Strzok Testimony Analysis

peter strzok afiOur researchers have been through the Strzok testimony and these are their findings of relevance. If you see additional items that need to be pointed out, please leave them in the comment box below.

Conclusion of the Strzok Interview Analysis:

1. The FBI refused to answer most any question about the time frame surrounding Dinner with the Ohrs, or contact with the Ohrs.

They were tap dancing about any activities in the May-Jun time frame or the run up to the first FISA warrant application.

Specifically, they tap danced about whether admitted FBI “Supervisor” Strzok was the agent who signed off on the first Carter Page Warrant application.


  1. The “sensitive source” appears to have been the Chief Crown Prosecutor Alison Saunders, the special home dinner guest of Bruce & Nellie Ohr.
  2. Strzok travelled to London in May 2016, most likely to make all the entrapment arrangements with Chief Crown Prosecutor Alison Saunders and her minions Stefan Halper and Sir Richard Dearlove to frame the two patsies George Papadopoulos and Carter Page who had the most Russian contacts they could muster who had had cursory contacts with the Trump campaign.

Here is the testimony transcript that is referenced throughout this post:

Peter Strzok. (Jun. 27, 2018). Peter Strzok TRANSCRIPTION of Interview with Peter Strzok released by Rep. Doug Collins (GA 9th), Committee on the Judiciary, pgs. 312. U.S. House of Representatives.

crossfire hurricane.JPGstrzok section chiefstrzok preistap.JPGstrzok titlestrzok sends text.JPGratcliff to strzok.JPGcounterintelligence

Too many words… Protecting “Dinner with the Ohrs” and Crown Prosecution Service chief Alison Saunders? Remember, the FISA warrant request in June 2016 and they were busy revising it for the first approval in October 2016

strzok test 1.JPGinsurance policy 2strzok test 2.JPGstrzok test 3.JPGstrzok test 4.JPG

Predicating information was probably “Dinner with the Ohrs” and British prosecutor Alison Saunders.

See below… “easily answered…” Yes?

strzok test 5strzok test 6.JPGstrzok test 7strzok test 8.JPG

After the first FISA Carter Page warrant was issued, likely triggered by “Dinner with the Ohrs” on June 5, 2016

First Carter W. Page FISA warrant was applied for in “June 2016” and issued in “October 2016).

strzok test 9.JPGstrzok test 10.JPG

Crossfire Hurricane is the probe code name.

strzok test 11strzok test 12.JPG

Strzok is tap dancing…

strzok test 13.JPG

Is the “UK” redacted in the transcripts below?

strzok test 14

Side bar: This item from The Hill that reported trips to London:

hill articlemenacestrzok test 15

Strzok tap shoes back on…

strzok test 16.JPGstrzok test 17strzok test 18.JPGaffair.JPGstrzok test 19.JPG

p. 54

page 54strzok test 20

More tap dancing…

strzok test 21.JPGstrzok test 22.JPGstrzok test 23.JPG

More hiding behind secrecy skirts.

strzok test 24.JPGstrzok 1strzok 2strzok 3

Strzok testimony protected SES identities! Nobody in Congress pushed back!

strzok 4strzok 5strzok 6.JPGstrzok james comey.JPGstrzok 7.JPGstrzok 8.JPGstrzok 9strzok 10

This is an ignorant answer. If this were true then there would be no need to keep conflict of interest logs, FEC disclosures, SEC disclosure or have ethics rules on conflicts.

strzok 11.JPG

alison saundersMore proof he set up Carter Page and George Papadopoulos with the Queen’s assistance (Alison Saunders)

strzok 12

Back to the tap dancing…

strzok 13.JPG

Not answering is a YES!

strzok 14.JPG


…but remember it is LEGAL TO LIE TO CONGRESS

strzok perjury.JPGstrzok 15.JPG

Whoops. Inability to answer NO is a YES!

Is he the FBI “Supervisor” who signed the first Carter Page Warrant request?

strzok 16

Of course he signed it. He was the mystery FBI visitor to London in May working things out with Alison Saunders, his counterpart, then he had her come over to brief the Ohrs over the “Dinner with the Ohrs” so that he would not have to!

strzok 17.JPGstrzok 18.JPGstrzok 19.JPG

Strzok certainly was aware of non-SESers at “Tea with Hills”

strzok 30

Back to tap dancing…

strzok 20.JPGstrzok 21.JPGstrzok 22

FBI CYA, hiding behind the skirts of lady secrecy.

strzok 23strzok 24.JPGstrzok 25.JPGstrzok 26strzok 27.JPGstrzok 28.JPG

The attorney-judge “ongoing investigation” scam to hide conspiracy…

Main Street is being lied to by the justice system using procedure to hide their sins behind.

strzok 29.JPG

Strzok’s promotion

promotion 1promotion 2promotion 3.JPGpromotion 4.JPG