Mueller’s Pathetic Attempt to Overthrow Trump and Prepare His 2020 Successor Fails Miserably

This citizen intelligence report is prepared by the Anonymous Patriots of the American Intelligence Media and Americans for Innovation. Please check the bottom of this post from time to time as we will be posting updates to our findings.

Just when you thought Bob Mueller’s conflicts of interest, continuous illegal leaks, bogus indictments, overtly Democratic team, politicized over-reach, compromised team members, corrupt lawyers, blindness to the real election meddling, legal chicanery, entrapment of witnesses, nothing-burger results, and his own collusion with James Comey were enough to shut down his witch hunt, the Anonymous Patriots have uncovered even more of his personal cover-up and corruption that has been going on for years.

As many of us call members of Congress to “Shut It Down”, Mueller slowly limps along gathering pathetic bits of useless “evidence” while he finishes his mission to cover up any wrong-doings by Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Ohr, Zebley, Rosenstein, Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Jarret, Rice, and the other criminals who treasonously conducted a political war against Team Trump utilizing the entire US intelligence community and tax-payer money to attempt to enthrone Hillary Clinton.

For those of you who are new to our citizen intelligence blog, please see the list of intelligence reports at the bottom of this article that support the  information and claims in this report. 

The public vote is in, and Mueller’s cover-up is proclaimed an overt fraud and is completely compromised. Bob Mueller doesn’t even notice, and the FBI and DOJ demonstrate their complicit support for this Deep State political coup – what George Soros calls a “color revolution”, which is often timed around an election that is contested.

That’s right, Mueller is doing the bidding of Soros who is still wringing his hands that all his plans and billions in donations did not buy Hillary’s coronation.

What is Mueller Really Up To?

The Anonymous Patriots have uncovered information that adds pieces to the puzzle of  what we think Mueller is also hiding. We must give Mueller credit for being the best DC Fixer in history. After all, he successfully covered up any truth about 911. Mueller didn’t seem to notice Tower 7 falling into its footprint at free-fall speed, that only could have been done by a controlled demolition, even though no plane hit that tower.

So, since he apparently doesn’t think a free fall building on 911 is important, we thought we would bring these items to his immediate and direct attention so that they are not missed as he continues his charade as “special council above-reproach”.

Mueller is the enforcer of the U. S. Patriot Act, which effectively abnegated the U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Mueller was on the board of HSBC, one of the most corrupt banks in the world.

Mueller is the new U. S. corporate police chief who works for transnational interests like the well-known corrupt law firm WilmerHale, where seven of his bull-dog special council legal team also worked. We now discover that his right-hand man Aaron Zebley, currently working with Mueller on the special council, was also his former FBI Chief of Staff until he joined WilmerHale in 2014. This is the same Aaron Zebley who was private counsel to Justin Cooper, the man who actually set up and managed the secret, bathroom server inside Hillary Clinton’s residence.

But what was most shocking to us was the fact that Mueller is already working with, and has been for decades, Barack Hussein Obama’s personal pick to be president in 2020. 

obama patrick devalThis corrupt lawyer, Deval Patrick, worked with Mueller decades ago and we present the evidence to show that Mueller covered up his own legal history to hide this fact.

Mueller already knows that the Deep State old guard hold-overs, and their financiers Soros, Blavatnik, Browder, and the Silicon Valley Boy Kings have already “tapped” their next president/king.

Deval Patrick will follow in the footsteps of Obama and be a perfect cardboard cut-out who will be protected fiercely by FBI/DOJ/CIA fixers like Mueller the Don, Comey the junk-yard dog, McCabe the conniving, Rosenstein the heir apparent, Andrew Weissman the trickster, Sally Yates the traitor, Preet Bharara the wanna-be, Loretta Lynch the mob boss, Valerie Jarrett the Muslim Brotherhood handler, and the rest of the gang. And we do mean GANG.

Peter Strzok the Scapegoat

Peter Strzok was always James Comey’s planned scapegoat because he works in “FBI counter-intelligence”, which trumps the normal FBI. Comey dodged all questions about his “investigation” of Trump because of Strzok has “Top Secret/National Security” status for all that he did for Comey in meddling in the election. This security status makes a Congressional investigation difficult, making it is easy for the criminals to obfuscate what they are really doing, unless the investigators know exactly what they are looking for and ask exactly the right questions.

We put together this report so that investigators and average citizens would “ask the right questions.”

Strzok conducted many of Comey’s “October Surprises” that were supposed to take Trump out of the election altogether: Fake Dossier, Trump Tower server, DNC fake hacking accusations, the first Russian Meddling Investigation, the second counter-intelligence Russian collusion investigation, the Flynn interrogation, the Manafort accusations, the Carter Page accusations, the Michael Cohen accusations, the Hillary/Huma/Mills/Weiner interviews, Trump Jr.’s meeting with the Russian lawyer, the continuous FBI leaks, the Mueller special investigation, etc.

Strzok is the bottleneck for many of Comey’s crimes that clearly demonstrate FBI conflict of interest, corruption, collusion, and apparently, a Soros-style “regime change.”

As the Anonymous Patriots dug deeper into research on corrupt FBI players, we began to uncover a most interesting secret that Mueller may be trying to keep from We the People.

It appears that he is not only trying to de-legitimize the Trump presidency, but he is also grooming a candidate for 2020, and in trying to distance himself from his close relationship to this man, may have destroyed court records. This was easy enough for us to find, so imagine what a real team of DOJ – FBI investigators could uncover.

Surely, our 17 intelligence agencies know this information and have already given their report to the President.

Essentially, Mueller, Obama, Clinton and the gang have already named and prepared the next “Chosen One” to sit on the throne of the White House. Mueller and Comey have been part of this plan for decades. That is why they both have staked everything on this attempted coup d’état against a duly elected president.

Deval Patrick’s personal legal history and collusion with Mueller had to be hidden so that, like Obama, his history is squeaky clean and well covered-up by those who control the DC swamp with “fixers” in the FBI and DOJ. This is just another Mueller cover-up for the planned control of the DC swamp.


Unmasking the Covered-up Connection of Robert Mueller and Deval Patrick

DOJ altered Massachusetts court docket to hide Robert S. Meuller’s prior associations with Deval Patrick—Obama’s choice to challenge Trump in 2020

Now that is a secret worth hiding, Mr. Mueller, isn’t it?

  • Your agenda in the Trump-Russia “nothing burger” (CNN) has just been uncovered by your own confirmation disclosure and the subsequent spoliation of the Massachusetts District Court record in one of your only civil case at Hill & Barlow.
  • Did you delete the record? Did the judge? Did the clerk ? Exactly who are you hiding?
  • In any event, tell us about your 30-year association with Deval Patrick, Obama’s choice to replace Donald Trump.


patrick deval

On Jul. 30, 2001, Robert S. Mueller testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee in his confirmation hearing to be FBI Director. As a part of the confirmation process, candidates for senior judiciary positions like judges and heads of agencies must submit a formal statement that provides details of their work history, experience and writings. Frankly, it is one of the few times when these lawyers are the most truthful.

Mueller’s professional history is mostly as a prosecutor for various U.S. Attorneys. However, form September 1988 to April 1989 Mueller worked for a boutique Boston law firm named Hill & Barlow (PDF page 32).

Deval table 1

The only non-criminal case that Mueller disclosed was, Dupree v. Walker (PDF page 42).

Deval table 2

However, the Massachusetts District Court record on this case has been cleansed of any and all information about Mueller’s activities in the case. And, since Mueller testified under oath that he was the “lead trial counsel” on this case, the information about his fellow Hill & Barlow co-counsel(s) is also missing from the record.

A court docket is a public record that may not be censored. The clerk of court for that court, under orders from his/her judge, does at times seal records from public access for various reasons of confidentiality, but those actions must be documented nonetheless. No such clerk records are shown.

This case was a civil contract dispute that went to trial, so a normal record will include many entries regarding attorney applications to enter the case, discovery, motions, orders, trial preparation and jury instructions. None of that is in the record.

Worse, the names of the attorneys have been removed. Here is the docket regarding attorneys approved by the judge to the case. Also see here for CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 1:87-cv-03088-ADM.

Deval table 3

Still worse, when one asks to view the full Docket, here’s the result:

Deval table 4

The absence of a court record in the only civil case that Mueller disclosed in his 2001 Senate Confirmation Hearing begs the question of what is being hidden.

Hill & Barlow ceased operation as a 150-man Boston law firm in 2002. No commercial websites existed back in 1988-1989 when Mueller was a partner.

However, the website “ NNB Tracking the Entire World” carries a summary of certain prominent Hill & Barlow partners. In this table, note that Mueller and Patrick are both listed as executives.

Deval table 5
Hill & Barlow:


Robert S. Mueller, III  + Deval J. Patrick = Mega Conflict of Interest

Further investigation, reveals that Deval J. Patrick worked at Hill & Barlow at the same time that Mueller was there.

In Mar. 1994 through 1997, Deval was appointed to be United States Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. Therefore, Patrick worked with Robert Mueller, James Comey, Eric Holder and Rod Rosenstein who are prominent in the current Trump-Russia witch hunt.

Deval table 6
Graphic:        See also


In 2001, Patrick became chief counsel to Coca-Cola where mainstream media don and Clinton Foundation funder Barry Diller was a director. For more on Barry Diller see:



In 2016, Patrick was reported widely to be on Hillary Clinton’s short list as Vice President.

On Aug. 01, 2017, Politico published an article saying that Patrick, Meuller’s long-time associate, is Obama’s and Valerie Jarrett’s top choice to run against President Donald Trump in 2020.

“If you were to poll 100 notable Obama alumni, the only two people who would win that 2020 straw poll right now are [Joe] Biden and Patrick,” said one former senior White House aide.

Obama Duval coming off plane“Patrick and Obama met 20 years ago, when Patrick was in private practice. Put in touch through a Harvard Law Review connection, Obama called him for money for his state Senate run. Patrick, in a story he likes to tell, excitedly told Obama he’d write the biggest check he could. Obama started laughing. Illinois law had no limit, he told him.”

Edward-Issac Dovere. (Aug. 01, 2017). Obama’s Inner Circle Is Urging Deval Patrick to Run. Politico.

On Aug. 02, 2017, confirmed that Deval is the Deep State’s choice:

Nicole Stinson. (Aug. 02, 2017). REVEALED: This is who Obama is backing for next US President ‘to run against Donald Trump.’


Deval obama at podium


Is Mueller working to destabilize President Trump in preparation for Patrick’s 2020 run for president?

Robert Mueller has been a colleague of Deval Patrick since 1988 when they were partners at Hill & Barlow in Boston.

The court record in Dupree, et al. v. Walker, et al., 87-cv-3088-ADM (USDC, D. Massachusetts) 9/88 to 4/99—one of Mueller’s few civil cases in his short eight months at the firm is SPOILED.

Meuller’s co-counsel in Dupree v. Walker could very likely be Deval Patrick.

Patrick’s subsequent associations with Democratic Deep State operatives including Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, James P. Chandler, III, John D. Podesta, Eric H. Holder, Jr. make Mueller’s partisan dealings with the Trump investigation all but certain.

Then, when we sees that after Clinton left office, Patrick became chief counsel at Coca-Cola where MSM godfather, Clinton Foundation donor and Chelsea Clinton mentor Barry Diller was a director at the time. He also became chief counsel at ACC Capital Holdings (mortgage) that magically merged with Citigroup before the 2008 bank bailout.

Did we mention Patrick is yet another Harvard Law graduate?

Patrick’s Deep State shadow government curriculum vitae is clear.

The fact that Mueller’s only civil case at Hill & Barlow is almost certainly hiding Mueller’s close association with Patrick for almost thirty years.

In any event, Mueller must come clean on these associations. He has never said a peep about his associations with Patrick.

Federal leaders must “avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest” in their service to the American public.


Here is more intel on Patrick, Mueller, and Obama that prosecutors, alternative media investigators, and engaged citizens may find pertinent to their own research. As more information comes in, we will update this portion of our report.

Deval table 7

From the Boston Globe. Duval’s mortgages amount to $5.9 million

Candidate Says He Has What It Takes to Run

Patrick Duval home


Here’s what Deval Patrick says about the Obama advisers urging him to run for president in 2020

Deval table 8


Former Massachusetts Governor Deval L. Patrick Joins Bain Capital to Launch New Business Focused on Investments with Significant Social Impact

Patrick and RomneyFor those who are not aware, Mitt Romney, also a former governor of Massachusetts, has deep ties to Bain Capital and other questionable activities. Definitely a Deep State Swamp player.



Now for the ACORN connections

Deval Laurdine Patrick

Federal Eastern District Court of Arkansas

Deval table 9

This was not a criminal case, yet Patrick is shown here representing US Dept. of Justice representative of ACORN, his U.S. Entry was made on Jul. 29, 1993.

Deval table 10


The records in this case were removed after this entry.

Deval table 11

Well wait, he was not nominated by Clinton until Feb. 1, 1994

Deval table 12





To review full resume with source info, see Deval Laurdine Patrick Biography v 2017-12-08 


Description of at least three frauds in the Eastern District of Arkansas docket in ACORN v. Clinton.

obama acornThere is more fraud associated with Patrick. Sherlock-type investigators will want to expose these dirty secrets in order to thwart the Deep State from trying to install Patrick as president. Advanced researchers, please check this links:

Acorn Fraud and Deval Patrick Involvement


United Airlines Connection

Patrick was appointed to the board of United Airlines, then UAL Corp (Continental) on Oct. 26, 1997 and resigned sometime after they filed their annual return on March 16, 2001.

However, both 8-Ks announcing his appointment in 1997 and his resignation in 2001 are MISSING from SEC Edgar.

Also missing in Edgar is any reporting of his insider dealings in stock and options while a director, also troubling.

Isn’t it curious that he disappeared from the board in 2001 and United 93 crashed into a PA field around then.

United Airlines Flight 93

United Airlines Flight 175

Patrick United Airlines

Patrick United Airlines 2

Deval table 13

Deval table 14

Deval table 15

Deval table 16


Boston Globe clip disclosing United Airlines directorship

The Boston Global discovered that Patrick served on the Board of Directors of United Airlines, but most other bios have eliminated any reference to his association with United Airlines from 1997 through 2001. Except for his signatures on the United Annual Reports in 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000, no other documents exist that are REQUIRED to be reported about a director, notably his Insider Trading activity (Form 4), his appointment 8-K in 1997 and his resignation 8-K. The official public record has been effectively cleansed of his name and activities.

All SEC records of Deval L. Patrick’s insider trading while a director of United Airlines (UAL Corp) from Oct. 26, 1997 to sometime in 2001 have been deleted from SEC Edgar. This is securities fraud.

These are likely violations of Section 17(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the “Exchange Act”) [15 U.S.C. § 78q(a)] and Rules 17a-3, 17a-4, and 17a-5 thereunder [17 C.F.R. §§ 240. 17a-3, 240.17a-4 and 240.17a-5], and Section 204 of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (the “Advisers Act”) [15 U.S.C. § 80b-4] and Rule 204-2 thereunder [17 C.F.R. § 275.204-2].

Deval table 17

Where’s United Airlines on this list? This is evident fraud. What is Patrick hiding from the public record? Did he own United Airline stock? What happened to it? When did he sell it? Did he make a profit from the death and destruction of 9-11?

Deval table 18

Where in the world are Deval Patrick’s Form 4 insider trading reports for United Airlines? He was there. See his signatures below. That is all that is in the record. No 8-K announcing his appointment in on Oct. 26, 1997 (right after leaving the Justice Department). No 8-K announcing his resignation of the board, presumably sometime in 2001.

Our guess?

Something damning about his background disclosed on his 1997 8-K and his insider trading, most likely he sold his stock high before its price crashed after two United Airlines planes crashed on 9/11, United Flight 93 into a Pennsylvania field, and United Flight 175 into South Tower of the World Trade Center (at least that is the official narrative and one that we dispute in our 9-11 report at the American Intelligence Media).

deval table 19


crowdsource intelligenceJoin Us In Crowdsourcing Intelligence

Anonymous Patriots are wondering if Patrick owned any United Airlines stock during this time and if he profited from inside information about the events that unfolded on September 11, 2001. If you happen to have information on his stock holdings at that time, please send us your verification for posting.

We also found a directorship that he has hidden in all his resumes. A Silicon Valley company: Global Blood Therapeutics. In just two years he was able to sell $1.1 million in stock this year. What a genius. Eh?

Also, his stock and option holdings in Coke and United are also censored off of SEC Edgar.

Please leave any leads or pertinent comments in the box below or contact us through the contact page link.



Below are additional citizen intelligence reports that uncover the corruption of the Mueller-Comey-Obama-Bush-et al cabal.  If this information has your blood boiling, then get off your rocker and do something about it. Forward this report to your congressional representatives, send it out to your friends and colleagues, tweet, post, and shout it out.

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