Analyzing the Mandalay Massacre False Flag

The Anonymous Patriots of the American Intelligence Media are educating readers about false flags and propaganda techniques so that they can recognize perception management that accompanies false flag incidents. If you haven’t read our “internet classic” False Flags are Legal Propaganda, by all means, please do so.

Now, we are going to apply the techniques outlined in this article above to examine whether the Mandalay Massacre is a false flag event. Keep in mind that a false flag event does not mean that people are not injured or murdered during its execution. We are not saying that people weren’t injured or killed in Las Vegas. We are just using this event to show you how to use the tools of discernment to analyze any and all news reports.

To determine if a news report is true, first look at the photos and videos for incongruities, crisis actors, or any of the twelve signs of perception management. This is what we did in examining the San Bernardino incident and concluded that it was a false flag event:



We also did the same in analyzing the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting:

Orlando Shootings:

Another B-Grade Production by the Department
of  Defense’s Bureau of Broadcast Governors?


The first thing to do is look for tell-tale signs of a false flag:

  • fake scenes,
  • police and other emergency personnel standing around doing nothing,
  • stationary ambulances,
  • no one helping the alleged wounded,
  • tents already set up even as initial pictures are being taken,
  • FBI swooping in immediately,
  • the “lone shooter” commits suicide,
  • reports of multiple shooters,
  • eye-witness accounts conflict with MSM narrative,
  • photos are staged and have no attribution,
  • interviews are fake,
  • an active shooter drill just happened,
  • no aerial footage,
  • personal cell-phone videos conflict with MSM staged videos and photos,
  • crime scene photography released immediately,
  • crime scene contaminated,
  • family members of shooter questioned and immediately released,
  • too many “planted” weapons,
  • shooter not physically able to carry out the attack,
  • multiple locations identified as the scene of the shooter,
  • photographs of the dead are out of focus,
  • many “perfect” photos are taken by anonymous photographers,
  • none of the wounded victims interviewed,
  • no video of the dead and wounded leaving the scene or arriving at the hospital,
  • “staged” aspects of the event caught on personal phones,
  • same characters appear in the “staged” photos repeatedly,
  • no emergency medical personnel active,
  • authorities “standing around” like a drill with “dead bodies” on the ground with no blood visible, and many other indicators.

BUSTED. The Mandalay Massacre had all of those indicators. Next, we are going to show you pictures and videos that will show you all kinds of screwy things. These anomalies are not apparent the first time you look at them because they were created for shock-effect to make you believe immediately – and then look away. We ask you to “not look away” this time, but look carefully and find obvious problems like you would if you were watching a really bad Hollywood movie. Let your own eyes show you the truth that the lying, fake, propaganda, corporate media is keeping you from seeing.


To get your super sleuth juices warmed up, here are some visual discrepancies that you may have already figured out while reading headlines and articles or viewing photos and videos.

The hotel guest in the room next door to Stephen Paddock’s saw multiple shooters and saw police shoot a “security guard.”

Lights and sounds of weapon fire came from the fourth floor, not the 32 floor.

No mussel bursts were seen coming from the 32 floor though many videos captured that area during the time of the shootings.

Most witnesses on video said the “fake weapon fire” came from the stage and sounded more like firecrackers.

Though there are many videos, not one of them captured a single person being shot.

Not one person was photographed being put into an ambulance.

No helicopter aerial footage was released.

The dispatcher was told there were three or more shooters.

The police identified a shooter on the 29th floor who was completely ignored after the 32nd floor shooter was found dead.

Police took 72 minutes to arrive in the most policed town in America.

Hotel security let 23 rifles into a casino that has state-of-the-art surveillance.

The same hotel security did nothing for 72 minutes though witnesses informed the hotel which room the shooter was in.

Police waited in the stairwell for a long time even though no more shots were being fired.

The FBI took all the evidence but left one of the murder weapons for “show.”

The FBI cleared Paddock’s girlfriend with a phone conversation even though she may have had critical information on Paddock’s weaponry, state of mind, and who knows what else

According to medical professionals, Paddock was on valium, a drug which slows you down not hype you up into a killer.

Why was it reported by police that a “strobe” light was flashing from the 4th floor synchronized with the weapon fire but they never followed through on that observation?

Why would Paddock need 23 rifles for an attack?

Let’s Look at the Visual Circumstantial Evidence

Here is picture #1 where there is something covered that may be a “dead body” – at least that is what the picture suggests. People are reported to have been murdered at a concert, but it is obvious that the people LV 1pictured don’t seem to care about other victims. They will get to them after their break. Notice the two ambulances in the picture, both with their doors closed, certainly not in go-position for the 600 wounded who may need stretchers and a ride to the hospital depending on their injuries.

In this picture we have EMT just hanging around, not going anywhere and certainly not helping any injured people.

Do we really even need another picture to know that this is a fake scene, probably a drill gone “active.” Or may be just the drill that took place a few nights prior.

A drill was advertised to have happened on September 29 in that area. This could have been a picture from the drill and not from the October 1 event. Who would know?

LV2The picture above looks more like a party than an emergency scene. Are the people in the background texting on their cell phones? Looks like everyone is having a nice time. They certainly seem very calm for an area that has just had thousands of bullets rip through 600 people. Notice how the policeman in the foreground is in much sharper focus than the people just behind him. Looks like a sloppy Photoshop to us. Again, note  the “closed door” ambulance that isn’t going anywhere. And what is under the white blanket or covering? Are we supposed to think this is a body?

In the picture below, a van marked “Davis” which seems to have a logo from a Las Vegas funeral home is moving bodies into a white truck. Really? Bodies just laid around all night until a a funeral home van arrived to pick them up without any sight of a coroner, police, EMT, or other official? Why aren’t official vehicles being used? And where is  crime scene tape? Who is the person taking the picture and why are they so close to a crime scene?


In the picture below, the ambulances are nowhere near the people who need them. They are parked, like they might be if this were a picture of a drill activity. The police cars seem to be blocking the ambulance and firetruck. Notice the orange cones and tents in the picture. These are popular props used in drill activities.


Notice that the firetruck below. There is a fire hose running into the street although this was not a fire event. An ambulance is parked on top of the hose. The ambulance is blocked in and the doors closed.


“Who needs stretchers when a desk chair does just fine?” Not a medic around in this picture. The ambulance doors are closed, people look unconcerned, there appears to be a “dead body” on the pavement. No one LV6seems to care much. One guy is on his phone with his hand casually in his pocket.

Also note the Black Hat Hero – who is on the left and who will appear in more photos.


What is going on in this picture below? Notice the Black Hat Hero. They could probably use some help moving this woman, yet three men just stand around watching. Who is taking this picture and why aren’t they helping in moving the woman? The person in the doorway doesn’t’ seem too concerned. Is he having a cigarette?


In the picture below we see a stretcher just sitting there, not in use. The four police in the right frame look like they are taking a collective wiz. Nine responders are just standing around — on a Vegas evening, maybe Vegas….how would we know? The “police” and “firemed” uniforms do not indicate which jurisdiction these agents are from. What Las Vegas rescue department do the “firemed” come from?


LV9If we only had a stretcher! Notice that it is not a human body in the wheelbarrow. Also, the “already set up” tent. Note how bored the person leaning up against the tent is as the “dead body” wheels by. Also notice that the ambulance doors are closed and the vehicles are blocked in. Can you tell what jurisdiction these “emergency workers” come from? We just see generic uniforms that you could buy at a Halloween costume store

Below we can see another “bloodless dead body.” Look how casual people are walking around in the area where a person just got shot! No one seems worried about being in an open area where more shots could be fired and that they could be in danger. Notice the two men in the black hats. These are probably the location directors from the rent-a-crisis-actor company.


Below are some people “playing dead” while others stand around casually and continue to party while thousands of bullets are allegedly screaming by. Note that no one on the ground is appears to be hurt.



Now surely the picture to the left is authentic? Why are the people just milling about in the background when there is a person on the ground who was hit by a bullet in a mad man’s rage? Look around the picture. Where are the police, medics, firemen, and other authorities? Why is the man in the baseball cap so unconcerned, unworried?


The man in the wheelchair and the young woman pushing him seem to be in a hurry to get out of danger’s way. But the girl walking towards them seems to be completely unaffected by the “massacre.” Also notice that the “lit up fence area” is where most of the staged photographs were taken (see picture below). This is the area where most the people “fell down” as if shot. But look closely. You can’t see anyone with blood from bullet wounds. When the camera gets close and finally about to “prove” the massacre is real – the picture blurs like the picture below. Again, who is taking these pictures and why aren’t they helping the injured? Why would they be in a standing or elevated position to take these pictures when bullets are flying?


Our hero below seems to be covering the voluptuous blonde from raining bullets, yet the person in the background with his/her hand in the pants pocket seems pretty relaxed. LV15

Who took the picture below? Great “meme” for the massacre. But notice that others around him couldn’t care less about his “dead” beloved. The people in the background continue to party, and if you look closely, you will see the cowboy in the wheelchair, now headed to the concession stand.

Look closely. This picture was taken after the crowd had gone and the lights were turned up for these shots. Afterwards, just a few minutes later, the lights went out just as the cameras closed in to get candid pictures. You will see that happen in some of the videos that follow.


As far as the man kneeling above… We assume he has taken this position to shield himself from bullets, yet the people in the background are partying and ordering food.

LV17In the picture above, the young couple looks terrified, but if you look in the background, you will see people in line getting food. There is an older couple strolling along; two women are in a kneeling position. Notice the woman on the left in line who has her hands on her hips. Seriously, these do not look like people that are in a sniper situation.


In the photo to the left, we see two police with drawn weapons while two civilians stroll by.

Wouldn’t the police tell them to stand back?

Notice again, that the police and car do not identify the jurisdiction. Where does it show you anywhere that this a Las Vegas police car?.

We didn’t watch CSI all these years not to know how the Vegas police arrive on the crime scene! And they don’t look like the fake pictures we have seen so far..

Below we see pictured the excellent work of the FBI who not only contaminated the crime scene by immediately releasing videos and photos of the crime scene – but they also left one of the murder rifles behind after they went to the trouble to photograph it for the record. This picture is just wrong. Why would the door be open? And what jurisdiction do you see on this crime scene tape? Las Vegas? FBI?


Other visual evidence from the crime scene is so obviously fake that it is a sad attempt to convince the public that a 64 year old man carried out this crime alone and then shot himself.


Notice that one rifle is crossed over his leg, after he shot himself in the head and the gun landed five feet above his head.  (The other picture of Paddock–has a bullet through his head with a small gun lying just above him on the floor.) Hmmm? How did he shoot himself with a small gun which fell behind hi while simultaneously holding a long gun that fell on top of his leg.

The shells on the floor are nowhere near the windows he allegedly fired from. His rifles are just laid all over the room, nowhere near the windows. His ammo is not near the window. WHO TOOK THESE PICTURES?!  How convenient that these “illegal” pictures leaked immediately as proof that it was a lone wolf shooting. Like all recent U.S. false flags, the patsy is killed so that there is no need there is no need for an investigation. Case closed!

What We Can Hear as Circumstantial Evidence

Now that we have looked at the visual circumstantial evidence, we can now “listen” to what evidence exists if we wish to discern the truth of the incident. Personal phone videos tend to show the opposite of the propaganda narrative and often are taken down after they are posted. Below we have just a few of the most obvious videos that prove that the fake news narrative is a lie. We won’t be surprised if any of these videos are removed from YouTube.

The video below of the “shooting” shows people unconcerned and calling the sounds “firecrackers.” No one believes it except the few people who keep yelling “get down.” Crisis actors perhaps? Not one person is seen shot in any video we have watched. Not one person “fell to the ground” from a bullet. Many tripped in the rush to leave once people (crisis actors) started yelling that they “had to leave” and the stage lights came on and filled the area for a while. Though we have seen hours and hours of personal phone videos, not one person was seen to be shot.

This candid video below shows that no one was shot. You can hear fake gunshot sounds coming from the stage.

In the article below there is a CNN video released before the killers room could be turned into a crime scene. Notice that the guns are nowhere near the windows. One rifle is placed over his leg, shells demonstrate that the rifle wasn’t fired near the windows (shell just thrown around) and the pistol he shot himself with is nowhere near where it should be but is in the opposite direction. One rifle is neatly set up at the door, far from the windows. He fired for ten minutes, allegedly, and the police took 72 minutes to get to his room. One security guard was shot in the hallway, which makes no sense.

What happened inside the shooter’s suite at the Mandalay Bay hotel

The only “light” from the “gunshot sounds” come from the 4th floor.

Witnesses in the room next door to the shooter say there were multiple shooters and the police shot a security guard in front of them. Another “person of interest” was being chased who was wearing a security guard uniform. Also, conclusive proof that there was  “light” and “sound” coming from the 4th floor.

A video that we wanted to show you, but was removed by YouTube before we could even post this article, showed the staged “scene of death” but was not convincing. Just when the video could have shown something, the lights go out. The person speaking seems to know that the shooting is “over” and has no fear of further shooting. One minute he says there are no EMPs and the next second he says there are three. Some people are just wandering around. Again, we ask….who is filming this stuff?

The official hospital response produced no pictures of wounded and Dr. John Fildes, a trauma surgeon and UMC’s director of trauma and chair of UNLV School of Medicine surgery department, said the center “has drilled on a concert venue disaster in the past.

Las Vegas shooting: Hospital had trained for concert venue disaster

In the article below, reporters give an August news report on the Las Vegas Active Shooter Drill. Notice that it looks much like what you have already seen in this article so far – just unconcerned people just doing the job of crisis actors.

Active shooter drill tests local agencies


You Must Decide – the Power of Discernment

Now that you have seen visual and auditory circumstantial evidence, it is up to you to decide if this “Mandalay Massacre” was done to distract you from something they didn’t want you to see, or to give them a narrative to grab your guns, or to terrorize us into submission of their expanding State agendas to further impede and restrict activities and rights of American at public places.

Perhaps you are too upset and confused to understand how false flags happen. But be assured, they do happen and can become critical events that can change history. All you have to do is say “Sandy Hook”, and you will have a fight on your hands, especially those still brainwashed with the government narrative. To date, no evidence has come out of the Sandy Hook investigation to prove that anyone died at all. Not one death certificate was filed.

The Anonymous Patriots have called out other false flags before and have tried to share what we know to be their indicators. It is easy to tell big lies because most people will not believe that the government and the local authorities could be in on such a huge conspiracy. Actually, it only takes a few people to pull off a false flag because the MSM talking heads simply read their lines and don’t ask questions or do any real journalism. An active shooter drill often “goes active” and then becomes the very event that is reported upon.

We have pointed out many inconsistencies that any good journalist would follow in order to report truth. But they won’t. And we all know why. Only concerned patriots, citizen journalists, and the alternative media will look into these matters.

We could go one step further and look at the motives for the shooting and the history of the shooter. But, we will find confusion and no answers. The shooter was an obvious patsy and he will be forgotten quickly.

Don’t be surprised when the real “motivation” behind this false flag becomes apparent: A call for the United Nations Small Arms Treaty to be enforced, instead of either of the two pending bills before Congress to loosen US gun laws. The timing of this mass shooting is no accident and the true motivations of the real perpetrators may never come to light because enough patriots like you and us are now awake.


Below, we thought you might like to see pictures of real Las Vegas rescue vehicles and personnel. Notice that the jurisdiction is clearly shown on the uniforms, crime scene tape, and vehicles–something that the pictures above did not have.