Nick Clegg and the Privy Council Take Control of Facebook

British cyber lords take control of FB’s collapse

British cyber lords squelch free speech at FB

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Fig. 1—Baron Richard Beecroft Allan, Facebook, vice-president of public policy. Richard Beecroft Allan. (Compiled Nov. 30, 2018). Biography and Timeline. Americans for Innovation, American Intelligence Media. (Raw *.xlsx spreadsheet).

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(Dec. 4, 2018) Last week, an unprecedented European policy panel on censorship and fake news skewered Lord Richard Beecroft Allan—Facebook’s UK director of public policy—when he appeared for a hearing but Mark Elliot Zuckerberg did not.

Nothing about Facebook’s conduct that day made sense.

Just weeks earlier, Facebook had announced that Sir Nick Clegg, the former British deputy prime minister, had been appointed vice-president of global communications.

At the very least, it would have made more sense that Sir Nick face the grilling instead of the no-name Baron Allan. Perhaps Sir Nick was laying low after the scathing AFI exposé of his globalist misconduct a few weeks earlier. See AFI. (Oct. 25, 2018). Queen’s Privy Council infiltrates Facebook to destroy MAGA Brexit and take control of Project Dragonfly. Americans for Innovation.


This question took a while to answer because his resume is full of fluff and obfuscation. For example, he never disclosed his financial holdings to Parliament, nor has he filed Form D insider trading disclosures while an officer at Cisco or Facebook.

Allan timeline
Fig. 2Richard Beecroft Allan. (Compiled Nov. 30, 2018). Biography and Timeline. Americans for Innovation, American Intelligence Media. (Raw *.xlsx spreadsheet).

He was born Richard Beecroft Allan on February 11, 1966 in Sheffield UK to a chauffeur father (John) and personnel manager mother (Elizabeth born Beaumont).

He attended Oundle School, an expensive co-ed private school that sources say is notorious for rampant promiscuity. Such a school is normally beyond the reach of Britons on blue collar salaries.  [ANOM]

He also tells us nothing about his parents. We had to dig their names out of an obscure book published by Parliamentary archivists, confirmed by birth and marriage public records.

Normally, Burke’s Peerage, a British genealogical publisher founded in 1826 and devoted to the ancestry and heraldry of the peerage, baronetage, knightage and landed gentry of the United Kingdom, is a quick source for information about a Lord’s parents, siblings and children.

So what achievement(s) distinguished Richard Allan to be honored as Baron Allan of Hallam, of Ecclesall, Sheffield, in the County of South Yorkshire?

After Oundle School, Allan attended Cambridge and received a BS in Anthropology and Archeology. Following archeology projects in Britain, France and Ecuador, he attended Bristol Polytechnic where he received a master of science in information science.

Bristol Polytechnic does not distinguish Allan in science. Such institutions are generally where people go when they cannot get into the top programs at schools like Oxford, Cambridge or Imperial College. Since he attended Bristol Polytechnic for only one year, he could have barely picked up technology lingo like SQL, Java, PERL, and HTML. Notably, he sprinkles these acronyms liberally in his subsequent writings, which may impress a novice, but to AFI researchers, it was cheesy.

Allan was married to Louise Maria Netley from Bath, Avon for ten years from May 9, 1991 to 2001. They had one daughter (we could not find her name).

In 2001, Allan and Louise dissolved the marriage. Since then, Allan has fathered twin daughters Eleni and Alicia with an unidentified “partner.” So his family life too is unremarkable.

Allan worked for six years as a manager in the British national health system without notable achievement.

Then remarkably, in 1997 he rocketed to become the Liberal Democrat MP for Sheffield Hallam–the place where he was born and his father was a “chauffeur.” He immediately joined Parliament’s Information Committee.

In 1999, he became an unpaid trustee for the Sheffield Leisure and Recreation Trust Limited, later renamed Sheffield City Trust.

During Allan’s eight years in Parliament, he oversaw the repeated selection of Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie’s SERCO in essentially no-bid contracts for prisons, leisure centers, rail systems and recruiting in his district.


While an MP, Allan blogged numerous times about his desire to see software patenting abolished as “a serious threat to innovation and creativity.”

While an MP, Allan became a fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute. The Institute was formed with a £15 million donation from Dame Stephanie Shirley on August 17, 2001, just weeks before the IBM Eclipse Foundation received a $20 million donation from IBM (on Nov. 29, 2001). The timing is evidently not coincidental. Hindsight shows that the Eclipse Foundation had been formed to distribute the social networking inventions of Columbus inventor Leader Technologies that IBM and others stole via patent attorney James P. Chandler, III. Shirley’s software companies are notoriously known to be in alliance with IBM, Cisco and SERCO.

This anti-patent sentiment is especially ironic since his next two employers (Cisco and Facebook) hold 16,372 patents between! While MP, Allan was wined and dined by Cisco in Stockholm. Knowledgeable insiders now know that Cisco is a creation of the rogue C.I.A.

Then, between 2005-2009, Allan served as director of European government affairs for Cisco. Nothing about Allan’s resume, other than his likely secret association with the rouge C.I.A., SERCO and Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, distinguishes him for this Cisco policy position. He was very evidently doing the globalist Deep State shadow government’s bidding at Cisco.

On June 26, 2009, Facebook hired Allan as vice-president of public policy. This occurred just a few months into the Obama-Clinton Presidency.

Facebook was at that time embroiled in the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement fight. Allan became a member of the World Economic Forum and was made a Lord Baron.

One is left scratching one’s head to understand what distinguished Allan to make him a Lord, much less assigned him to lead public policy for Cisco and Facebook. That honor was not extended to his family wife and children, which is also weird. Generally, children attain “The Honourable” before their name and are listed in Burke’s Peerage. Not so with Allan.

Remarkably, Allan became a Lord just two days before the end of the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement trial.

Readers are of course free to draw their own conclusion from the facts.

Here’s what we think until proven otherwise:

Allan was groomed by Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, Lord Mark-Malloch Brown and others to be their eventual replacements in the new world order they are building in the Privy Council. These groomers paid his Oundle School bills (costs as much as Harvard).

Consistent with other notorious grooming of spies in Britain, Allan was likely sexually abused by spies and pedophiles at Oundle to ensure control of his mind. They sent him first to Cambridge to complete the pedophile grooming, and then topped off his college training at Bristol Polytechnic for a year to develop his software technology vocabulary.

After six years as a nondescript healthcare manager, he was thrust into Parliament representing his home town of Sheffield.

Along the way he “volunteered” to be an unpaid trustee of the Sheffield Leisure Centre. During his time as MP, SERCO attained numerous contracts for prisons, rail, customer service and technology. This seems to have been his assignment: to make sure long term SERCO contracts were tied up.

Also while MP, he became a “fellow” at the Oxford Internet Institute which began promoting anti-patent “open source” at exactly the same time that IBM Eclipse Foundation was doing the same in the U.S.

As MP, Allan trotted the world giving light weight speeches promoting Open Government, eGovernment and eDemocray on behalf of his rogue C.I.A. handlers.

Then, as quickly as his rise into Parliament, Allan landed the top policy positions at Cisco, and now at Facebook.

So, the only thing remarkable about Allan’s resume its un-remarkability for someone who started life the son of a chauffeur and became a Baron in his 44 years on this planet.

His royal honours begs the question, is everyone with a title in the U.K. a fraud at heart? Inquiring minds want to know.


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