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Kamala Harris’ Horrible Skeletons in the Closet

Kamala Harris is supporting reparations for slavery—specifically African slavery—in a cynical attempt to elicit African-American votes.

She is not even qualified to seek votes for the Presidency since she is not a natural born citizen. She was born to foreign students in the U.S. and does not meet the Constitutional requirements. Constitutional attorney Larry Klayman just made this case quite clearly.

Her reparations argument is equally fallacious since she ignores her own family heritage. Hamilton Brown’s enslavement of black, white and brown slaves was horrific and unrepentant.

Perhaps Kamala should first make reparations for the crimes of her own family.


Their “Inner Sanctum” brotherhood took an “ULTRA oath” not to reveal even the existence of their Mar. 05, 1945 agreement and reluctantly allowed the FBI inside. How did a United States Brigadier General (James Freeze) help patent troll James P. Chandler III pull off the biggest theft social media history, all for the ability to spy and control citizens around the world.