The Windsors – Not Our Friends

We are counting on YOU – the new voice of media – to carry these messages across the globe to help our brothers and sisters awaken from their hundred year slumber under British Tavistock mind control. This includes fellow patriots in Britain who are being terrorized by the British Monarchy.

The Queen needs to be uncovered from her gilded spider-hole at Windsor Castle. She need to release immediately the Crown’s political prisoners – Tommy Robinson, Julian Assange, and any other truth speaker who have been thrown into her one of her dungeons.


She and her Privy Council meddled in our U.S. elections. We have the proof and now claim her ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES. We continue to gather indictable evidence that shows the British Monarchy is an enemy of all of humanity.


Spygate was Directed by the Queen, not Russia


The Truth about British Royals


Don’t hold your breath for Fox News or the BBC to report this. They are as corrupt and inept in reporting REAL TRUTH as CNN and all the rest of main stream media that want to keep We the People enslaved on the Queen’s prison planet.

And for those of you clutching your pearls, crying, “Oh, not the Queen”, start reading the evidence we are giving you. She is directly implicated in the 2016 U. S. election meddling and attempted overthrow of Donald J. Trump. She knew about it. By approving it, she ordered it.

Hold on……she is probably behind the assassination of another U.S. President who attempted to expose their shadow government operations as well as the leading force behind the 9-11 false flag terrorism committed against Americans.

That Tavistock bullsh*t that you have heard you whole life about winning the American Revolution and how great the Brits and Americans are as friends was just mind-control propaganda that kept you from ever looking at Senior Executive Service, Serco and the Crown Agents- all fleecing America, while Lizzie rules the world’s population as Grand Mistress of Plantation Earth.

These are all our enemies: Chatham House, the British Round Table, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, Pilgrim Society, British Council on Foreign Relations.

And this guy below…he is her U.S. henchman – Herr SS Mueller – who kept the 9-11 investigation from ever reaching her shores and who continues today to overthrow Donald J. Trump and destroy our Constitution.


SS Mueller

Where the F– is the U.S. military? These are foreign and domestic enemies!

Or is our military like the Washington FBI agents who can’t find crimes and criminals under their own roof. What a pathetic agency they turned out to be.

Do we have a military that can’t find enemies in our own country?

No Friend of America