DOJ SES  500 Discovered – The Paymasters of the Deep State

Obama hired them. Trump cannot fire them. So they say.

“No wonder the Mueller gang is so haughty. 500 unelected DOJ lawyers control all federal pay for their corporate overlords”

Donald Trump threatens their seditious corporatist gravy train.

Newly discovered (and cleverly hidden) Federal Register reports (Table 1)  identify 500 unelected DOJ lawyers who control the pay for all federal workers in the United States in total stealth mode. These SES members include Bruce Ohr, the now disgraced former associate deputy attorney general who arranged the fake “dirty dossier” in collusion with British spy Christopher Steele to discredit and depose President Trump.

Now we see why. If President Trump learned about the DOJ SS 500 stranglehold on the American economy and way of life, he would surely fire them and undo their many decades of effort to take over the American Republic. With their power over federal salaries, these 500 unelected DOJ officials control the country—from inside just one agency of the U.S. government.

President Trump can end this reign of terror by lowering the pay of every member of the SES to $1. Some of these people need to go to jail. The involvement with Steele, a foreign agent, by the DOJ SES 500 makes these actions possibly treasonous, with even harsher possibilities, according to our treason law.


Use the DOJ SES 500 Research Tool


SES 500 tool


We have developed this easy-to-use research tool for citizen investigators and journalists to easily search the names of these unelected officials, the deepest of all scum in the swamp, that keep the rank and file Senior Executive Services members in line and on message. The only way to pull these slimy rats from the swamp is to expose them, name by name, in public.

There are three ways to access these files:

Declawed PDF


Declawed XLSX

All files are the same list of 500, just offered to the researcher in different ways. This is what you will find. Use the control F key to search the documents for specific names.

SSDOJ list


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