other intelligence networks and are, in fact, like the two ravens of Odin gathering intelligence comprehensively to report to their master. Some were members of the Jesuits, an elite cadre of ruthlessly intelligent men who attempt to rule the world.

odinOdin, in the myth, eventually has the preserved, severed head of Mimir always beside his throne so that he can ask Mimir’s head any question and get the wisdom of Mimir immediately without going to the well. The “talking head” is of course, an image of the pope, who “knows all things” because he is infallible. But still, the analogy is funny in that a “talking head” could “know all things.” But even after drinking the water from the Well of Mimir and having the head of Mimir at his side, Odin, the poet-warlord needs his trusty ravens to travel the entire world and bring him back intelligence.

Others aspects of Odin also fill in the picture of AIM’s Anonymous Patriots who, like Odin’s eight-legged horse, can fly anywhere to gain knowledge. The ravens and the horse represent the internet used by AIM patriots to crisscross the entire world each day gathering knowledge and information that might be used to determine the fate of individuals and humanity. “Odin-type” AIM patriots utilize whatever methods of intelligence available, from personal experience to every type of digital and electronic information system available, to gain superior intelligence.

The “Frigg-type” AIM patriot, the fairer breed, uses social interaction with her three wisdom sisters to derive the direction and outcome of pending human affairs. One might call it, “intuition analysis” that taps into the heart and seeks congruency between the past, the present, and the future. Seeing the bigger picture in the tapestry gives Frigg true insight into the genesis, development, and possible outcome of each human endeavor.

Frigg drinks daily from the Well of Fate and her natural wisdom reveals the unseen causes behind outside events. Frigg-type AIM analysts follow their intuitions and hunches and find themselves in places unimaginable, but true. Knowing the real causes of outer occurrences illuminates the present and can predict the direction of destiny. No one can tell for sure about the future except Skuld, the Norn of death. But until that time, Odin and Frigg will wager on the outcomes of human actions.

When Odin and Frigg are not making a wager on human destiny, they occasionally must consider the destinies of the gods.  When the wisdom from both Odin and Frigg is combined, the two halves make a whole that is undefeatable.  Joining both the Odin and Frigg components of the intelligence equation almost always provides actionable knowledge that may turn into wisdom.

Odin has a spear that always hits its target, every time. After he hurls the spear, it returns to his hands ready for the next throw. That spear, called Gungnir, is similar to the articles and exposes that the AIM Anonymous Patriots write. Each article has been paid for with the battle-worn dues of the AIM Odin writers and balanced with wisdom of the AIM Frigg writers and is tempered by a clear understanding of history and an intuitive sense for what is right and just. When the two combine, the intellect and the heart, insight in analysis comes to birth as the child of Odin and Frigg.

Odin is principally a healer, as all great warlords were in ancient time, who used shamanism and sacred poetry to heal the nations.  He was a word-smith and father of language.  Odin went among his people disguised as an old man who visited the homes of men and women and sat around the hearth singing and reciting poetry.

Frigg was the goddess of birth and death and was seen to accompany Urd at births and Skuld at deaths.  Between birth and death went the “All Father” Odin whose great concern was the fate of humanity.

This is why our logo depicts a raven and two spears.