Occult Significance of the Great Truth Revelations we are now witnessing

For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all. Luke 8:17

The day has come where citizens around the world demand that their governments be truthful and transparent. To that end, the American Intelligence Media offers readers and viewers Truth News Headlines that capture the day’s trending news and provides top headlines of what we see as relevant and truthful in the re-establishment of the American government in its original form, aligning ourselves again with the U. S. Constitution, in the purest possible way. Some have called this movement the Second American Revolution.

Citizen Intelligence Reports

At a deeper level, the American Intelligence Media brings you intelligence reports that you can use to educate yourself and share with others in pursuit of truth and justice, whether it is sharing the information through your social media network or printing a copy of a report and mailing it to your elected official with a demand that criminals be prosecuted. We call these citizens intelligence reports (CIRS) and many have found that they offer more “intelligence” than our 17 U.S. intelligence agencies.

CIRS are permanently located on our home page and are easily found using the search bar – just type in the topic, place, event or person that you want to know the truth about, or browse the front page and see all of the incredible CIRS we have prepared for you. History books, like the legacy media’s newspapers, magazines, and digital and televised platforms, are nothing but propaganda tools that the global elite have weaponized to keep humanity in the dark about the ugly, dark secrets they keep in order to maintain their dominion over the earth.

A Spiritual War is Raging

The truth, however, goes much deeper. If you haven’t noticed, pedophilia, human trafficking and slavery, wars for profit, blackmail and lies abound. We are fighting evil at several levels. At the most profound level, we are engaged in spiritual warfare with evil satanist global elites and their mercenaries. Today, it is even more important to know who our enemy is, which includes, but goes beyond, the Globalist versus Nationalist narrative. To see our spiritual foe, we must lift our consciousness to a higher level of awareness. Spiritual evil is working hard to defeat us in our thinking, our bloodstream, and our consciousness, as well as on the battlefield, in the financial markets, and our schools and universities.

Thank goodness we have alternative media outlets that have been exposing readers and viewers more and more to esoteric and spiritual truths of how other intra- and extra-dimensional beings keep us imprisoned from knowing truth. Today’s post is about how evil bombards us at higher levels with the goal of destroying all that is human, good, and natural.

We offer you some solutions and explanations that you may find intriguing and enlightening.

Mind Control Technologies and Patents


dark sigilsThe chart to the left illustrates sigils that are used in the patented technology (from the article above). Sigils are also explained in the video above.

Demonic sigils use the principles of vibration and resonance to create dissonance in your higher bodies (astral, etheric) which can create spiritual, physical, and emotional disturbances in your life field.

Long before we started posting geopolitical articles, we developed the Qube and our own sigil as a way to antidote the technology that is being used against us in higher dimensions.



QubeThe Qube creates a world-wide resonance that can shield you, your loved ones, and your environment from demonic sigils and electromagnetic frequency bombardment.

How does the Qube work? 

Our sigils are in tune with the Qube and can be downloaded for free and used anywhere you want to transmute detrimental energies into beneficial energies.



People all over the world use these sigils in a variety of ways. You are welcomed to use them anywhere your imagination takes you.


How to use sigils

Download sigils for free



Task of Evil is to Promote the Ascent of Man


Midichlorians and the Force Revealed



Blue door openingThe Invisible College Lessons

Secrets of the Invisible College

Penetrating Higher Levels of the Invisible College

Discovering the Spiritual World 

The video below shows us what the world has become, and points us in the direction of revelation and truth.