Scientific Materialism Shattered with Return of Nibiru

NIBIRU-PLANET-XYou are not only being deceived about the geopolitical nature of our world, you are also being kept in the dark about the true nature of the cosmos. For example, did you read that Nibiru came streaking through our solar system in October 2017?

For the first time, astronomers are tracking a distant visitor streaking through our solar system

In the last few Truth News Headlines, we have posted videos that describe the universe in a different way than what you may have been taught in school. If you missed those videos, here they are again:

The Universe is Electric
This is how Earth really moves around the Sun


NIBIRU-PLANET-X finalIf you are ready to go beyond the material-physical description of the cosmos and delve into the mysteries of magnetic cords, paleomagnetism, the Schumann Wave, the Pleiades, anunnaki, and the tattvas and ethers, listen to Betsy and Thomas describe their own journey to the Aurora Borealis just as the Mayan Long Calendar was coming to an end in 2012.

Nibiru-Planet X Has Come and Gone 


cern-work-under-way-on-the-lhc-012After listening to the audio above, you may be interested in learning more about CERN:

Why Cern’s Big Bang Research is a Big Fraud

CERN: Biggest Science Scam in History

Thank you, Arthur, an Aim4Truth reader, who recently pointed out an amazing website to us. Thomas refers to this site in the Nibiru audio above.

The site is:


The particular video that Tomas recommends you watch from this site is Top 6 Climate Change Problems.




The Eternal Ethers: A Theory of Everything 


How Nibiru’s Return Accelerates the Schumann Wave


Ready to explore the true nature of the heart? Ready to see how the heart is connected to the cosmos? Then enjoy this presentation:

The Heart is Not a Pump