Robert Mueller Muscling Hillary Clinton for Encryption Keys

mueller musclesMeet sullivansullivan 4.


Mueller placed his patsy Joseph E. Sullivan at Cloudflare to fix the 2018 midterm elections

Sullivan is a shill for the Senior Executive Service (SES) shadow government controlled by Mueller

Sullivan promotes “public-private” corporate fascism in Silicon Valley

Sullivan tried to cover up the loss of 57 million Uber customer and driver personal data records, was fired, then rehired by Cloudflare that controls FL, OH election encryption keys.


(Nov. 16, 2018)—New facts suggest that special counsel Robert S. Mueller, III who is running the Trump witch hunt, is also muscling in on the Clinton encryption key tax and surveillance empire.

Their war cry appears to be: “Tax and Surveil!” Ask yourself, if controlling these encryption keys is so central to the mission of the Deep State shadow government and their theft of our Constitutional Republic birthright, shouldn’t you be resisting them with all your strength? We posit that if you are not—if you are silent, or worse, if you scoff at those who are fighting, while mindlessly repeating the “conspiracy theory!” epithet*—then that is your first clue that you have been successfully brainwashed and neutralized by incessant mainstream media propaganda—which these miscreants control.

* The “conspiracy theory” epithet is a propaganda mind-control creation of the John F. Dulles-led C.I.A. MKUltra program as a way to divert public attention from the now proven suspicions that President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated by the C.I.A. President Kennedy had said in 1961: “I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds” due to their corruption and insubordination. That same C.I.A. protected its power mongering and murdered our duly-elected President. They have never stepped away from their criminality since.

Now, that same rogue C.I.A. is working to remove another duly-elected President Donald J. Trump—unless we stop them. If we do not protect and defend President Trump, then we do not deserve our Constitutional Republic, and our hard fought sacrifices of time, treasure and life will all be lost. Get off your duffs folks. Take the Red Pill and protect your American heritage! She’s not perfect, but at least we can strive. Close your ears to the mind-control propaganda, President Trump supports America’s ideals, unlike his fascist globalist opponents. See previous post Dismantle the rogue C.I.A. (PDF).

Traditional mobsters control big city garbage, prostitution, loans, drugs, haulage and so on. They either actually run the business, or shake down enterprises for monthly “protection” payments.

According to Larry Nichols (Jul. 28, 1994 timeline entry), Bill Clinton’s former political advisor in Arkansas and for President, Hillary’s father Hugh Rodham and Dan Rostenkowski took over the Chicago mob after Al Capone. Later, Rosentkowski became the Democrat representative to Congress from the Illinois 5th district (1959 to 1995). In short, these men learned how to turn corruption into political power—without going to jail.

Hugh Rodham encouraged his daughter to become a patent attorney. He told her to corner the market on emerging technologies, which she has done.


Joseph Sullivan chart
Joseph Edwin Sullivan. (Prepared Nov. 09, 2018). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.

[Note to reader: Make sure to open the 28 page document from the link in the image above to see hundreds of supporting links – huge intel dump.]

In Feb. 1977, Hillary joined the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas, and eventually seized control of a client’s promising invention, a quarter-sized quartz device called the QRS-11 that could be used to track planes, cars, trucks, trains, buses, and more generally anything in which it was embedded.

James P ChandlerHillary’s legal mentor was a clever black Harvard and George Washington University law professor named James P. Chandler, III. While he coached Bill and Hillary, Chandler was scheming to corner the legal market on protection of software inventions, trade secrets and “the intellectual property of the United States.” So he boasted at every opportunity.

When the Clintons came to power in 1993, Chandler became their top outside advisor for intellectual property, patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, economic espionage, counterfeiting and counter intelligence. He immediately wrote and Congress approved (unanimously) The Economic Espionage and Federal Trade Secrets Acts of 1996, and The False Statements Accountability Act of 1996 (officially sanctioned lying to Congress and the courts, that’s right, you did not misread).

One of Chandler’s strategies was to use his influence over the Clintons to take over the Internet as a way to stay perpetually ahead of Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Israeli, Irish, Indian and French intelligence. So he also boasted.

At the same time, Chandler was outside counsel to IBM. He worked closely with IBM inside intellectual property counsel, David J. Kappos (Obama’s Patent Office director – 2009-2013), to muscle IBM’s competitors with “junk patents” to extort license fees. This activity was the real “patent troll” which Chandler and Kappos have flipped 180 degrees into unfounded media attacks on small inventors as the trolls.

The Weaponization of Social Networking

IBM was all the while standing behind Chandler’s plan to weaponize the Internet. See our previous post: The Weaponization of Social Media Should Concern Us All (PDF).

Within months of Clinton coming to power, Chandler arranged for the Carnegie Endowment for Peace, Clinton chief of staff John Podesta, and a raft of DOJ insiders, including Robert Mueller, James Comey, Duval Patrick and Louis Freeh to hold a Who’s Who conference to promote giving the FBI backdoor encryption access to the emerging commercial Internet, which was in its infancy then. That “Clipper Chip” died in Congress over privacy concerns and inadequate safeguards.

Undeterred, Chandler and his FBI/DOJ co-conspirators turned to the Departments of Commerce and Justice to concoct an export license requirement to embed the backdoor key as a prerequisite for sale of their hardware, software and firmware offshore. The list of vendors who embed the NSA Dual_EC_DRBG encryption algorithm to this day is even published.

American-style Fascism was Perfected under Clinton Rule

The Clinton-Chandler-Podesta-Mueller scheme to bypass Congress on encryption backdoors as well as all other technology and Internet policy was hatched.

The Clintons began focusing on: (1) Chandler-drafted executive orders, (2) some changes to laws triggered by totally staged “terror” threats, (3) compliant agency Senior Executive Service (SES) appointments, and (4) cooperation from the private sector in exchange for no-bid contracts. In short, American-style fascism.

High Tech Mobsterism

In keeping with the age-old maxim of “follow the money,“ the real money being made in “Big Data” is through secret taxes on the encryption keys and the sale of information.

Prior to social networking however, these Clinton mobsters experimented with various forms of control and revenue, but their systems suffered from data “silos.” Large volumes of data were system specific and not easily transportable across systems. Any ability to tax these transactions was fraught with too many technology and policy hurdles to implement it globally.

These mobsters yearned for a way to collect a private, non-governmental tax on each Internet transaction. They also wanted a universal way to spy on people at will.

The answer to their evil prayers came on a day in Jan. 2000 when James P. Chandler, III was introduced to Columbus entrepreneur, engineer and inventor Michael T. McKibben. McKibben and his team, in total secrecy, had invented a way to overcome the silo problem and make the Internet scalable.

McKibben knew what he was doing engineering-wise and organizationally. He was an accomplished organizational development consultant and a leadership and management author. In the early 1990’s he had rebuilt AT&T’s main email system AT&T AccessPlus 3.0 in time for release with Windows 95 as well as designed a number of personal information managers.

Social networking scalability opened the door to one encryption key per person, thus the ability to track and tax everything

Hindsight being 20-20, we now see that Chandler, Clinton, Mueller, etc. decided to steal McKibben’s invention (illegal) for infinite Internet scalability, inserted IBM copyrights (illegal), declared it “open source” (illegal), then distributed it free almost overnight to Silicon Valley (illegal) to build the “IBM Internet of Things (IoT),” and thus control universal back end access (illegal) to all the code they had given away. That’s right, the entire IoT industry is one mammoth fraud, built on theft, lies, and more lies.

With McKibben’s social networking invention in mind, they also reconfigured their approach to “Public Key Infrastructure” (PKI), government documents (p. 6) describe (ref. “late 90’s” [when Chandler met McKibben and Leader Technologies] and “Prior to 2004″ [when IBM launched EclipseCon 2004, Feb. 02-05, 2004, and they launched Facebook, Feb. 04, 2002]).

They also devised a convoluted licensing system that only an unscrupulous lawyer could love whereby “trusted” private companies would maintain not only the public keys used by websites, but also a copy of people’s private keys, ostensibly for disaster recovery convenience. See Fig. 8.

Trust (not)

These selected PKI Certificate Authorities plaster their cheeky ad words on all their PR. These words include: trust, high standards, security, integrity, verified, trustworthy, assurance, certified, protect, reliable, secure, quality and veritas (Latin: truth). They have proven through focus groups that 99.5% of the public believes their excrement about “trust” and lets them get away with their criminality.

Moral: Whenever “public-private” fascist capitalists use words like “trust,” run.

Several types of encryption keys that use PKI

In lay terms, the basic idea behind PKI is that you need to marry up a public key for your recipient’s website with your private key. Those married keys are then used to encrypt your transmission. Its like you need two keys, not one, to open your front door.

Then, instead of sending your message through the Internet for anyone to read, your transmission is scrambled while it is on the move. See Fig. 3 below. This type of encryption occurs automatically, presuming each side has purchased their essentially government-mandated Certificate Authority (Hint: Herein is the universal tax on all Internet transactions—run by private corporations controlled by Hillary et al. Want in on this action? No! Deplorables need not apply.)

This purchase is Hillary’s dirty little secret for how she taxes the Internet and makes money from each and every transaction all around the planet.

how to encrypt file
Illustration of unencrypted (plain text) and encrypted data

Another use of public and private keys is encrypting files and messages. Both sender and recipient share their public key and each creates a private key. The public key is generally kept on a PKI server. The dirty secret here is that these servers also use various ways to sniff and store your private key without your knowledge. In addition, many if not most of the applications that encrypt and decrypt using this method contain the NSA Dual_EC_DRBG algorithm that enables snoopers to decrypt anything without any keys, public or private.

Mueller is muscling Hillary for encryption key turf

Over the last thirty years, the encryption key turf was controlled by Hillary and her mentor Chandler. They let the DOJ and FBI play through corruptocrats like Robert S. Mueller, III and James B. Comey, among others.

However, it now appears that Mueller and Chandler quietly recruited Joseph Edmund Sullivan, son of a C.I.A. agent, as the mole to do their dirty work.

Sullivan’s mother, Winona Cecile Sullivan nee Yahn, was a C.I.A. agent focused on the Russian spying (1965-67) . She studied Russian at the University of Leningrad, then applied to the C.I.A. to be a spy. Being pleasing to the eye, one needs no imagination to know what she did. The trade craft of deception was well-honed among the Sullivans. Joseph claims he had no knowledge of his mother’s spying, but given his career as a spy himself, this assertion is not credible. And, as we now see, these SES spies like to pass on their insider knowledge to their offspring.

From 1992 to 2002, Sullivan worked for the DOJ and specifically for Chandler and Mueller as Assistant U.S. Attorney (AUSA) in Miami, Las Vegas and San Francisco. He only prosecuted 41 cases in total during his work as AUSA. He bragged at his House Judiciary hearing on Jul. 28, 2010 that he was a founding member of the DOJ Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property Unit, despite scant few cases on that subject. Ironically, that was the very same day that Leader proved in Leader v. Facebook that Facebook was infringing Leader Technologies’ social networking patent on 11 of 11 claims. Sullivan failed to disclose this to Congress. He also failed to disclose Hillary’s secret contract for Facebook to build an election winning template. He also failed to disclose his relationship with Leader’s patent attorney Chandler, thus being engaged in tampering with a witness.

This Mueller Cyber Crime Unit appears to have been a ruse to cover up Mueller’s work to horn in on the Clinton’s money making from taking fees for digital encryption Certificate Authority keys. It appears that the real cyber criminals were Mueller, Chandler and Sullivan.

Here’s proof that Sullivan and Mueller collaborated closely.

sullivan screen shot 1
US v. Avalar, et al, 5:01-cr-20069-JW-1 filed jointly between Robert S. Mueller, III, US Attorney and Joseph E. Sullivan, Assistant US Attorney (CAND filed Apr. 26, 2001).

Here’s further proof that Mueller was Sullivan’ mentor:

sullivan screen shot 2.JPG
Joseph E. Sullivan. (Jul. 28, 2010). Chief Security Officer for Facebook testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security, hearing on Online Privacy, Social Networking, and Crime Victimization. U.S. House of Representatives.

Here is proof that Chandler and Sullivan worked together. This case could only have been prosecuted with Chandler’s approval since it is notoriously known in Washington, D.C. that the U.S. Department of Justice was required to permit Chandler to oversee the prosecutions of his newly minted Federal Trade Secrets Act of 1986 19 USC 1832 for ten (10) years.

theft of trade secrets sullivan
US v. Wang, et al, 5:01-cr-20065-JF-1, Joseph E. Sullivan, AUSA with James P. Chandler, III (CAND filed Aug. 24, 2000).

Sullivan’s move from DOJ/FBI to Silicon Valley has been truly magical

Sullivan was then placed as the top legal and security officer and advisor at Ebay, PayPal, Skype, Facebook, RiskIQ, U.S. Cyber Alliance, Bluecava (Mark Cuban), Airbnb, GURUCUL, Obama’s Presidential Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity (read: get Hillary elected), Uber and now Cloudflare.

After eBay, Sullivan bought two homes in Silicon Valley in 2006 worth $5 million—a remarkable achievement for a guy who had made $130,000 per year as an assistant U.S. attorney.

Remarkably, Sullivan was hired as chief security officer at Cloudflare despite his epic loss of 57 user and driver records at Uber and his attempt to cover it up six months earlier. That got him fired at Uber. Of course, normally that might have been a career-ending faux pas, but not for Mueller’s and Chandler’s flunky.

Cloudflare hired tainted goods—evidently because Mueller directed it

Evidently, Mueller placed his errand boy Sullivan at Cloudflare, but for what purpose?

A quick review of Cloudflare’s owners is one clue to Mueller’s thinking. It is the same list of shadow government crony corporate beneficiaries like Pelion Ventures, Venrock, NEA (New Enterprise Associates), Union Square Ventures, Greenspring Associates, Fidelity Investments, Google Capital, Microsoft, Qualcomm and Baidu (China).

The specter of foreign interference in U.S. elections is evident given Baidu (China)’s substantial ownership stake in Cloudflare. Also, given Google’s now hostile activity in supporting totalitarian regimes in China and Venezuela, and their support of Project Dragonfly and the heinous “social credit score” in China, the risk to free and fair US elections is doubly evident.

When one adds the fact that Mueller’s Russia probe is a witch hunt that is debilitating our government, has he exposed our American elections to Chinese influence using Cloudflare? Has Mueller not now become an enemy of the state?

cloudfare screen shot 1.JPG
Anonymous Patriots. (Prepared Nov. 09, 2018). OHIO – State Election Encryption Authorities, by State, p. 71-72. MX Toolbox.
cloudfare screen shot 2
Anonymous Patriots. (Prepared Nov. 09, 2018). FLORIDA – State Election Encryption Authorities, by State, p. 24-25. MX Toolbox..

Mueller infiltrated Cloudflare via Sullivan to get access to swing state election encryption keys

Given how quickly Cloudflare and Mueller muscled in on Hillary’s Certificate Authority turf, we are observing an evident mob turf war for control of all Certificate Authority taxing and encryption keys.

When one considers that Hillary and her 19-year law partner Jerry C. Jones sold ENTRUST to placate Michael Chertoff on Dec. 17, 2013, the specter of a full-on mob turf war seems likely. With the ENTRUST purchase, Chertoff bought Certificate Authority in at least Colorado, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Wyoming.

The difference between Chertoff and Mueller is that Chertoff appears to be a soy boy who is satisfied with his little piece of the pie.

Robert Mueller: ‘Ole Mule Face Dreams he is King of the world! (He thinks Queen Hillary screwed up her encryption keys in 2016)

Mueller, on the other hand, wants to be king maker.

In the process of giving Michael Chertoff some of the encryption action, Hillary and Jerry C. Jones shifted their Certificate Authority business by purchasing DigiCert, which controls the encryption keys in the following state election systems: Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio (Cloudflare-DigitCert), Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin

By grabbing encryption keys in Ohio and Florida, Mueller is challenging Hillary’s turf.

Are Mueller’s Wheels flying off? We hope so.

As an illegitimate special counsel, Mueller is attempting to unseat a duly elected President Donald J. Trump.

Mueller has overstepped his special counsel authority by conducting a political witch hunt against his effective enemies including Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Julian Assange, among others.

Mueller and Chertoff evidently organized the events of 911 to remove the Constitutional blocks to their SES shadow government takeover of our Constitutional Republic.

Mueller has persecuted dozens of FBI and CIA whistle blowers.

It is strongly believed that Mueller had his former FBI agent Whitey Bulger assassinate recently just before he was preparing to testify about Mueller.

Mueller clearly wants a piece of the Certificate Authority taxing and mass surveillance encryption system that Clintons currently control.

Maybe he wants more.

Maybe he wants to be the King Mob Boss

The Clintons are now in his way.

Call to Action:

President Trump can immediately direct his Federal Public Key Infrastructure Policy Authority (FPKIPA) to revoke any and all Certificate Authorities that are engaged in supporting treasonous or seditious activity against the United States. This is a matter of grave national security that falls under the rubric of recent State of Emergency Executive Orders.

Specifically, any certificate authorities associated directly or through surrogates with Robert S. Mueller, III, James P. Chandler, III, James B. Comey, Michael Chertoff, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Jerry C. Jones, Joseph E. Sullivan, Orlando Bravo should be revoked immediately.

Regarding foreign election meddling, any Certificate Authority currently providing services to the state boards of elections that maintain encryption keys offshore should be immediately revoked.

As a part of this review, the President should evaluate the qualifications and loyalties of the members of the Federal Public Key Infrastructure Policy Authority (FPKIPA) which is comprised of members “appointed by each federal agency’s CIO, and the group operates under the authority of the Federal CIO Council.”

It appears that many, if not all, of these chief information officers are stay-behind corruptocrat Senior Executive Service (SES) members who are not loyal to our duly elected President Donald J. Trump. If he cannot fire them due to the convoluted and self-serving SES policies, then he should invoke the Holman Rule and reduce their salaries and benefits to $1.

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