Anatomy of the Deep State

This is a transcript of a conversation that Thomas Paine had with Harry Blazer of the Solari Report. The audio is available to Solari Report subscribers. This transcript is offered to our readers so that you can read Thomas Paine’s description of the Deep State..


Special Solari Report

The Battle for a Human Future

With Thomas Paine

March 5, 2018


Harry Blazer:    I’m Harry Blazer. Welcome to The Solari Report. Today we have a very special guest. He is special for two reasons: One, I just learned of him last night, and here we are talking today. Secondly, he seems to be an amazing treasure trove of very important information. We are quite honored to have ‘Thomas Paine’.

Obviously that is not your real name. Are you able to share your real name, or would you prefer not to?

Thomas Paine:   Oh, I could. It’s easy to find when you go to our site, You can figure out who I really am because we have multiple sites, and I am the author of numerous books. But we play a little game called the ‘Glass Bead Game’ referencing Hermann Hesse. It’s easy enough to figure out who I am.

For the radio purposes, I call myself ‘Thomas Paine’, but I’m different than Thomas Paine from ‘True Pundit’. My full name is ‘Thomas Paine in the Ass of the Globalist’. I want to make sure that people understand that one of my jobs is to make sure that the globalists do not take over America.

Blazer:   And your associate is named ‘Betsy Ross’. Tell me about her.

Paine:   I have a group of people who I work with, kind of like a collective. I call it ‘The Conclave’. Together we write Citizen Intelligence Reports. We also produce videos which are audios, and usually Betsy and I do that. I am also the voice for the conclave for the Anonymous Patriots, and Betsy runs what is called the American Intelligence Media. Her whole team runs that, and she is also a writer and does a lot of the writing and editing that is part of what she puts out twice a day, which is an aggregation of news called Truth News Headlines.

You can get it twice a day, and it can be sent to your box, or you can go to it on an app. You can get that app through the Apple store or through Google Play. It’s called the American Intelligence Media. It’s a quick way in so that you can get these updates twice a day. At the same time, we do research and we work with a lot of other groups.

We have been writers now for the last few years where we are doing geopolitical writing which has stirred up quite a bit of interest because of the amount of research that we do.

When we give you a Citizen Intelligence Report, it’s going to be indictable information. For instance, one of them is called The Commission of Comey Crimes. Before Comey was even fired, we had pointed out all of his crimes and why he should go to jail anyway.

We often do this research ahead of when it manifests out there in the world because we’re thinking ahead, we’re using logic deduction, we’re using open source materials, we’re not using insider information, but we’re using information that anyone can go and verify. That is probably why we’ve become rather well-liked in the last few years.

We are so thrilled to come on to The Solari Report because we love Catherine Austin Fitts. She is marvelous, and she is the queen of the alternative news economic understanding of the world, and we just love it. So thank you so much, Harry, for looking us up and asking myself and Betsy on. Betsy is there in the background, and she is always supporting anything that the Anonymous Patriots do. Thank you for asking about her.

Blazer:   You used a very interesting criteria ‘indictable’. I want to go back to that in a second, but I want the listeners to understand that your website is It also has the American Intelligence Media embedded in it. Your motto is ‘Citizens Addicted to Truth’.

That is a pretty strong criteria, ‘indictable’ and very few people use that as a criteria, so I am quite impressed by that. Tell me a little bit more about that criteria.

Paine:   For instance, let’s just take a Robert Mueller. Robert Mueller was the attorney for the Mellon Optima hedge fund. It takes $15 million to get into this corrupt hedge fund, and yearly the returns are 38%. Seldom are they ever lower than that.

Are you or anyone else going to question the fact that that hedge fund is illegal? No one gets 38%. No one charges $15 million to join.

The point is that if you follow Mueller’s associations with the HSBC and also James Comey, they both were there during the crimes that later they each allowed each other to get off with nothing more than a fine and nobody going to jail. They’ve been working in concert together all the way back to when Comey was in the Department of Justice and Mueller was in the FBI. When they messed around with the ability to allow certain types of evidence to be presented, they pleaded a provision in the court that if an FBI report or a note written by an FBI agent can be entered – if it’s taken by the agent – on a government laptop or a government machine, it can be entered as evidence and considered to be true simply by the fact that it was written by an FBI agent.

That is the reason why James Comey wrote so many fallacious reports from his meetings with Donald Trump, and that is the reason he wrote the fallacious exoneration of Hillary Clinton that had to be changed by Peter Strzok and by James Baker and by John Carlin. They all had their hand in rewriting Comey’s exoneration of Hillary before she was even interviewed and before any evidence was looked at. That is indictable.

The fact that we know that when Trump fired Comey he seized his laptop, which was in his office, but also found in that office the laptops of Cheryl Mills and Huma and other laptops and Blackberries that had been told to the public that they had been destroyed. That is indictable information.

We need to not forget the things that are open source that are indictable but are ignored because of the lawlessness going on during the years since the time that George Herbert Walker Bush became Vice President and the CIA basically took over the White House. You can hold me to this: Every single person in the White House since the time of George H.W. Bush has been CIA indoctrinated, and when they get out of the White House, they demonstrate it because they work for the very companies that are run by the corporation – by the CIA.

We can look at ‘Daddy Bush’ or George Herbert Walker Bush. As soon as he got out, he joined the Carlisle Group. He got no-bid contracts again and again in Iraq. That is indictable. He opened up a gold company that had no gold and then they became the number one gold producer in the world – Barrick Gold. That is indictable.

We can take the $200 million donated by Frank Giustra and Carlos Slim who donated to the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative as soon as Bill got that fake mine in Kazakhstan, Uranium One, sold to Frank Giustra he was given $200 million and half of the income from Goldcorp which Frank Giustra owns, which is the third largest gold-producing company in the world, half for the rest of his life that he owns Goldcorp. Half of the money that they make each year goes to Bill Clinton.

But we’re not even looking at that. These things are out in the news, it’s easy to find, and what we do is we drop truth bombs. We remind people. We frame the picture. We remind them of the history. We show them the indictable information. We create timelines. We show the associations. We show the illegal association. And we try not to forget. So much of America just forgets so quickly because of the mainstream media and subliminal programming and narrative control and all the different types of things that the government does to make sure that their policies and procedures are followed.

Basically it’s a form of propaganda. So we have to do what we do and teach people discernment so that they can find what is true and what is not true. In politics this is called the ‘post-truth age’. It’s called ‘falsehood politics’. These are the very terms used by the intelligence communities to refer to what politicians tell us and the way that the bipartisan system works.

You can get these in their intelligence reports. One of the main things that we do is we go back to government reports, and we bring them forward because people seem to forget.

If you want to talk about Michael Horowitz, I can give you a perfect example of what I’m talking about with him, but I would like to know where else you would like to go with your questions, Harry.

Blazer:   This was a very good introduction. One other thing: Since we don’t want to forget, Mueller was deeply embedded in the government when 9/11 happened and its cover-up needed to happen. As head of the FBI, he was instrumental in making sure that the truth didn’t get out about that. Wouldn’t you agree?

Paine:   Absolutely. He was appointed to the FBI two weeks before 9/11. He supposedly had his appendix out, and then he wasn’t in his office until a few days afterwards. But the, lo and behold, the US Patriot Act is written and instituted, Tower Seven fell although no plane hit it and he didn’t notice, and he didn’t give out the 28 pages about the Saudi Arabian influence. He is a cover-up artist. He is what we call a ‘DC fixer’ and he is placed in these positions.

Why do you think he took a job for under $200,000 a year as head of the FBI when, in fact, when he works for HSBC he makes $10 million a year minimum. When he left (HSBC) I think his settlement was $20 or $30 million, and he only worked there for a few years.

He goes in and out of regulatory positions in the government, gets the inside track, creates the loopholes, and then goes out in the corporate world and does insider trading. Through manipulation and through cover-up and by using his contacts in the government, he gets horrible corporations like HSBC (off the hook) – a bank that has been involved in so much corruption. I think one time I have seen someone from a Federal investigation with these banks go to jail. It’s so rare that anyone gets prosecuted.

They will rip off $800 billion, and then they will get a fine of $9 billion. Then we found out that Obama took that money and gave it to non-governmental organizations – the same ones supported by the Tides Foundation and the Open Society Foundation of George Soros.

So we got to see that Mueller and Comey are as corrupt as anyone can be, whether they are in their office making a little bit of money, and then behind the scenes being paid undoubtedly in their offshore accounts tens of millions of dollars for what they do. They are covering up billions of dollars’ worth of crimes like Uranium One, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

If you want me to talk about something that I could shock you with, it would be the true Russian takeover of uranium in this country, which we have written about in our Intelligence Reports. Our Intelligence Reports tend to shock people because the truth that is there, they say, “Wait a second. I heard that on the news, but I didn’t think anything about it. I actually thought it wasn’t true.”

But then when you put all those reports together of what really was released to the news, whether it be through court cases, whether it be financial reports, government reports, government investigations, so on and so forth, when you get back to the brass tacks, it’s very easy to find news. There are about three dozen truly manipulative, evil DC fixers and DC politicians who have all worked together since the early 1990’s, and they are still working together now.

Name the people in Uranium One, and you have the same people who stole social networking from Leader Technologies in Ohio and turned it into Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Instagram. All of those are all based upon the scalability invention of Leader Technologies which the IBM Eclipse Foundation took, turned into basically open source. They gave it to all of these companies, and they all made a fortune, but they were all invested before they made a fortune by the same people – Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers.

You would be shocked at how many judges have Facebook (stock). You would be shocked at how many judges knew that Facebook was going to become huge overnight, and they became very wealthy. But this is what the DC fixers do. They let their friends in on it, they fix the courts, they make sure that these appointments to the courts are friendly to the fact that this is the way that business is done.  And what we need to do is simply support Donald Trump in supporting lawfulness instead of the unlawfulness that has come to rule Washington DC.

As that is happening, we get to see the Climate Accord drop. That saved us $5 trillion. That was going to be a new currency. He drops the refugees coming into the country. We get to see him controlling who gets to immigrate. We get to see that he wants to actually have immigration in this country and follow the law. We see that he wants to stop sanctuary cities. We see that he stopped the economic exchange fund of the US Treasury Department and the Plunge Protection Team from bringing down the stock market. That is the reason why it keeps going up. It’s always been brought down before by the US Treasury Department, and now he’s in charge.

We get to see our military strengthen, and we get to see the war in Syria end, the war in Iraq end, and we get to see the poppy fields in Afghanistan burn. We get to see the opium factories burnt.

What Trump has done is so shocking, but we’re not done yet. Up until January 31st, as we predicted, from August 15th to January 31st – because of the eclipse – we are going to see Trump be attacked from every direction, and he will not be burnt up. People will take flamethrowers out. They are going to burn him up as much as they can. He is going to enjoy the flames, and they are going to catch on fire and run away burning.

We warned Robert Mueller with his stupid, fake investigation that if he didn’t get out by Thanksgiving he would go down himself, and he didn’t. Now we find out that he is crooked. We find out that Andrew McCabe is crooked. We found out that Rob Rosenstein is as crooked as anyone could possibly be. We warned him, “Get out by Christmas or everyone on your team – your seven lawyers from WilmerHale, the most corrupt law firm that Robert Mueller came out of, and brought Andrew Weissman and the seven other most corrupt lawyers in the world – all being controlled by Robert Mueller out of WilmerHale. They are also patent thieves. They’ve represented so many criminals. If you could see who they represented, it would be equivalent to who Fusion GPS has represented. GPS is the opposition group led by Glenn Simpson.

If you could see what Judge Leon Richards, who is in charge of the Fusion GPS case, did, he got to see their bank records. I tell you that if he released that to us, we would see the litany of criminals who have been controlling Washington DC for the last decade, and in many cases far beyond.

So what we are seeing in Washington DC is a beautiful, beautiful thing. It’s a second American Revolution that Trump is leading. It is countermanding the purple revolution of George Soros which had almost overthrown Donald Trump by claiming that the election was false. That was what happened to fourteen other color revolutions that George Soros lead from the USSR to Russia, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, and I could go on and on.

We have written entire reports about that. It almost happened here in America. But because Donald Trump was the wrecking ball, he is the disruptive factor that they cannot handle. Every single corrupt group from the Council on Foreign Relations to the Bilderbergers to the Bohemian Grove all wanted to pull their hair out because of Donald Trump.

Have you noticed the Council on Foreign Relations hasn’t made a single report to the White House in a year? That is because they are corrupt, and he isn’t taking their advice. He isn’t taking the advice of people like James Clapper and John Brennan and Comey. He isn’t taking any of their advice.

Do you remember what he did when he came into power? He didn’t even take their intelligence reports, even after he was President. He kept postponing it. He did that on purpose because he ingeniously knew that General Michael Flynn was right – the war is in the intelligence department – in all the 17 intelligence agencies. The military are fighting against the corporate, and Trump knew that.

He tested the intelligence officers. He called the four of them together a third time when no one knew that meeting time. He had a 45-minute meeting with them, and within 45 minutes after the close of that meeting, it was leaked to the press – the exact content. So he knew that he was dealing with corruption from the get-go. He hasn’t listened to any of their intelligence reports.

We could go into the reasons why they’re not true, but we’ve already seen it. January 12 2017, Michael Horowitz was appointed as the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General to investigate Comey’s weird handling and illegal handling and the Justice Department’s illegal handling of Hillary Clinton’s emails, of the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, and the continuing Russian dossier/Russian collusion, which I like to call the ‘garbage dossier’. We put it up on our site, and if you read it, it’s garbage. Anyone who would believe that is an idiot. I’m sorry that it is even discussed or allowed, and now we find out that it was never even authenticated, and that is what some of the people who have read the four-page memo in the SCIF that is the report from the Justice Department and the FBI, the documents requested by the judiciary committee, the intelligence committee, and the oversight committee.

After three times, they finally gave it to them, and that is what is now being called this four-page memo. Well, the four-page memo refers to 2,000 pages of the illegal activities of what we were just talking about.

So with what we are seeing now, Trump doesn’t have to do a thing except follow the law. But he has also done some brilliant moves. He has gone around the Justice Department with an executive order that arrested major criminals without the Justice Department even being involved in it; it was the Treasury Department, US Marshalls. We saw what Trump has done with immigration. We saw what Trump has done with pedophilia, and appointing Ivanka and giving her an office in the White House. For the first time ever, the missing children, the trafficked humans, the pedophilia, and the ‘pedogate’ that is astoundingly awful is now being addressed, and we don’t even know. The last count that I saw, it was well over 10,000 in one year that were arrested from Trump’s actions.

We can see from everywhere all of these great things that are going on, and all that has to go on, folks, is we have to support our President, and we just have to be awake. We just have to find the truth, and finding the truth is very difficult in this age.

Blazer:   You’ve given us a great taste for not only your own thinking, but also the kind of information and the quality of information that we can find on your site. So before we proceed, I want you to take a minute to tell the listeners who you are and what your background is.

Paine:   I guess the part that would be most interesting to the audience is that I worked for the National Security Agency. I was a cryptologist, and I invented things for them while I was in, and I spied on Russia. We can say that now. I was in charge of keeping track of every satellite in the sky and, through cryptology, breaking out signals of countries that were sending messages to their satellites as well as I also was involved in screening and scrubbing all information that was given out through the Associated Press and Routers and the United Press International. So all news was scrubbed by the NSA at that time, and I worked and invented things that actually went into Fort Meade, Maryland’s computer.

I was involved in a number of areas, and I also worked with GE and Digital and IBM and Honeywell at the time. Afterwards, now and then, I worked as a consultant.

That is part of my story, but what is more interesting is that many of the people who I talked to in our conclave have very, very direct connections – some of them very fresh and very recent, and high clearances – in all branches. So what we have is a collective where we can run things by the collective and get a collective opinion. When the collective agrees on something, so far we have yet to be incorrect in any of our Citizen Intelligence Reports in terms of people giving us feedback.

We beg them, “Give us feedback. If we make a mistake, help us and we will correct it.”

So far, to be honest, there was one mistake that I made in a report, and it was my mistake. It wasn’t the Report’s mistake. I had to retract a sentence. And recently I had to say that I was fooled personally by the mainstream media’s reports because they were so consistent that Michael Horowitz had actually released the information about Peter Strzok or Lisa Page. We now find out that he didn’t release that. He wrote a letter stating that he didn’t release that; he didn’t even agree to it.

So I had assumed that he had done that. I had to back off a little bit today on an audio that we did to say, “We are still waiting to see what happens with this Inspector General report before we predict anything.” We don’t know, but the one thing that we do know is that we fell for one of the lies of the fake media because it was so convincing, and they had quoted parts of a letter of Michael Horowitz.

I went back to the Department of Justice Inspector General’s site, and I got the original letter and saw the way that Rod Rosenstein had manipulated it and lied, and then the mainstream media took that lie directly out of Rod Rosenstein’s mouth, which shows you what a liar he is.

Remember, he has been around since the early 1990’s, in the pocket with the same people – John Podesta, Larry Summers, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Steven Crocker, James Chandler, George H.W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, and I also included Bill Clinton. She was involved because she was a patent attorney down in Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, which is where all of this started in 1993 when the first encryption codes had to be put in IBM computers, that then created the patent control that manipulates Silicon Valley to this very day.

But we have solutions. Some of these things are very sad, but just like Catherine Austin Fitts – one of our favorite people – she always has hope. She may be sounding the alarm, but she’s not a sensationalist. She is a rationalist, and she is filled with hope. She always can tell you the way out. She always can tell you the simple truth and the simple way out, and that is what we are about at the American Intelligence Media and the Anonymous Patriots – telling you the truth so that you can do something with it.

We try to empower everyone else on the internet to take our stuff and use it freely. That is why we are anonymous. We are a legion. We are just like the Anonymous movement. We want everyone to take this stuff and spread it.

We support what you are doing there, and we support the alternative media because this is the empowerment to tell your representatives. For instance, take Jim Jordan from Ohio. The reason why he was helping Devin Nunes so much is because he was reading the reports form our site and a few other sites, Americans for Innovation, and some other sites. He was reading them daily, and then he would go and ask questions.

He would say, “Wait a second. This is not a conspiracy; this is true,” and now he is leading the pack. As a matter of fact, I sure do hope the Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan get placed in very high positions in the Trump Administration because what they are doing is actually saving the republic of America. Donald Trump is saving the republic, but with their help we may see the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

This is showing the Democratic parties counterintelligence attacks against Donald Trump as not only a candidate but as President Elect and as President as it continues on with the same exact people in the Robert Mueller ‘fake’ grand jury impanelment and his pathetic investigation. Why is he even doing an investigation? There have already been two investigations done before, and James Clapper has told them about them, and I’ve read them. There was no collusion. It was so that Robert Mueller could cover up the tracks of James Comey, who had eight different attacks of Trump planned during the election as he was trying to help the Democrats – John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and the whole group.

He willingly, anxiously helped them, and it came out in the news again and again and again. We yelled about it every time. Most of the people ignored it.

Our job is to sound the alarm, to be reasonable, and to always bring hope.

Blazer:   Thomas, when did you start and stop working for the NSA? And why did you end up spending so much time doing what you are doing now? What motivated you?

Paine:   My history is very colorful and odd. If I told it to you, you wouldn’t believe it.

Let’s just say that I was very religious, and then I went into the military because I was drafted in the lottery. I’m not going to get too specific about this, but I left religious orders and went into the military. I got to the highest level of machines – signals intelligence. I got to the highest level of that field, and I can’t even tell you the name of that highest level. They will tell you that it’s Q (clearance) but that is incorrect.

In my field in signal intelligence, it was for the President’s eyes only, and I was at that level. So I got to read all this stuff, and it turned me off to the military and turned me off to spying and it turned me off to all that illegal stuff and technology. I was actually inventing things with microwaves, inventing collapsed array antennas and unbelievable stuff. If I told you, you would say that I was lying.

When I got out, I said, “That’s it. I’m getting totally away from technology.” I went back into the priesthood, and I was in the religious orders until I became a teacher. I became a Waldorf teacher, and I studied the works of Dr. Rudolf Steiner – a great, great person who invented biodynamic agriculture, and who invented many, many things. He invented thousands of medical treatments. There are eleven hospitals in Europe that are based upon his insights. He had economic systems.

So I went out of machines and I became a Waldorf teacher. I went totally into being with humans. I sang and danced and told stories, and for years and years I was a Waldorf teacher and a professor in a number of universities, and then I became an international consultant. Then I wrote books, and then I started doing other things.

Eventually, when I retired, I was radicalized by a number of alternative media sites when they asked us to write articles. We started writing articles, and they started being number one on Before It’s News. I don’t know if you remember that.

In the old days, before it was news, news was fun. It was very competitive. So we would write stories, and they would go to number one and they would stay there. We thought that was so thrilling and exciting. It was a dopamine hit. It was hitting he minds of 100,000 people by one article.

We got addicted, Harry. So we started writing these articles under the name ‘Anonymous Patriots’ and they were distributed to 20 different sites. Then the demonetization started happening, and we started saying, “Uh-oh. We have to create our own site because we don’t need the money, and they can’t control us, and they will never stop us from speaking truth.” So we started, and then we got all these people to help us.

Now we are retired, and we are not going to stop. We were part of the group that was personally thanked by the White House for helping Trump get elected, and we are going to continue to help him in the second American Revolution on through his second term, and then on through whichever of the Trumps is going to be in the next two terms. I intend to be alive at least for the next 16 years supporting this new revolution.

The new revolution is going to change the 4.5 million Federal employees down to very few, except a strong military. We are going to call out the evil, and we are going to stop the corporate control and leeching and gutting and bleeding of America.

We are not going to let NAFTA happen. We are not going to let terrible things happen like that. We are not going to let Hillary become the queen of North America, which is what would be happening right now – one year later.

If you haven’t read this, let me tell everyone in your audience this. Go to Wikipedia and put in ‘national intelligence’ and go to a report called The Paradox of Progress. The reason why they say that it is a paradox is because they usually write a five-year report and they can control everything. This one is all out of control. It predicts Donald Trump, it predicts Bernie Sanders, it predicts Hillary Clinton going far left, and it predicts all of these things because they had planned it all.

What would be happening right now, Harry, is one of the most horrifying stories that I could tell you. If you read this, you would see that they had intended to bomb Damascus, which would have basically started Armageddon. There are factions – Muslim, Christian, and Jewish – who are anxious for that to happen now, but it didn’t happen now because of Donald Trump and because he has overthrown the George Soros attempt to have not only a fake election but also a regime change even after a duly elected President was elected. As I said, in 14 different countries he has done these color revolutions.

So we have been witnessing and we are fighting this revolution, and this is no joke. People know that this is dead serious. We are very spiritual people, we are very conscious-oriented people, and we have numerous sites. Some of them are geopolitical, and some of them are spiritual.

We understand that it is consciousness that will transform things, and we understand that the few people involved in the alternative news have had a major impact upon Washington DC which is, for the first time in my life, changing. So we want to salute again the work that you are doing, Harry, the work that Catherine is doing, the work that Lionel is doing – you heard that interview – and the many other people we have done interviews with, as well as the work that ‘Betsy Ross’ is doing with the and all the other things that she is doing. We stand in awe of her and her team.

That is a little bit about my background. Too much of it is weird for me to get into too many details, Harry. I’m sorry about that. But if you want more details, I will tell you.

Blazer:   Thomas, it is very obvious that you and I are both people who are going to be having ongoing conversations in more detail. We might even want to do this in multiple parts.

There are many, many things I want to talk about with you, but I want to move to this very critical one because Catherine has been one of the real authentic reporters out there who has understood and tried to make her subscribers and other people aware of mind control and the power of it.

At the beginning of your site and one of the things that you talked about with Lionel. “You will be completely controlled. You are wetware – implanted devices and mind control hijack you.” These are just some headlines under the “huge information bomb to fire at the enemy while we are waiting for releasethememo” that you just referred to. (

I want you to take a minute to talk about, first of all: What is wetware? What are you referring to here?

Paine:   You are pointing at one of the most shocking things that we have discovered recently. In working with Americans for Innovation, the American Intelligence Media found out that there is a very well-hidden but very powerful patent that was written by a man named Richard Walker. Essentially when you hear about the ‘Internet of things’ usually they are talking about your office in your house. No. We are talking about a device. QRS11 is the device that is put into every single plane, train, car and everything that moves. It’s put into every missile and every nuclear missile. Everything has this in it.

Hillary Clinton’s law firm, Rose Law Firm, handled this in Little Rock, Arkansas, and this thing is worldwide. It has a chip in it, and it can be told to stop. It’s a gyroscope, and it’s got a little crystal chip in it, but it is also a gyroscope. It determines altitude, speed, and your location. Inside of it is a kill switch. At the same time that they were developing the kill switches for IBM, they also developed the kill switches for everything that QRS11, which a company called BI Electronics developed. Hillary was in the law firm that developed this further and further and further until eventually it brought in George H.W. Bush, Robert Mueller, and Mitt Romney’s Bain capital. It brought in all the crooked money to invest in this patent.

Mind you, this patent was written by a guy who supposedly worked at Hewlett Packard at the time. Well, that is just not going to happen. You don’t write the most comprehensive patent in history while you are working for another company without that company considering it to be their intellectual property.  So we know that he is just another Silicon Valley cutout. He is another Silicon Valley boy. He’s fake.

But he did work for Hewlett Packard for over 20 years. So he wrote this patent. But he didn’t write the patent. The patent was written by the military’s DARPA and the CIA’s group In-Q-Tel, and they are run by a private group that is a globalist group called Highlands Forum (

They have determined what kinds of weapons have been created through innovation through the patent office which they seize any patent that can be weaponized. So we can go into the names of the people we have in all of our reports. Let’s just point out that these very people develop a patent that is beyond the ‘Internet of things’. It is the ‘internet of everything that moves’ so that they can turn it off and have what they call ‘aggressive remote control’ to what is called a ‘point focal node’.

The patent is just a bunch of letters, PFNTRAC. We will just call it the ‘internet of all things’ but it even brings in the NSA. It says that it is going to control the NSA surveillance. It is going to control the FBI. It is going to control weather input. It is going to control all buses, all trains, and every chip in every person and every dog and every cat. They even put sensors on trees so that when you’re walking in a park, they can sense you.

As a matter of fact, this is the scariest stuff that you will ever see. Go onto our site and look this up, or you can hear a video on it called ‘Meet Big Brother’. But we also do long articles showing you the very pictures from the patent. These pictures show that the police in the future will wear a helmet or a pair of goggles, and as they walk by you on the street, they will be able to look at you and see if you have your vaccines up to date. If you don’t, they will simply pull out a vaccine gun, and on the spot they will either give you the vaccine, or they will put you in jail.

At the same time, they can check your bank records to see if you have an overdraft. They can check your traffic tickets. They can check your medical records and see if you are in any way connected to any terrorists or anything that they don’t like. It will all be implanted into your body through wetware.

Now let me explain wetware. Most people don’t understand this. I mentioned this on a video the other day, and somebody said, “Oh my gosh! We are going to get our person we love so much and who is blind the ability to see because of what you said.”

Do you understand that there are inventions already in place where they can use the nerves on your tongue or your nose for a blind person who is blind from birth so that they can see? That is using a computer interface with your nerves, and it is what they would call a neural network.

They’ve been doing a lot of work on how to control neural networks in the human being, but what they intend to do is eventually put into your spine or into your brain – depending on what location it is, and by the way, this is not far-fetched; it is happening now – chips or machines or wires into sections of the brain, and then send in the frequencies.

For instance, I have a friend. He has Parkinson’s. He has six wires into six parts of his brain, and a battery imbedded into his head that sends vibrations to keep him from having Parkinson’s shakes and tremors. It has changed his entire life.

So this is already happening. Wet works is already happening, but the wet works that are in this plan for aggressive remote control is to be able to stop you and to be able to turn you off or to be able to put in wetware along the junctions of key muscles so that they can literally make your muscles do things. They can make you – and I’m sorry to have to say it – pull the trigger on a gun. They can make you do things against your very own will because of these implants.

We all know the implants which are being used in America in these model cities that are put into your hand, and they are the equivalent of your bankcard, and these people are being driven around in driverless cars, living in eco-houses, but they are doing experiments. These are already happening.

For instance, the ATLAS robot warrior has already been built by Eric Schmidt at Apple, and it is already being used. People want to play like this isn’t here now, but it is already here.

I told people about this, and now they are going to give this guy the ability to see. That is what is going on. That is what wetware is. You can’t keep track of scientific innovation. No one is keeping track of science innovation because of the following: The Department of Defense has a group called DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Since the beginning of the Manhattan Project, the internet was called DARPAnet at first. It was the way that people working for DARPA connected to each other as they were making weapons.

Mind you, every patent that comes into the patent office, they check through DARPA and through CIA’s In-Q-Tel, and if it can be weaponized, they take the patent for national security purposes, and the person who wrote the patent gets nothing. If they even continue to work on the project, they can be jailed and fined. I’m sorry to have to say this, but in one of our reports we listed some of the hundreds of inventors who have had mysterious deaths after filing patents. We have written reports on free energy devices that are happening all over the world except here in America.

We don’t need to be bound to oil; we can run our engines off of water – tap water. That is a fact. Read our ‘Free Energy’ Citizen Intelligence Report, and you will see more proof of that. It’s not theories; we’re talking about companies where you can buy this stuff. We’re talking about nations that use cars run on water.

These things are out there, but those people who I mentioned with the patents, one example is David Kappos. David Kappos was some twenty years at IBM. He came over as head of the patent office, and then he starts the IBM Eclipse group, which steals patents and then gives them out to these fake Silicon Valley people. This is just the way that it works.

Trump can take all of this down by basically obeying the Miller Act. Leader Technologies has put in a bill to President Trump, and he can simply pass it. If he passes it, it abrogates the theft of social networking, and we will then find out that Jeff Bezos is 100% a government agent. He does not pay full postal service fees. If he did, he would collapse. The only reason why he can be who he is is because he is a government-supported monopoly.

When Trump said, “Anti-trust” that is all he had to say. He said two words, “Anti-trust,” and, “monopoly”. Lo and behold Jeff Bezos now wants to be the friend of America instead of linked to the CIA because the CIA has all the information on his ‘cloud memory’ which is certainly not in the clouds. It’s already been breached, and he is doing a terrible job. So Jeff Bezos is no longer talking about being President.

Mark Zuckerberg, the liar, the fake inventor of Facebook, stole Leader Technologies’ social networking scalable technology, and he was the front man for that. Then Eric Schmidt came in and put in $200 million. Guess what? When Eric Schmidt got out – almost illegally – they had to write new laws so that they could get out quickly. Eric Schmidt took $200 billion. He went from $200 million to $200 billion. How did Alphabet absorb Google? Because Eric Schmidt was Alphabet. He is no longer Alphabet.

When Trump wrote his executive orders saying that he was going after a bunch of criminals and then named them, Eric Schmidt not only stepped down from Alphabet and became a technical advisor and went over to work with his ATLAS warrior robots, but he also went to North Korea. I can tell you why he went to North Korea: Because Eric Schmidt is a criminal. He worked directly with Hillary Clinton in the White House with the US Digital Service to rig the election with Obama’s permission in the White House. We have films of it. We have them bragging about it.

So what we are talking about is a plan of literally only three dozen people, and these three dozen people have a plan to control every human, every animal, every device in America. They even want to control objects – an inventory of everything. Eric Schmidt has already built – and he brags about this – what he calls a ‘digital profile’ of you and what we call ‘your black box’. He stole the information that was gathered by the US Digital Service. He was stealing it during the election and supposedly bringing all digital information into one place – the US Digital Service.

And guess what? There is no US Digital Service now. Where is it? It’s no longer going by that name, but it is in what they call ‘Obama’s bunker’ where Valerie Jarrett is still running the Chicago mob/Obama Administration and getting the US President daily intelligence report. So the daily report is going to Valerie Jarrett while Obama is not even there. That is illegal, folks. They have a skiff in that house in Washington. The reason why it had to be so near was because they had to run special fiber optical cable that was secure so that they could have a skiff there so that Obama could continue to run his OFA (Organizing for Action) 33,000 foot soldiers who are being taught Marxist techniques. They were working for Black Lives Matter and TIFA.

When Obama came under attack, TIFA almost died. Black Lives Matter is quiet. They were deemed to be domestic terrorist groups.

In other words, our ex-President Obama is getting illegal intelligence reports, using them against our President, and running a domestic terrorist group out of a bunker which is illegal – which he is not even in – and Valerie Jarrett, who ran Mayor Daley’s mob in Chicago, is who Michelle Obama and Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama) work for. They work for Valerie Jarrett. She was a Chief of Staff for the Daley machine. The worst criminal machine in US history is where we got our President, and to this day in that bunker they continue to conduct war against America through Robert Mueller, through the FBI, through Andrew McCabe, through Rod Rosenstein, and the people who I have named.

Now mind you, those three dozen people may be going down with this four-page memo. But remember, the four-page memo refers to thousands of other documents. So the Department of Justice and the FBI collusion could bring down every person I just mentioned, and that would also sweep up the criminals involved in 9/11 and many other cases. They are all connected.

Blazer:   Catherine and I don’t believe that Trump would ever have become President without it being sanctioned and, to a certain extent, orchestrated and supported by key players in the Military Intelligence Complex. The orchestration could have been something like using the intelligence apparatus to detect voter fraud that was being done by the Hillary camp and undermining those efforts. That is one example, but there are lots of other things that could have been done to support him.

Are you of the camp that believes that his rise to power just happened naturally from their own efforts and ability to tap into the discontentment of the electorate period, and it was basically an unexpected event, and occurred without the support or intervention of anyone from the Military Intelligence Complex?

Also, for Catherine and myself, the question about whether Trump is a real patriot or something other is still an open question. I personally am uncomfortable over what seems to be a large number of ‘Ziocons’, CFR members, Wall Street folks, and folks committed to American imperialism who he’s appointed to key positions. Goldman Sachs is in a key position of power. So how would you explain that? Are these compromises that he just figures he needs to make in order to gain the time he needs to clear the swamp?

Paine:   Harry, that is a great question. Many people have asked this, and I’m so glad that you did. Betsy tells me that this is a question that comes up a lot, and people don’t understand it. They see that Trump is hiring true, absolutely magnificent deep state operatives. Why is he doing that? And then how did he get in office? How could he have not been working with the deep state and get in office, seeing the power that they had and the absolute grip that the Clinton cartel syndicate has on America. These are great questions.

You also asked a question about whether or not there was manipulation of the voting. Yes, there was manipulation of the voting. That has been brought out in the news, and we know that at least 3.5 million votes were fraudulent votes in 17 states. That is the first part of the investigation. We have written on that, and we showed how that happens.

But to go back to the question: Is Trump deep state? Here is the deal. In 2000 Roger Stone came and tried to convince Trump to become President, and each Presidential election after that Roger Stone came and begged. Eventually the whole world kept asking Trump – Oprah and others all over – “Are you going to run for President because you’re always talking about political things and making your political stance known. You always have a remark and an opinion on everything. You’ve turned to the networks and said, ‘Your shows really stink. I can create a show that can be the number one show.’”

And what happened? His show was the number one show every year that he wanted it to be. When we remember that the White House is nothing more than a publicity stunt, it is PR and a Hollywood/Disneyland production. It doesn’t matter who runs it; it matters how good they look and who writes their speeches.

So did Trump have alignment? Yes, he did. Remember who his first supporters were: Michael Flynn. Who is Michael Flynn? He got in a fight with Obama, he was the Director of Intelligence for the military, and he was on the National Security Council. He disagreed with Obama, and he got kicked off.

Remember that Obama got rid of more active generals than any President in history – probably as many as all combined. He decimated the military, so the military certainly did come to Trump. They probably came to Trump long before the time that he ran and said, “Look, we’ve looked at you,” which Comey did as soon as they knew Trump was running. The FBI did a full investigation on Trump, and they couldn’t find anything except one thing which I may refer to later, and that is a person named Felix Sater. Remind me if you wish to hear about Trump’s only true Russian collusion. This is, in fact, James Comey’s asset working for the FBI, and his name is Felix Sater.

So there is one Trump collusion, and it’s called Trump’s SoHo. He built it with Russian money. So what? That is the only Trump collusion.

So is Trump connected with the military before he ran for office? Absolutely. The reason I can tell you that is the following: It can be demonstrated by looking at the five-year plan of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which at that time that the 2017 report came out, it was being run by James Clapper.

The name of that report is the Paradox of Progress. It’s a five-year assessment of everything the entire 17 intelligence agencies all put together, and it’s a recommendation basically to the White House and for policy for basically domestic and international policy.

This is a public document, but it has only been public for a number of years because America was no longer America. Our intelligence agencies reported to the world.

So Trump was approached by the people who knew what was in that. You can read it and get it anywhere by plugging in Paradox of Progress. When you read it and you understand the language of it, you will see that Trump was predicted, that Hillary going far-left was predicted, and that a Socialist candidate running was predicted.

It also predicted what would happen if Hillary won. It didn’t name them, but it characterized these three different factions, and they basically said that the progress of America is a paradox because they don’t know what is going to happen.

This was well-known by Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and Kelly and Black. Now remember who Stone and Manafort are. It’s the Paul Manafort that is being attacked by his good friend, Robert Mueller. So who is Stone, Manafort, Kelly and Black? They really don’t work together much anymore. Everyone knows that Roger Stone is the one who convinced Trump to run and later he actually helped him to manage his campaign.

He was kicked off the campaign because he had some communications back and forth with Gucifer 2.0, and now Roger Stone – along with President Donald Trump – is being sued for some kind of nonsense in the relationship to the fact that Roger Stone sent a few text messages back and forth to Gucifer 2.0 on a completely public internet line.

So who are Stone and Manafort? Paul Manafort helped take Viktor Yanukovych after the George Soros Orange Revolution of the Ukraine took him down from being president and got him elected a few years later to be elected prime minister, and a few years later Paul Manafort got him elected to be the president of the Ukraine again after he had been kicked out.

Again, Paul Manafort put three Presidents into the White House. Paul Manafort runs and always did run the corrupt Republican campaign election funds. So when Trump wanted to get elected, and Roger Stone came begging to him again and again, of course Trump said, “Do I get to use Boston Analytics or do I get to use Stone, Manafort, Kelly and Black and the other ones who are connected?”

He said, “Yes. Absolutely. That is how Presidents are made.”

On the other hand, you have John Podesta and his brother, Tony Podesta. They are the Democrat President-makers. These are oppositional groups who create oppositional research who are lobbyists. They are such powerful lobbyists that Paul Manafort was only a campaign manager for Donald Trump for four months, but he got him through the electoral college vote, which not one single electoral vote went bad on Trump when they were promising that a great deal of them would.

How did Paul Manafort come in and in four months (help Trump win), while still being investigated by the FBI, the CIA, and using NSA surveillance by the Director of National Intelligence Office and by the US Department of Treasury currently on Paul Manafort when he came to work for Trump and no one told him? Well, that is completely unethical if not borderline illegal if not collusion and if not absolutely illegal.

Anyway, Paul Manafort got him through, didn’t he? Well, who got Trump through the Republican National Convention? It was Reince Priebus. Later deep-stater Reince Priebus was then let go of because, we assume, he was one of the big leaks. He was working against Trump.

Trump uses anyone he can. He is from New York. He is a barracuda of real estate in New York, the toughest real estate market in the world. Then he took it global. He’s had some failures, and he’s had mostly successes.

Those people who don’t understand that Trump runs with the pack and uses the pack don’t understand that if you don’t use Goldman Sachs, you will not get anything done – certainly not internationally, and not in America either. So you have to work with the corrupt ones.

But look at what happened to Nikki Haley. She’s appointed by Trump, and she is nice as can be. She goes into the UN, and then she stands up against Trump and says many, many bad things against Trump. Trump says, “I’m going to defund the UN by 50%,” and she goes ballistic. She yells at Trump and calls him names – everything imaginable. Then what happens in the end? His number one supporter in the UN, Nikki, was happy when he took away $24 billion from the refugee program in the end.

He will end our participation in the World Trade Organization, which is UN. He will end our participation in the World Bank, which is the UN. He will end our participation in the International Monetary Fund, which is the UN. And Nikki Haley will support all of it. Why? Because he will fire her if she goes beyond a certain point. He will fire Kelly, and he will fire anybody except his family.

He is not really a deep-stater, but he works with all of the deep-staters. What is Trump about? Trump is about creating – as he is seeing come out of the White House – a lineage that his family would continue. It is dynasty. That is what he told us, and that is what he did.

Why are we surprised by that, and why are we surprised that he surrounds himself with the military? Yes, he has the military behind him and did before we went to office because the military had been decimated by Obama and he, for at least 16 years prior to that, had made many statements in support of the military and had done many kind deeds, and had been a philanthropist not only as a civil rights leader, but also as a leader for veterans’ rights and many other things which are swept under the table these days.

So is he working with Rothschild? Well, Rothschild did one of his banks and did, in fact, bail him out when he had one of his bankruptcies. Is he a Rothschilder? No. Is Jared Kushner a George Soros-er because George Soros invested in his venture capital group in New York City? No. Everybody invested in that. Who cares? He didn’t even notice that wealthy George Soros was on the list.

Would Trump have liked to do more business with the Russians? You bet your booties he would have. Everybody, especially the Clintons and the Obamas, loved the Russians and did everything they could to be Putin’s bedfellows.

Did Trump want to get Trump Towers in the state of the Ukrainian provinces – Georgia and Moscow? Yes. Four times James Comey’s plant Felix Sater took Jared Kushner and Ivanka and walked around those towns and said that he knew that Putin was going to build Trump Towers there. This is the guy who helped Trump with some Russian investment funds to build SoHo Towers in New York. So what?

Let me tell you about Russian collusion? How about one of the heads of Gazprom, the largest and richest board of a gas company in Russia. His name is Leonid Blavatnik. He became a British citizen, and then he became an American citizen. Now he’s the second largest donor to the Democratic Party. Is he Russian? Is it that Russian collusion? Is that Russian influence?

Russians are our friends. Obama put sanctions on them because of political reasons.

Is Trump a deep-stater? No, he isn’t yet. Will he be in the future? He might. He might turn to the dark side. He hasn’t needed to so far. He’s basically gotten into the ring, and one at a time as a contender is fighting for the heavyweight belt, he has knocked out every person who has come into the ring.

You can’t name someone who has come up against him who didn’t lose, including the totalitarian communist leader of China who we are trying to act like he is running a capitalistic organization over there. He won because he brought North Korea to the table, and he won because he brought China to its knees.

He has won against everybody. You can’t name someone who has come up against him on purpose who he hasn’t won against.

So would he win against the deep state? Only one at a time. Is he winning against Robert Mueller? Some would say that he is miserably losing, so how can he be a deep-stater. Is he winning against Comey? Comey was bragging up until a few days ago that he was implying that he was considering becoming the President.

You see a lot of people who say that they were going to become President. They are all on the run now – not because Trump went after them, but because they attacked him. So he is not part of the Military-Industrial Complex; he is part of his own. I hate to have to say this, but he is a greedy businessman, and he is a capitalist bar excellence. He knows the system, but he did not know how bad it was until he came into power. When he came into power, he was beginning to wake up.

Basically he knows that anybody who he fires or anything that he does will be scrutinized so horribly that it will be a battle, so he is picking his battles. But he would not be a deep-stater and write his executive order that did a run around the DOJ and the FBI and seized the assets of 13 international criminals, and probably seized the assets of 39 others who we don’t know the names of.

He would not have asked for the intelligence department with his previous executive order just before that, demanding that within 30 days Dan Coates completely restructure our entire intelligence community and make sure that all surveillance of American citizens is ended, and going back to the 1978 laws and the 1945 laws, which we recommended to him. That is exactly what is in that executive order. That is because it’s sensible. After 1978 the intelligence community became corporate.

So is he against the deep state? He is at war – as Michael Flynn characterized to everyone. There was a war between the corporate intelligence world and the military intelligence world. Trump is on the side of the military. So is he part of the military deep state? I guess you could say he is. But remember: The people who make money off providing stuff to the military are corporations, and they are international corporations. They are anti-American. They are internationalists and globalists. They are trans-nationalists. They work out of a group called the Highlands Forum and In-Q-Tel and SAIC and Leidos and DARPA. These are all private investment companies using US taxpayer dollars for innovation patent theft that then turns around and militarizes it and gives it to the corporate intelligence world that then gives it to the rest of the world.

Remember that Raytheon and a bunch of Military-Industrial Complex corporations and Silicon Valley corporations just went and created a city outside of Moscow that modernized Moscow and brought them to what you would call direct capitalistic competition with us.

So it is a scam what is going on. Trump is playing scammers. Do you think that he can tell you the truth? Do you think he is in any way going to show his cards? Do you think that he is going to tell you what he is up to? Don’t plan on it.

That’s like saying that you are going to go into a business deal with Trump and you are going to walk out ahead. No, you’re not. One way or the other, he is going to play you. If he has to say one thing to an evil person to get them in the job to then say, “I know who you are, you Goldman Sachs warlord bankers who have ripped off every country in the world! I know who you are, but I also know that you have power right now in the US Treasury and in the Exchange Stabilization Fund and the US Fed, and I know that I have to work through you to manipulate them,” and he has. You can’t name an area that he hasn’t already had victories in – at least partial and moving towards very large victories. These are some of the largest victories that we’ve seen in history.

He cannot possibly be part of the Bush/Clinton/Obama cartel which is basically Presidents who go rogue afterwards. George Bush went after oil and gold. Baby Bush is an idiot, and he just did what his dad said. Clinton went after patents and trade, and he got trade with China that basically ruined America. That is the reason why we are in the condition that we are in. Then the Clintons sold out everything while they were in office – a fire sale. Then they got out, and everything went to their foundations. We don’t know how much money they’ve collected, but for sure every penny that came through their foundation when she was the Secretary of State was a violation of the Emoluments Clause. Every penny. He is not part of that.

I don’t care if a pig ran against Hillary Clinton; I would have voted for the pig. But we didn’t have a pig. We actually have one of the only men who has withstood people assaulting him for him being bombastic and egotistic and a true capitalist – a bloviating, proud, true capitalist – exactly as they are supposed to be. That is what we are all trained to be – robber barons.

Aren’t we trained to be Silicon Valley cut-out boy teams who basically use economic terrorism to rule the world, aligned with the military? I mean, isn’t that the way of capitalism?

He didn’t go that way. He’s only finding out how deep and bad it is. But you can bet your booties that he knew all about the Fed and the New York Fed and the five brokers they used and the five CIA banks. He knew all of that. How do you think he is keeping the stock market going up? If you think that is by accident, you are incorrect. If you think that Trump is an accident, you are incorrect.

Read the Paradox of Progress. They predicted Trump. They said that if a person came out to the far right who attacked radical Islamic terrorism, that preached nationalism, that preached practically isolationism, that preached supporting the military that preached a strong border and that preached immigration – everything Trump had as his planks – they could possibly win. But they said that the one who could possibly upset him was the one who would go to the far left and become a Socialist, i.e. Bernie Sanders turning into a Socialist and declaring that even FDR was a Socialist and that socialism was cool. He ran as a Socialist under the Democratic Party because he read the same report.

The same report was read by Hillary Clinton, so the deep state knew that they were in a fix, and Trump came in, and here is the deal. They had two candidates that they could have run as the Hollywood idol winner: Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey they would have had to hide her past, and they would have had to run Bernie as a socialist on her ticket. A Democrat woman who is black and a Socialist crazy man – that would have won. But Hillary was too greedy, and George Soros had too much invested, and the deep state had too much invested.

We’ve revealed who the deep state is. Trump knows these things now, but I do not believe in my heart of hearts that he knew how bad America had become when he decided to run for office. He believed Roger Stone and used the power of Roger Stone and his lobbying, and he used the power of Paul Manafort, and he used every person who came along except his own family – his own dynasty. I still predict to this very day that he will be a two-term President, and one of his family members will be the President after that.

Why? Because we are seeing the end of the Democratic Party with the DOJ and FBI collusion. If he was deep state, they would not have exposed themselves so terribly that it literally bled right into what is now sedition, treason, and the Robert Mueller investigation, which is nothing more than a continuation of the counterintelligence actions of James Comey through the FBI counterintelligence department through William Priestap and Peter Strzok and through the Department of Justice through John Carlin who ran the National Security division.

So what we are seeing now is the revelation of Hillary’s sins. That is what we are seeing, and the cover-up. The cover-up has been going on since Hillary started with that same group of people, as I pointed out to you, in the early 1990’s.

So to answer the question: Is Trump a deep stater? No. I don’t think he is a deep stater. Could he turn to be a deep stater? He might. Heaven knows.

We saw that the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Bohemian Grove, and the Trilateralist group all met and said the same thing, “We don’t know what to do with this disruptive force – this wrecking ball. He is ruining everything. We have to devise a plan.”

They did not come up with a plan. They haven’t spoken a word, and a year later there was another meeting, and there were no words. The CFR is practically silent.

Blazer:   Thomas, the question wasn’t: Is he a member of the deep state? What you have said is you have basically confirmed Catherine and my thesis: Somebody who doesn’t have the support of a substantial faction with power from the military intelligence network doesn’t get in.

What you are saying is that he had the support of the mainstream military. So that is the first thing, which we believe.

Then in terms of all of the other people who he’s appointed, you’ve answered that question, which I said also: Is he making compromises to basically get through and to get to a point where he can do more and more? You seem to be confirming both of those perspectives.

My question is: Will the mainstream military be able to protect him from the deep state?

Paine:   Yes. As I said to you – and if I didn’t, then I should have – the answer to all of your questions were: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

I agree with everything that you said. I was just making my emphatic ‘Thomas Paine’ who is the ‘Paine in the Ass of the Globalist’ (remember that is my name) political analysis for the reasons that I think in my opinion, from what we have seen, and that is all we can do. I can’t read his mind.

We tend to be a little bit overboard in support of him and the Second American Revolution and all of that, but I actually believe that we were on the brink.

Blazer:   By the way, I very much appreciate what you are saying. That is why I am giving you total reign to go on for as long as you want. I think that you are a very special talent with special insights, and you are the real deal. You have true intentionality and authenticity, and you’ve done a lot of work and a lot of thinking about it.

I’m very happy that you’re taking the time to express what is on your mind and doing it the way that you want to. That is exactly what I want to see. So bravo!

Please continue.

Paine:   Thank you. That is the reason why we don’t seek money from anybody. We are simply speaking the truth, and if these are ‘truth bombs’ or ‘truth weapons of mass destruction’ or ‘truth nuclear bombs’, fine. That is what it takes for them to awaken.

So we agree with you. As a matter of fact, I think that The Solari Report is one of the best. I don’t know a better, to be quite frank with you. I personally think that Catherine is amazing, and your question is so pointed.

Blazer:   You were talking about Michael Flynn.

Paine:   It’s called ‘The Michael Flynn Plan’. I suppose that the following happened. When Roger Stone was seeing the decimation of the military, I could throw out the number that I remember, but it is suck a staggering number of generals and admirals who were fired by Obama that if I threw the number out and I was wrong, I would be so ashamed. It’s a huge number.

He would press them and give them a crazy order, they wouldn’t do it, and he would fire them. He would trump up child porn on their computer, and he would set them up for security violations. Anyone who stood in his way in the military was wiped out.

Flynn was wiped out. He thought that he was safe. He thought that he could be honest and say what was really happening in Syria. To this very day, no one wants to even admit that when Trump stopped paying the billion dollars to ISIS rebels in Syria under whatever name, it stopped. Flynn was right.

Now look at what is happening. Turkey is attacking the Kurds who are in Syria. It’s not going to end. It isn’t what they say that it is.

So what is the military issue here? The Michael Flynn issue we summarized in report after report, but one of them is very clear. We go into detail pointing out that over 65% of all intelligence that should be military is corporate. So Flynn went to Trump, and we believe this from things that we have heard from people who were part of that group – Roger Stone, Flynn, Flynn’s son, and other people – and said to him, “If you do this, you can save America. It’s the only way to save America.”

There were crazy conspirator writers writing about this, and no one believed them. So what was Flynn’s plan? Why did they have to get rid of Flynn? Why did they set up Flynn? Why did Sally Yates put so much on the line? Why did they unmask? Why did they do the ‘About’ queries that Admiral Mike Rogers had to go and do an inventory?

By the way, if you see the 12-page letter out there, that is not the four-page memo. The letter is an answer to Admiral Rogers saying, “Please give me an inventory of the misuse of ‘About’ queries by the White House and by the FBI and by the DOJ.”

Blazer:   And Admiral Rogers is the head of the NSA, just to let our viewers know.

Paine:   Yes, and he is stepping down. He was the one who came to Trump, we assume, because two days after he came to Trump, Trump left Trump Towers and went to Bedminster to his golf course. Later he said that he was being wiretapped. That was Admiral Rogers who told him that.

Clapper and Comey and Brennan all agreed and told Trump to fire Rogers for doing it. That report is now out. That has been reported in a number of places.

Blazer:   That’s right. I don’t want to stop you because you’re in the middle of Flynn. So what is the Flynn plan, and why did they have to get rid of him? Even the guys who Trump put in place afterwards – the generals – wanted to get rid of him, too. They didn’t like him either.

Paine:   That is because he was very outspoken, he was radical, and he was wild. He was a little loose. So he got caught in one of his loose things. They knew that they could catch him through entrapment.

Remember, the only charge against him I would call entrapment. They took an illegally-recorded conversation of his and used it against him. He also didn’t register as a foreign agent of Turkey when he was representing Erdogan.

Excuse me. When Podesta was called before Mueller’s investigation, after the fact he was able to register because he was caught for the same exact crime, working for the same exact Ukrainian three oligarchs that Manafort is being charged with. It’s the exact same crime – not registering as a foreign agent for the exact same three Ukrainians. But Tony Podesta got to register after the fact, after the Mueller investigation, and after he testified.

Blazer:   So we know that Flynn was set up, and we know it’s a trumped up deal. We want to hear why he had to go. Also, why didn’t Trump stand up and say, “Hey, he’s my guy,” and fight for him?

Paine:   Because he lied. Just like Jeff Sessions. Why did Jeff Sessions have to recuse himself? He’s a friggin’ old man, and he didn’t realize that the conversation that they accused him of having Russian collusion with were recorded. He never had to recuse himself; he’s just an old man, and he forgets. He shouldn’t be there. He’s not up to the game.

Flynn was up to the game, but they had to kick him out. First off, he made two mistakes. He got paid from RT without reporting it, which was stupid. He went to their celebration dinner and he got paid. That was stupid. He took his son with him. My opinion is that they blackmailed him with his son and said that they were going to charge his son with these crimes unless he plead to lying to Mueller.

We predicted these mistakes. The second that they went after Flynn, we looked into it and said, “They’re going to get him for the following.” It was the same thing with Manafort. But everyone knew that they had been trying to get Manafort four, five, or six Presidents ago. Manafort has been around forever. He looks young, but he has got more power than anybody can even explain. You cannot explain this power to me because I’ve seen it, and it’s magic.

I don’t know how it works. It’s kind of like John Podesta’s magic, but we know how he does his; he blackmails people. I don’t know how Paul Manafort does his.

Anyway, he is going to get out of those charges. He knew that from the beginning, and I predicted that from the beginning. The reason is because they used the word ‘conspiracy’.

Going back, the Michael Flynn rule was, “Get rid of all corporate intelligence.” We cannot prosecute them for treason because they are not military. So they can whistle blow, they can cheat, they can lie, they can steal, they can give it to other countries.

Let me give you a tiny example of what he was going after. Lockheed Martin has stolen trillions of dollars from the Pentagon. I can tell you how they do it. Catherine knows all about it. So go to The Solari Report. Folks, if you want to know how they do it, they go through the aerospace industry and the ‘no bid’ contracts. They’re not quite ‘no bid’ but they just rotate them on a regular schedule so that they can be counted on for the support of their bankers.

Anyway, Lockheed Martin opened up their own intelligence agency. Unbeknownst to anybody, they became the largest one in America, and they get most of the contracts now. Does anybody even know that? No. And where do you think that the trillions of dollars went that they stole? It went to set up their own ‘rogue CIA’ because they are stealing the money under the absolute approval of a Donald Rumsfeld who said, “I can’t keep track of the trillions. They’re missing. Don’t ask me.”

That is all of the trouble any of those companies ever get into. I can go into all of them and what they do and where they go and how they steal their money and who they use, but who do you think works for them as their number one insider to set up their intelligence agency? James Comey.

So what we are dealing with here is that Flynn said, “Get rid of all of them. Get rid of the Highlands Forum. Get rid of Andrew Marshall, who runs the Highlands Forum, and get rid of O’Neil who now runs it. Get rid of them. They are internationalists, and they take this out of our military control of our country – out of nationalism and into globalism and transnationalism and internationalism and United Nations takeover of everything. They centralize, and then it goes into the pockets of a few people.”

So this was Flynn’s plan. They had to get him out. Had he stayed for another month, he would have fired half of them. Mark my words. That was his plan. He said it. He couldn’t have said it any clearer than the words that he said, and that is the reason why they went after him.

So that was the Flynn plan. He had the support of the military – the fired military. The current military are still either scared to death, like Admiral Rogers who is quitting now after turning on Clapper, Brennan, Comey, and subsequently Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, James Baker, John Carlin and all of them. He turned on all of them – all of the intelligence working the counterintelligence. He turned on them both when he told Trump that he was being surveilled.

By the way, I could go into the details of how that goes because we all should know them because they are out in the press, and everyone has talked about them. They are nothing new. It’s just that we get so overwhelmed with the mainstream media’s subliminal control programming of our minds – literally brainwashing – that we can’t even see the forest for the trees.

So Manafort had an open tap on his phone. He was in the meetings. He practically lived at the Trump Towers. Of course he was being surveilled. I called that long before when I saw that Paul Manafort was going to take control of his campaign. I was blown away.

He used the deep state, but he used it to his own advantage. The Flynn plan was to get rid of all of the corrupt intelligence. The second that you do that, you don’t have to conduct bad wars. That intelligence leads to bad wars. That intelligence comes from whom? Usually it was from ex-British secret intelligence.

Do you realize that that is where almost all of our bad intelligence comes from? That is who Christopher Steele, who wrote the garbage Trump Dossier, is. He is ex-British intelligence. That is illegal. If he had any part in the election, that is illegal. Of course Hillary knew that. Of course John Podesta knew that, but they still paid for it.

So what we are seeing here is that they had to get Flynn out, and they had to keep Reince Priebus in because he was the ultimate leak. But you also notice that they cleaned all of the bugs out of the place. That is the whole reason why the White House was redone.

If you look closely, they say that it was scheduled, but they did the entire White House down to literally the rafters in some cases. Why? Because the whole place was bugged. He knew that, but it was bugged in many ways.

So you see that he got the deep state out. The problem is that when you say ‘deep state’ you have to name names. You cannot assume that it is this amorphous, evil, demonic thing that takes over people for possession. No, it comes down to seven simple “falls into sin”. The first one is envy. The second one is greed. That’s as far as I need to go because that is what motivates almost every person who I’ve talked about that he is fighting against, including the 36.

Blazer:   What are the other five?

Paine:   There are seven deadly sins. The others are lust, gluttony, sloth, anger and pride. There are many versions of the seven deadly sins, but what I’m saying is that when someone who looks at the ones getting away with crimes and get money for it, if you want to look at the best winners in the DC swamp, that would be James Comey and Robert Mueller. Look at their wealth. That doesn’t even tell you their offshore wealth.

So when you start to look at the wealth, and you start to look at the people who are part of that inner group, you will actually see that it is very, very easy to take all of them down.

Blazer:   So there is nothing that you are saying that in any way contradicts my model of how things work, and probably how things have worked over the last couple of years.

We’re quite aligned, and you have been very generous with your time. Let me just ask you this: In your world, does evil exist?

Paine:   Oh, heavens yes! Evil is the word ‘live’ spelled backward. Any time you’re not living properly, you’re going backwards. It’s kind of like Alice in Wonderland. If you’re standing still, you’re going backwards.

There is a lot of evil, and a lot of people will sell their soul for greed and lust.

Blazer:   The other thing that I want to ask you is: The evil factions in the deep state – are they equivalent to or aligned to Satanism?

Paine:   I would say that they are worse than Satanism. Satan is only one of the demons. There are many demons, and you do different rituals for different demons. I would say that if you want to look at the best example, look at an older organization than America. Look at the pedophilia involved in the British royalty and the British parliament.

So many were coming out so quickly of their horrifying sins that they had to pass a rule. The rule was going to be that they would reveal their offshore accounts as long as the investigations of members of parliament into pedophilia would end.

We’re talking about trillions of dollars that have left Britain and other countries to go into offshore accounts, and they were willing to give up that money as long as they kept their pedophilia and their rituals. We could go into all those details, but those are very grotesque.

It’s probably worse than anyone can imagine because it’s on a much bigger scale. This isn’t just the elite; this is anybody with money.

Blazer:   I have told Catherine that pedophilia is the key string that brings everything down. She has a lot of understanding of the issue herself and has talked about it.

I think that a lot of the stuff that goes on is actually a smokescreen for that pedophilia because it is incredibly widespread, it’s incredibly perverse in some of its expressions, and many, many people have been murdered ritually, and things have been done with their body parts and the blood and so on. It’s a way to compromise, it’s a way to intimidate, and it’s also a way to entrap.

It’s an extremely powerful tool, and it is the one thing that almost every normal American would protest against. That is their ultimate vulnerability from my perspective. I don’t know how you feel about it.

Paine:   It is inherent in the human being that is not devolving into an animal, but evolving into an angel to turn against human sacrifice. Whether that means drinking the blood or eating the heart of the body parts of cannibalism or any other form of what is nothing more than human slavery gone into the mind of a psychopath. But it wasn’t long ago that many animistic religions made human sacrifice. This is in our recent history.

People need to understand that when you go into orders like the Masonic order, all of the Masonic orders are basically about raising the master from the dead. It’s about the fact that people are scared of dying because they don’t know what is on the other side. So they use the fear of those who they murder as a tool to what they think will give them power. What it actually does is it takes their power away. It gives them power on the earth, but it binds them to the earth.

Yes, there are many, many people who have made the deal with the devil. That is not an imagination. Anyone can make a deal with the devil, but they may not be as successful as some people who are at the right moment in the right place where the devil showed up with this finely drawn carriage with its six white horses, stepped out in his fine attire and his pockets lined with gold, and makes the deal and they sign in blood.

Lady Gaga said that she met this individual. Have you heard this story? She said that she is ill now because she made a deal with the devil. She describes it in great detail and says that the reason why she is being tormented and ill now, and why no one can figure out what her illness is, is because she made a deal with the devil, and that is the way that she rose to the top.

She also said that this is true for many people in the entertainment industry, and it is not uncommon in the least. They all say the same thing. They don’t really know whether that person was real or not, but they did rise to fame afterwards. Now she believes that she is being tormented by the devil.

Blazer:   So to a large extent, is all of this about a fundamental battle between light and dark forces?

Paine:   Yes.

Blazer:   One thing that I feel quite confident about with Trump is that he is a family man who loves his family. From what I understand, he doesn’t drink and hasn’t done any drugs. He’s pretty clean-cut, and I think that he has an absolute abhorrence for this whole pedophilia thing. That is one thing that I feel pretty confident about, and that is quite positive from my perspective because it (pedophilia) is absolutely imbedded in the other approach to life.

Paine:   What you’re saying is so right. It’s so abhorrent that slavery has existed all throughout time, and America was founded on getting away from slavery in one case and not being slaves, having religious freedom, and then bringing slaves here as the Dutch East India Company did in the South, and the British East India Company did in the North. That is really what America was. It was a fight between slavery and non-slavery. That they turned it into pedophilia in young children, if I told you the statistics, it is staggering. It is staggering how many people a year come up missing and no one does anything about it.

Trump appointed Ivanka and put her in the West Wing of the White House. He raised her up and wrote an executive order saying, “We are going after the pedophiles.”

To my count, I think it is somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 who have been arrested, and that doesn’t count people who they have arrested for cyber porn. That is just the physical count. Many of them – at least seven of them – were mayors of cities in America.

So you see all of these politicians and the elite, and you see that all of the top of the media industry – whether it be the pornography of the mainstream media or the pornography of Hollywood – it doesn’t matter. The people who run those pornography industries are pornographers. Is it surprising that they are sexual predators? Is it surprising that 264 cases were settled in the Congress alone of predatory behavior from Congress people for $17 million?

Here is what I predict: No one is going to agree with me on this. As a matter of fact, there will probably be yells from the conclave who are listening to this as I say it. They will throw things at me, and I don’t care.

You are right, Harry Blazer. The reason why you are so right – and I am going to underscore how right you are – is we wrote an article called Pedogate. It is not about Pizzagate; it is about the world pedophilia. We have said exactly where it comes out of and what it’s doing.

Therefore, anyone who wants to know who works in the West Wing of the White House, and whose first name begins with ‘I’ would simply have to read the report and say, “Holy cow! We need to stop all refugees coming out of the United Nations. This is rigged,” and they did.

So, it’s Ivanka, Ivanka, Ivanka. Why do you think that he is making her into the queen of his dynasty? Because she is going to take down Pedogate worldwide from the West Wing of the White House. When she does, she not only takes down the swamp and the Podesta’s and the Clintons and Jeffrey Epstein, who has tapes of everyone who has ever come to his island, and that is the reason the Democrats can blackmail anyone.

Look at the list of the people who have gone to Jeffrey Epstein’s island. He already basically skirted prosecution for his pedophilia. Bill Clinton went there 26 times without his security staff. What do you think that temple there is for? There is a temple of offering on Jeffrey Epstein’s island.

All that you need is the list of people who went to Jeffrey Epstein’s island, and the list who paid Fusion GPS and the list of the clients of Robert Mueller’s favorite law firm that he just came out of with six of his people in the Robert Mueller fake investigation, WilmerHale (law firm). You put those names together, and you have most of the criminals whose accounts, if you seized them, would probably end most of the corruption in America.

So when Ivanka takes down pedophilia, whether just in America or worldwide, especially in Britain and the Vatican and the $588 billion donated to the Vatican for them to basically continue their institutionalized pedophilia, she will possibly become – and in my opinion, she will definitely become – the first female President of the United States of America because she will take down the evil.

When people see this, because it plucks their heartstrings more than any other thing you can say or think or do – human sacrifice based on pedophilia – you stop that, and you have stopped the evil in the world. So whoever stops that would be a true leader of the world and would be recognized by everybody for that.

That is my prediction. Whoever it is that stops it, and that is probably Ivanka or somebody from the Trump team who would certainly continue Trump’s policies and administrative ideas, could save America and the world.

Blazer:   Thomas, you come from a place where you know that people get killed for agendas, and also you have a pretty good sense of the many recipes and the many different methodologies that are used.

Since we both agree about the critical underpinnings of power that pedophilia plays – money and sex – if you start to chip away at those pillars, or at least one of the major ones, how is anybody going to be able to protect these people because there are so many ways to get at them, from satellites to all kinds of ways that you know about? How could they ever not be wiped out?

Paine:   You mean the people who stand up and fight against pedophilia?

Blazer:   I’m talking about Ivanka and any of these people. If they really sought to take down these major pillars of power in the world, how are they not going to be taken out, given all the ways that there are to take them out? There are so many different ways.

Paine:   I believe that the answer to that – and it’s a great question – is somewhat complex in that as long as Trump is attacking everyone on all fronts, they don’t have time to strike out. They are too busy striking at him. He is a distractor factor.

As they are striking at him, saying, “No border walls,” he is actually building border walls and strengthening the border walls throughout the states.

When they’re saying, “Give DACA,” and he’s saying, “Oh, yes. I will help,” no he won’t. It comes from the Congress. He knew he was manipulating them when he did that so that it would turn against him. He is becoming a better political dealer than they are. So they will not die because he is attacking on too many fronts and too many people. If they took him out, it doesn’t even matter at this point. Pence would follow along with the same program.

He has convinced those who come near him that for the first time in their life, the US political history can change. No one believed that.

It may be a radical, wild, crazy, unexpected ‘crazy wisdom’ or the ‘path of the coyote’ or the ‘path of the wolfman’ or ‘women who run with wolves’ approach or the ‘fire in the belly’ approach, but it doesn’t matter what his approach is; it matters whether he wins.

Nikki Haley accused Iran of giving a missile to Yemen to fire at Saudi Arabia when she darn well knew that that wasn’t even one of theirs. That is how much of a believer she is in Trump. Some of these people are getting on board. If they see the direction of where Trump is taking this, even the evil ones could change right on the spot.

Trump basically said, “I’m not even interested in going after Hillary,” until James Comey made a mess of it. His Department of Justice wouldn’t even give over the records so that he could go after Hillary. He didn’t make a big deal of it. But when they attack him, he attacks back. That is what they are not used to.

Their attacks are all fake. The bipartisan attacks are all fake. Pelosi says that the new bill will kill everybody. “It’s an apocalypse.” This is just bipartisan nonsense. There is a uni-party, and now there is the ‘no party’ and there is the Trump party. It’s not a real party. You see people on both sides getting on board the Trump train.

He is creating his own deep state, but in his deep state he basically wants to be a dynasty. And why shouldn’t he? Didn’t the Bushes become a dynasty? Aren’t the Clintons trying to become a dynasty? If you don’t think that Chelsea Clinton is going to run for President, that is silly. Of course she is going to run for President. This is a dynasty.

If Obama’s children were older, they would run, and it’s already been put forth again and again that Michelle Obama will run for President. This is a reality television show inside of the White House where everybody just wants to have sentiment, and whatever your favorite sentiments are, that is what you believe, and you believe whatever you are told, and that is that. Everything else is silly.

Then Trump came along, and he honked a horn, and everybody woke up. Now they are really upset because their world was turned upside down. They were all about to get – whether from Bernie or from Hillary – free education, all of their college debt wiped out, a universal allotment so that they don’t have to go to work, the billionaires were all going to be stripped and put into FEMA camps, and their money would be redistributed, and all of the other nonsense of social Marxism or totalitarian communism, which was promised by the Democratic Party this election. Why wouldn’t it be assumed to be 12.5 million undocumented illegal aliens who vote for the Democratic Party when they knew that they were going to give them everything, drop the borders, give them an entitlement program, pay refugees more than we pay our own military – whether they are disabled or active – and on and on.

Blazer:   Catherine believes in the Midianite thing. It’s basically the story from the Bible where things are orchestrated so that the enemy of the attackers believes that there are many, many more, and they start killing themselves in the frenzy. So they turn against themselves.

Do you think that this is going to be a major factor in the dissolution of the deep state?

Paine:   Yes, and it will be kind of like Antifa. As soon they recall what they are, which is domestic terrorists, they fade into the woodwork. As soon as Black Lives Matter was accused of being responsible for those murders in Texas, where are they now?

What is happening is: Where are the 30,000 foot soldiers from Obama’s OFA who were supposed to be out in the street rioting? Where is Al Sharpton’s summer after summer of riots and resistance? Where is Michael Moore’s resistance?

It all peters out because the Democrats don’t have the oomph to follow through. The flakes, the liberals, and those who want to basically be carried along by those who are supposedly the ‘elite’ and ‘rich’, these people who want their entitlement are for whoever says that they are going to give them the entitlement, whether they give it to them or not. That is the really sad thing.

Is there going to be a force? The force is going to turn against the Democratic Party the minute that you see a Hillary Clinton go to jail or a James Comey go to jail. You probably won’t see Robert Mueller go to jail because he is too slick. But as soon as Loretta Lynch goes to jail, or the second you see that there is someone going to jail for a Democratic counterintelligence attempted coup against a sitting President and against a citizen or against a President-Elect, any intelligent real voter who is actually a registered voter is going to turn against the Democratic Party if they have a lick of sense.

We will get rid of the illegal aliens who are here and who were brought in by Obama’s lawlessness. DACA and DAPA and all of the other programs which he created, which are all illegal because they were not passed by the Congress, when the wall is built, when we actually have borders, when we actually have a language, when we actually recognize that Sharia law is not legal in this country, and that no one can have nine wives in this country – whether you came from a foreign country or not – you abide by our laws. As soon as we become law abiding citizens and follow what Trump is saying with the rule of law, then the resistance will fizzle to nothing.

Blazer:   I am happy with what we have done in this session. I appreciate very much your time and your enthusiasm and the support of your wife.

Paine:   I look forward to hearing the end product, and I look forward to further conversations. Any time you want, just give a call.

Blazer:   Thank you so much.

Paine:   You take care.

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