Mueller’s Top Witch Ensnares Roger Stone, Concord Catering, and Paul Manafort – While Hubby Pushes Fake News at NewsGuard

Hillary’s INSIDER on Mueller Witch Hunt



Recuse Ms. Rhee! Her husband and his employer, Knight Foundation-NewsGuard, attack Roger Stone, Alex Jones and Infowars

You cannot possibly prove impartiality given your husband’s actions alone.

Mueller prosecutor in US v. Roger Stone, Jeannie W. Rhee’s husband, Christopher S. Rhee (that’s right, he took her name at the wedding), works for the Knight Foundation that funded NEWSGUARD and contributes fake news hit pieces to Knight Foundation’s other company, Quartz.

NEWSGUARD is censoring Roger Stone and his employer, Alex Jones and Infowars.

On Aug. 27, 1995, Jeannie S. Rhee married Christopher M. Sclafani. He changed his name to:

Christopher M. Sclafani Rhee

Christopher Marc Sclafani-Rhee

Chris Sclafani-Rhee

Archives. (Aug. 27, 1995). WEDDINGS; J. H. Rhee [Jeannie Hae Rhee], C. M. Sclafani [Christopher Marc Sclafani-Rhee]. The New York Times.

On Nov. 17, 2011, Christopher S. Rhee entered an appearance in DC District Court representing Arnold & Porter LLP.

Christopher S. Rhee. (Nov. 17, 2011). ENTRY OF APPEARANCE, D.C. Bar No. 464126, Arnold & Porter LLP, Washington, D.C. in Jerome Hampton in USA v. GLOVER, 1:07-cr-00153-TFH-14 (D.D.C 2014).

On Sep. 24, 2012, Quartz news website was launched. Remarkably, Quartz’s main office is located in New York. It also has correspondents and staff reporters based in Hong Kong, India, London, Los Angeles, Thailand, Washington, DC, and elsewhere.

Quartz. (Sep. 24, 2012). Company Profile. Wikipedia.

Also Remarkably, Quartz does not disclose on Wikipedia the identity of its initial funder: Knight Foundation. Quartz. (Accessed Jan. 28, 2019). Company Profile, including Knight Foundation investments, p. 4. Crunchbase.

By Apr. 01, 2015, Christopher S. Rhee had joined Quartz as a Contributor.

Christopher S. Rhee. (By Apr. 01, 2015). Contributor. Quartz.
Christopher S. Rhee. (Apr. 01, 2015). Boycotting Indiana won’t fix America’s discrimination problem. Quartz.

On Nov. 30, 2016, Christopher S. Rhee published a second FAKE NEWS article trashing the Electoral College for Quartz.

Christopher S. Rhee. (Nov. 30, 2016). The electoral college’s many flaws prove American democracy is surprisingly undemocratic. Quartz.

On Mar. 06, 2018, the Knight Foundation invested in NEWSGUARD.

Knight Foundation. (Mar. 06, 2018). Investment in NewsGuard, Quartz, p. 5. Crunchbase.

On Aug. 23, 2018, NEWSGUARD, owned by Christopher S. Rhee’s employers, attacked Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Infowars as fake news.

Issie Lapowsky. (Aug. 23, 2018). NEWSGUARD WANTS TO FIGHT FAKE NEWS WITH HUMANS, NOT ALGORITHMS. Wired. (“[A] group of journalists and media executives are launching a tool called NewsGuar . . . Similarly, both InfoWars and Daily Kos, which sit on opposite ends of the ideological spectrum, scored in the red.”)

This is prima facie evidence that Jeannie S. Rhee must recuse.


ANOTHER Mueller investigator comes under scrutiny: Attorney on Russia probe is revealed to have previously represented the Clinton Foundation


The DNC bias from FEC disclosure alone is swimmingly evident. He employment by Mueller’s Wilmer Hale (Dorr) is an off the charts violation of the ethics of law to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. What is the point of these FEC disclosures if this information would not disqualify her?

Click to access 2019-01-28-Jeannie-S-Rhee-Donor-Disclosure-Federal-Election-Commission-accessed-Jan-28-2019.pdf

fecrhee 1rhee 2.JPGrhee 3

rhee 4


See full research documents with screen embeds here:

Also see:

Jeannie Sclafani Rhee (Accessed Jan. 29, 2019). DOCKET Appearances, 75 cases, Mar. 02, 2000 to Jan. 24, 2019. Pacer.

rhee cases 1rhee case 4rhee cases 2.JPGrhee cases 3rhee case 5.JPG


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