CIA Bullets Keep the U.S. Dollar Strong

The Anonymous Patriots finally got tired of waiting for the clowns in Washington to expose the intelligence agency that ordered the FISA warrant that sent Trump and his supporters, the media, and the intelligence communities ballistic over the last few months. As we watch one director after another file in to the House or Senate for committee testimony or others that are dodging the bullet by refusing to testify, we cynically chuckle at how hard the political elite in America are working to protect the agency and person that ordered the FISA request.

In this article, we will explain how the Exchange Stabilization Fund works behind mysterious, dark shadows of the private company called the Federal Reserve and the compromised and corrupt U.S. Department of Treasury. We will show you how this fund supports regime changes around the world for the benefit of the globalists in order to rape and pillage countries for their resources, people, and money. We will show you how the nefarious Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) is the agency that must be examined closely if you want to understand the illegal surveillance and unmasking of private citizens.

We will show you how the “real” United States of America has long been abolished by a shadow government that wields its power around the world. In the course of this article, we will also unmask one of the most corrupt women in America who before her recent retirement at the U.S. Treasury was the person most likely in all the intelligence agencies to have ordered the FISA request for a warrant to surveil Trump, his family, and other U.S. citizens.

If you are an alternative media disseminator, please fan out this information to everyone in your audience in a manner that best resonates with your readers and viewers. If you are a citizen of another country, don’t think that this doesn’t affect you. This is a global conspiracy using the sheep skin of the U.S. Treasury to hide a ravenous pack of globalist wolves who will decimate your country to feed its insatiable need for more and more cash. Get this information to politicians and intelligence officers so that you can defend your country against these evil beings. Our best weapon to defeat the enemy is truthful and accurate intelligence.

Who Ordered the Trump Surveillance FISA Request?

Once we uncover the specific U.S. intelligence agency that ordered the FISA request, the last piece to the “Trump surveillance” chain of command is complete. Many speculate that it was John Brennan’s CIA, while others are betting James Comey’s FBI was responsible. We have so many narratives going here that it looks like a hodge-podge pile-on from intelligence agencies that can’t get their acts together or who are deliberately obfuscating the truth to protect one of their own. But more apparent to the average citizen is how obvious it looks from our vantage point that Obama and his administration were using their office and position to spy on U.S. citizens.

What arguments were used specifically to convince the FISA court to grant surveillance on any of these citizens? Was it the Russian Trump Dossier, the Trump Tower server linked to Russian Banks, the Russian hacking of the DNC, and/or the Russian business ties to the Trump and his team members that was used to convince the FISA judge to grant the surveillance request?

Simply put:

  • There had to be a compelling reason to issue the FISA warrant—what was it?
  • Some intelligence agent or agency had to request the FISA court for the warrant—who was it?


Strangely, Comey has demanded publicly that the Department of Justice exonerate him of the false charge of securing the FISA request. This doesn’t sound like a plea of a guilty man. Brennan squared off with Trump and even threatened him repeatedly. Again, this is not the normal actions of a guilty party. Who, then, convinced the FISA court to issue the request and what evidence was used to substantiate the request?

Now it is our turn. The Anonymous Patriots unveil who is behind the FISA request, the surveillance, and the leaks. 

Let’s take what we know by reviewing step-by-step the chain of command for “Trump Spying,” an activity that we know included Susan Rice. (See our citizen intelligence report Susan Rice Unmasked: White House War Monger.) Any surveillance that was approved was also spread throughout all intelligence agencies. Recall that before he left office, Obama signed an executive order permitting that intelligence from one agency could be disseminated to all 17 intelligence agencies.

Someone had to order Susan Rice, the president’s Special Advisor on National Security, to conduct the coordination of the surveillance from the White House SCIF room. That could have only been Valerie Jarrett, then Chief of Staff, or Barack Obama.

If Susan Rice “unmasked” collected reports of surveillance, then James Clapper (Director of the Office of National Intelligence-coordinator of the 17 US Intelligence Agencies) would have had to have approved those actions as Clapper is Rice’s immediate intelligence supervisor. Susan Rice does not have the authority to unmask by herself.

The possible scenarios are:

  • Rice acted alone in unmasking the private citizens;
  • Rice was ordered or received approval by Clapper, her intelligence boss, to unmask the private citizens;
  • Obama ordered or approved that Rice unmask the private citizens;
  • Some other intelligence agency boss acquired the FISA warrant and unmasked the private citizens, then gave the information to Rice or her bosses Clapper and Obama.


In all cases above, James Clapper, Director of the Office of National Intelligence and coordinator of the 17 intelligence Agencies, would have been aware that the Department of Justice Attorney General Loretta Lynch (and later, acting AG Sally Yates) had received the FISA court order for the warrant. The agency in charge of surveillance was the NSA, making Admiral Michael Rogers (NSA) aware and complicit. 

Yet, we have Clapper, Comey, Rogers, and Brennan claiming that they were not complicit. Some have even stated as much under oath. We have Susan Rice refusing to testify before the Senate intelligence agency. And Obama and Jarrett are laying low.

So, we began to ask ourselves what other intelligence agency may have had the motive, opportunity, and means to secure the FISA approval and unmask the private citizens? What agency, entity, or person might Comey-Clapper-Lynch-Rice-Obama-Brennan-Rogers be trying to protect?

Which intelligence agency is most likely to surveil international financial dealings?  

What we have gleaned from testimony and news reports is that Carter Page, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, and Trump were being investigated for their business dealings with Russia.  So what. They all had business dealings with Russia and this, by itself, is NOT A CRIME. An example of a Russian business crime was Obama’s Secretary of Treasury Larry Summer’s fleecing of Russia for personal greed which lost him and Harvard University a $26 million lawsuit concerning Obama sanctioned economic crimes against Russia. Average international business transactions that involve people and businesses from Russia, or any other international country not clearly designated by the State Department as a forbidden player, is not criminal.

Discerning citizens of America see through this worn-out CIA playbook. The Trump dossier, Trump Tower server, and Russian DNC Hacking allegations were, in fact, multiple attempts at a classic CIA “October Surprise” to discredit Trump just before the election, yet so close to the elections that there is no time to prove the propaganda was false.

The FISA warrant for the individuals listed above are for their financial dealings with Russia. The field of possible U.S. intelligence agencies begins to narrow once we examine the scope of the FISA warrant.

One intelligence agency stands out from all the others in matters regarding international finance: the U. S. Treasury Department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis (OIA). Most folks are not aware that the U.S. Treasury has its own intelligence network. Below is an organizational chart of the Treasury Department with the intelligence offices noted in the red circle.


The Treasury’s website describes the OIA as:

“The mission and culture of Treasury’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis, created under the Intelligence Authorization Act of 2004, builds on this strong tradition of intelligence and national security at the Department. OIA is a key member of the United States Intelligence Community​. OIA advances national security and protects financial integrity by informing Treasury decisions with timely, relevant, and accurate intelligence and analysis.”  It supports this mission by:

  • Driving intelligence to meet the priorities of Treasury decision-makers and external customers.
  • Producing all-source assessments and other material to identify threats and vulnerabilities in licit and illicit networks that may be addressed by Treasury-led action.
  • Delivering timely, accurate, relevant intelligence to decision-makers.
  • Providing the security infrastructure necessary to safeguard the Treasury’s national security information.”


leslie ireland pixIn an interview with Erika Gudmundson in 2011, Leslie Ireland, Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis, spoke about the nature of the Treasury’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis.

“In response to 9/11, the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (OIA)  was created in 2004, as part of the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (TFI) to help Treasury use its authorities to limit the ability of terrorists to access the U.S. financial system and their funding networks that are critical to sustaining their operations. OIA is the intelligence element that is embedded in the Treasury Department – simultaneously part of the broader U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) and the Treasury Department. 

Over time, Treasury’s authorities have expanded to go beyond counterterrorism, to include countering proliferators – people who want to develop ballistic missiles or nuclear weapons, narcotics traffickers, and individuals who are involved in other aspects of illicit finance who pose a threat to the U.S. financial system. 

So, here in OIA we were created to support the work that Under Secretary Levey and TFI do – to take the information developed from intelligence sources and help apply it to the problems that TFI faces. 

But we support more than just TFI. OIA also provides intelligence support to the International Affairs at Treasury. We have an entire portfolio focusing on the economic relationships that the United States has globally. We provide daily support to Secretary Geithner and Deputy Secretary Wolin, keeping them up to speed on the important economic and national security issues that they face and are interested in. 

And very often people look at OIA and think it’s just analysis. That is the core of what we do, but there’s more. For example, our people protect classified information and office spaces, staff a 24-hour Intelligence Operations Center (IOC), maintain an online website that connects us to other intelligence agencies, and represent Treasury and OIA at other organizations in the US and overseas. We are one miniature intelligence organization with all the elements that an intelligence organization needs to run, and we bring them together for Treasury’s objectives.”

Translation: At the Treasury, we not only prosecute economic terrorism, drug tracking, and money laundering, but we do it ourselves under the auspices of the OIA. 

This information was valuable to the Anonymous Patriots in our investigation of which agency could have asked for and received the FISA warrant. Certainly, the OIA has the operational capacity and legal authority to surveil “individuals who are involved in other aspects of illicit finance who pose a threat to the U.S. financial system.”

And who lead this office at the U.S. Treasury at the time the FISA warrant was given for the business dealings that Trump associates were having with Russia?

Leslie Ireland

Assistant Secretary of the Treasury’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis 

But don’t call her up at the office. She just retired. Convenient.


EXPOSED – Obama’s Intelligence Queen

leslie ireland bw

This woman’s resume has CIA written all over it. Just examine her Linkedin page which we have posted below. She was a CIA field agent for years, rising through the ranks to become the Executive Assistant to the Director of the CIA. She held various positions in the Office of National Intelligence and was chosen to be Obama’s personal daily security briefer. She was held in high regard by James Clapper (DNI) and was appointed to be an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, though she had no formal training in economics or banking. Ireland is simply another CIA operative working to undermine America.

Lets’ look at Leslie Ireland’s resume with a discerning eye for what we have come to see in CIA operatives. And as you review this, take note that she has no formal training or relevant experience in banking and finance for a position that should surely require such:

Department of the Treasury
Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis – 2010–2016 
Presidentially appointed and Senate Confirmed leader of the Treasury’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis (OIA), one of the 17 agencies in the US Intelligence Community (IC). Principal intelligence advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury. Responsible for leading analysis of key financial vulnerabilities of foreign entities that pose threats to US national security; strengthening and expanding the infrastructure needed to protect Treasury’s national security information—e.g., Iran’s nuclear program; North Korean finance networks; Syrian human rights abuses; foreign cyber threats to the US financial sector; and foreign investment in the US.
Office of the Director of National Intelligence
National Intelligence Manager for Threat Finance – 7/2010–11/2016 
Appointed by Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper to serve as the first National Intelligence Manager for Threat Finance. Served as the principal advisor to the DNI on threat finance and oversee the intelligence process regarding the use of financial information to combat the wide range of US national security threats—e.g., terrorism, WMD, narco-trafficking, and transnational organized crime.
Office of the Director of National Intelligence
President’s Daily Intelligence Briefer – 11/2008–1/2010 
Selected by DNI J. Michael McConnell to serve as intelligence briefer to President Barack Obama. Responsible for personally briefing the President on some of the most sensitive and highly classified information and analysis of current world events and warning him of emerging threats to the US. In daily Oval Office briefings laid the intelligence foundation for Presidential decision-making by the President and his national security team. Informed the content and scope of analysis to make his briefing timely and relevant.
Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Iran Mission Manager – 10/2005–11/2008 
Appointed by DNI John Negroponte to serve as the first Iran Mission Manager. Principal advisor to the DNI on Iran and responsible for overseeing the intelligence process on Iran for the entire US government. Designed and implemented an integrated effort that drove intelligence collection, plus identified analytical needs and optimized IC capabilities. Created the process and flowchart of mission management organization and operations, which was adopted across the DNI enterprise.
Central Intelligence Agency
Executive Advisor to the Director of Central Intelligence – 12/2004–9/2005 
Executive Advisor to the Deputy Director/Acting Director of Central Intelligence – 1/2004 –11/2004
Central Intelligence Agency
Various – 12/1985–7/2003
Office of the Secretary of Defense
Country Director for Iran and Kuwait – 11/1997–3/1999
Georgetown University
Master’s Degree, Russian, Central European, East European and Eurasian Studies 1981 – 1983
Franklin & Marshall College
Bachelor’s degree, International Relations and Affairs, 1977 – 1981

As the above demonstrates, you don’t have to be an economist or a banker to control the most powerful economic intelligence network in the world. The pattern is quite common that former CIA indoctrinated operatives become leading bankers, financial experts, and governmental regulators. James Comey is a perfect example. (See our citizen intelligence report Detailing the Commission of Comey Crimes.) Examine any former Director of the CIA or FBI and they have typically held high positions in the international banking community, yet do not have the requisite training or experience in banking or finance.

But what they do have, whether it is James Comey or Leslie Ireland, is loyalty and obedience to the CIA.

In the larger organization chart above, we see that the most powerful economic intelligence agency in the U.S. government (OIA) is well hidden amongst seven other assistant Secretaries of the Treasury and that the OIA is technically under the office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence which has two offices below it: the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (which is described above in Ireland’s own words) and the Office of Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes.

A deep organizational “cover” kept Leslie Ireland and her OIA out of the news and running under several layers of bureaucratic protection.

What the U.S. Treasury Isn’t Telling the American People

We already reviewed the purpose of the Treasury’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis, using Ireland’s own words and their website description to detail its nature and mission. The U.S. Treasury’s website gives us information about the other offices.

Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

Terrorism and Financial Intelligence develops and implements U.S. government strategies to combat terrorist financing domestically and internationally, develops and implements the National Money Laundering Strategy as well as other policies and programs to fight financial crimes. The Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (TFI) marshals the department’s intelligence and enforcement functions with the twin aims of safeguarding the financial system against illicit use and combating rogue nations, terrorist facilitators, weapons of mass destruction (WMD) proliferators, money launderers, drug kingpins, and other national security threats.

Office of Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes

As the policy development and outreach office for TFI, the Office of Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes (TFFC) works across all elements of the national security community – including the law enforcement, regulatory, policy, diplomatic and intelligence communities – and with the private sector and foreign governments to identify and address the threats presented by all forms of illicit finance to the international financial system.

TFFC advances this mission by developing initiatives and strategies to deploy the full range of financial authorities to combat money laundering, terrorist financing, WMD proliferation, and other criminal and illicit activities both at home and abroad. These include not only systemic initiatives to enhance the transparency of the international financial system, but also threat-specific strategies and initiatives to apply and implement targeted financial measures to the full range of national security threats.

Essentially, the Secretary of the Treasury and the eight under-secretaries get their intelligence from the OIA. No crime or war happens without financing and that financing is tracked by the OIA with the full support of the NSA and the other US Intelligence agencies.  The OIA is essentially the counter-terrorism branch of U.S. economics, and this explains why it is so hidden and concealed under many layers of insulation.

ESF and black budgetBut what happens at the OIA, which was headed until most recently by Leslie Ireland, is even more devious and evil than one can imagine. The OIA provides the intelligence to the super-secret Exchange Stabilization Fund. This “Fund” is under the sole discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury and is not bound by national or international law. The ESF was created in 1934 by the Gold Reserve Act which was a U.S. governmental gold scam that created a $2 billion “fund” that has grown ever since.

The OIA informs the ESF and the ESF controls U.S. monetary policy and the actions of the U.S. Federal Reserve System.

The ESF uses the New York Federal Reserve Bank as its banker/broker and the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank as its “fake” foreign aid scam to fleece IMF member countries. The same person who “weaponized” the ESF as a CIA economic terrorist agency used the ESF scam as a model for the IMF and the World Bank. Harry Dexter White, the author of the Bretton Woods Agreement that created the international monetary system, turned the ESF into the economic “black-ops” of the Office of Strategic Services (later the CIA) to process the war gold and assets confiscated after WWII.

The OIA is the key driving force of the ESF and the OIA creates CIA money laundering, drug trafficking, and financial manipulation of all domestic and international markets.

If the CIA wants a regime change, it simply works with the OIA to produce false intelligence (economic false-flags). Presidential executive orders (policy directives) place economic sanctions on a regime. The OIA then goes in and seizes the assets of the nation’s leaders. It then steps aside and permits the CIA and George Soros funded groups demolish the economy of the targeted country.

KEY POINT: Money always follows war and the OIA’s intelligence always precedes the CIA’s attempts to overthrow targeted regimes.

The Exchange Stabilization Fund also manipulates markets in the U.S. and can order the Treasury to print paper money and give it to the private Federal Reserve company to buy back Treasury bonds, manipulate the U.S. currency, hide U.S. gold reserves, and purchase stocks on the NYSE to bolster (or break) market trends. The ESF is not only the evil source of CIA and military black-ops funding but is also the “boss of the Fed” and the most powerful player in stock, bond, derivative, currency, and commodity markets. The ESF controls world markets and has since Harry Dexter White weaponized the ESF and then replicated it on an international scale with the IMF and World Bank.

Exchange Stabilization Fund – CIA Market Control

The Exchange Stabilization Fund  (ESF) is an emergency reserve fund of the United States Treasury Department, normally used for foreign exchange intervention. This arrangement (as opposed to having the central bank intervene directly) allows the U.S. government to influence currency exchange rates without affecting domestic money supply. The fund holds assets worth over $150 billion, including $70 billion in special drawing rights (SDR) from the International Monetary Fund.

The U.S. Exchange Stabilization Fund was established at the Treasury Department by a provision in the Gold Reserve Act of January 31, 1934. 31 U.S.C. § 5117. It was intended as a response to Britain’s Exchange Equalization Account. The fund began operations in April 1934, financed by $2 billion of the $2.8 billion paper profit the government realized from raising the price of gold to $35 an ounce from $20.67. The act authorized the ESF to use this capital to deal in gold and foreign exchange to stabilize the exchange value of the dollar.

The ESF as originally designed was part of the executive branch not subject to legislative oversight. The Gold Reserve Act authorized the ESF to use assets needed for exchange market stabilization to deal in government securities.

In 1938–40, the director of the Division of Monetary Research, Harry Dexter White, worked on a proposal for loans to Latin America and participated in plans for an Inter-American Bank, which did not materialize. The plan for an Inter-American Bank, however, inspired White’s first draft of the subsequent plans for the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank that White prepared in 1941 at Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Henry Morgenthau’s direction at the Bretton Woods conference.

The Special Drawing Rights Act of 1968, 22 U.S.C. § 286o, likewise provided that any special drawing rights (SDRs) allocated by the International Monetary Fund or otherwise acquired by the United States are resources of the ESF. In accordance with the Act, SDRs can be “monetized” (i.e., converted into dollars) by having the Secretary of the Treasury issue Special Drawing Rights Certificates (SDRCs) to the Federal Reserve System. The dollar proceeds of such monetizations are assets of the ESF, and the SDRCs are a counterpart liability of the ESF.

A change in the law, in 1970, allows the Secretary of the Treasury, with the approval of the President, to use money in the ESF to “deal in gold, foreign exchange, and other instruments of credit and securities.” In 2008, U.S. Treasury Department announced that up to $50 billion in the ESF would temporarily be made available to guarantee deposits in certain money market funds.

At the end of this article, you will find five videos that are worth watching. An informed global citizenry can stop this evil because knowing who our enemy is, is the most important step towards vanquishing it. 

Federal Reserve Bank of New York – Banking Arm of the ESF

The complexity of the secret life of the Treasury is aided by the New York Federal Reserve Bank which acts as the executive branch or bank/broker for the OIA, ESF, and the Treasury in general. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is one of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks of the United States. The New York Federal Reserve Bank implements monetary policy, supervises and regulates financial institutions and helps maintain the nation’s payment systems even though the public is told that the Treasury and Federal Reserve accomplish these tasks, which, by the way, is not how the U.S. Constitution enumerates these powers. 

The New York Federal Reserve Bank and its president are considered first among equals. It is by far the largest (by assets), most active (by volume), and most influential of the 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks.

Since the founding of the Federal Reserve banking system, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in Manhattan’s Financial District has been the place where monetary policy in the United States is implemented, although policy is decided in Washington, D.C. by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Operating in the financial capital of the U.S., the New York Fed is responsible for conducting open market operations and the buying and selling of outstanding U.S. Treasury securities. The Trading Desk is the office at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York that manages the directives to sell or buy bonds.

The Fedwire, the Federal Reserve’s system for transferring balances between it and other banks, transfers almost $2 trillion a day in funds. The New York Fed is also responsible for carrying out exchange rate policy by buying and selling dollars at the discretion of the United States Treasury Department.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York maintains a vault that lies 80 feet below street level and 50 feet below sea level, resting on Manhattan bedrock. By 1927, the vault contained 10% of the world’s official gold reserves. Currently, it is reputedly the largest gold repository in the world and holds approximately 7,000 tonnes of gold bullion more than Fort Knox. Nearly 98% of the gold at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is owned by the central banks of foreign nations. The rest is owned by the United States and international organizations such as the IMF.

We can see that what we have been told by the media and propaganda history books about the Fed is complete nonsense and that the ESF actually controls U.S. monetary policy by giving “orders” to the Fed and its 12 Central Banks who carry out the transactions with complete impunity.

There are no “checks and balances” in the Treasury’s system that controls world markets and funds the CIA’s continuous economic terrorism both on foreign nations and US citizens. And, as most every informed citizen knows today, the Federal Reserve is nothing more than a privately-owned corporation that wreaks havoc on the economy to its owners’ financial benefit and which can be eliminated, just as it was created, by Congress with a simple act.

Leslie Ireland – A Main Player Who Has Not Testified

Under-secretary Ireland would have certainly known about the “October Surprises,” if not directly paid for them to be created and disseminated. “Trump and Russian banks,” “Trump’s Server and Russian Banks,” “Trump’s Miss Universe Deal with Russia,” “Trump associates and Russian business deals,” and the outrageous, unvetted “Trump Russian Dossier” allegations would have immediately involved Leslie Ireland and her OIA.

Ireland had the authority to request the surveillance on Trump and his associates, including the entire Trump family. And even though there were many Russian business deals, the other U.S. intelligence agencies focused on bogus “Russian DNC” hackers and their interference in the presidential election and the multiple “October Surprises.”  Trump was portrayed as a spy in one “Russian October Surprise” after the next until his famous tweet that reversed the course of the “Trump/Russian Ties,” and the endless, unfounded accusations of Trump-Putin alignment against Hillary Clinton.

There is absolutely no way that the “Obama approved” surveillance of the Trump Team and the fake “October Surprises” did not have Leslie Ireland’s approval and support. 

Her Treasury intelligence teams (OIA) would have been tasked with collecting “financial spying” data through the NSA for analysis by her office.  Therefore, when Steve Bannon discovered Susan Rice’s logs in the White House SCIF room and made sure that Representative Nunes was informed, it was only a matter of time before the source of the surveillance requests to the FISA court and the surveillance itself would come to light in a Trump administration.

Susan Rice’s fatal mistake has compromised the entire U.S. Intelligence Community. Big dogs Comey, Brennan, Clapper and Rogers are acting innocent and won’t reveal the truth of the matter, probably thinking that the U.S. public would never be able to figure out this clandestine and unconstitutional CIA-Treasury-ESF operation.

It’s Not Treason If You Win

It is our conclusion that Leslie Ireland conducted the surveillance through the NSA (Rogers) with the permission of the Department of Justice (Lynch) and the National Intelligence Agency (Clapper) and sent it to the White House SCIF room by request of Susan Rice (National Security Advisor) who had been ordered by her boss, Barack Obama, to monitor the situation and leak the information throughout the entire U.S. Intelligence Community. No doubt in the end, Obama will try to place the blame on his chief of Staff, Valerie Jarrett.

These lines of authority are simply the path that any surveillance of the Trump Team during an election would have had to go through in the U.S. intelligence community.  But as we know, Clapper and his 17 agencies did not do the dirty work of the “October Surprises.” By their own testimony and no-thanks to the propaganda media which will always pushes the agenda of the CIA and its global masters, we know that the intelligence agencies used private intelligence agencies to collect their intel: CrowdStrike-Dmitri Alporovitch, the Awan brothers, Orbis Intelligence-Christopher Steele, Fusion (a political propaganda agency), Franklin Foer and Slate Magazine, and many others.

These narratives have kept us from looking at the real culprit. The secret intelligence attack against the Trump Team was conducted by Leslie Ireland and the OIA.

Ireland was one of the most trusted intelligence sources for Obama and for years she gave Obama his daily security briefings. Essentially, most of what Obama knew came from Ireland who was the most-trusted associate of James Clapper, the infamous liar and perjurer. Obama conducted eight wars through bombing eight sovereign countries and the woman that advised him along the way was Leslie Ireland.

Each country had economic sanctions placed upon it by Leslie Ireland’s OIA and her intelligence network that operated deep within the Treasury.

The richest elite and leaders of those bombed nations had their assets seized by Leslie Ireland’s OIA. The OIA funded the CIA to destabilize the nation and eventually install a central bank in that nation that is forced to join the IMF through war-loans. This is simply an international version of the U.S. Exchange Stabilization Fund and what it does to supposedly “free-markets.”

KEY POINT: The monies for black-ops CIA regime change comes from the OIA through the ESF. 

Therefore, Leslie Ireland, after 25 years in the CIA became the most powerful CIA banker in the US and controlled Obama’s economic intelligence for six years while millions were killed for the U.S. Treasury’s benefit. If you are a non-U.S. intelligence agent or citizen reading this expose, you need to wake up and see who your enemy is, too.

Very few people have any idea about the power of the Treasury. The main stream media has propagandized the power of the private company known as the Federal Reserve to hide the secret sources of U.S. international economic terrorism.  This type of tremendous power is what gives birth to the evil that can, without impunity, control the economic lives of the world’s citizens and enslave the lives of everyone in the world. We are now waking up to the grand financial scams that Harry Dexter White dreamed up with the ESF, the IMF, and the Word Bank.

It is very interesting to note that Harry Dexter White was accused of being a Russian spy and denied it before Congress. Harry died of a heart attack (hmmmm) the next day, but the evidence is conclusive that Harry was one of the biggest Russian spies in U.S. history.  Also, interesting to note is that Russia didn’t join Harry’s economic scam (IF & World Bank) because Harry told them it was a rip-off disguised as foreign aid to third world countries.

“Trump/Russia-gate” is much bigger than Watergate and Barack Obama needs to be indicted, arrested, and stand trial for misuse of his office.  When all the dominoes fall, the following people will be found to be guilty of crimes or complicit in the cover-up:

Illegal surveillance and misuse of power of office

President Barack Obama

Valarie Jarrett (Chief of Staff)

Susan Rice (National Security Advisor)

James Clapper (DNI)

Loretta Lynch – Sally Yates (DoJ)

Leslie Ireland (OIA)

Michael Rogers (NSA) 

Conspiracy to cover-up the illegal surveillance

James Comey (FBI)

John Brennan (CIA)

Jack Lew (Secretary of the Treasury)

Watch, wait, and see

Steven Mnuchin (Current Secretary of the Treasury)

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