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Lloyd George, the future prime minister, and attorney-general Rufus Isaacs, bought insider stock from Isaac’s brother, managing director of Marconi—using their inside information on coming British Marconi contracts (“The Marconi Scandal”)

Wireless technology to this day is founded on this lawless, corrupt beginning

Lloyd George used the British War Cabinet (1917) to consolidate British control of global wireless and Tavistock propaganda permanently (e.g., SCL Group, Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Geoffrey Pattie, Malloch-Brown, Clegg, Allan ) Lloyd George, the future prime minister, and attorney-general Rufus Isaacs, bought insider stock from Isaac’s brother, managing director of Marconi—using their inside information on coming British Marconi contracts (“The Marconi Scandal”)

On Apr. 27, 1912, David Lloyd George, Chancellor of the Exchequer, the future Prime Minister of Great Britain and Governor of the Imperial War Cabinet (Dec. 14, 1916), faced one of the gravest corruption crises in his career. On Apr. 12, 1912, Lloyd George, along with Rufus Daniel Isaacs, Attorney-General (1st Marquess of Reading, GCB, GCSI, GCIE, GCVO, Privy Council (10 October 1860 – 30 December 1935) was a British Liberal politician and judge, who served as Lord Chief Justice of England, Viceroy of India, and Foreign Secretary, the last Liberal to hold that post), the attorney general, he had purchased shares in the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America at a rate well below that available to the general public. The American Marconi company was legally independent of the British concern, but the two companies were closely connected, and the latter’s shares had recently boomed as a result of the government’s decision to accept its proposal to construct a chain of radio stations throughout the empire.[1702]

“The same [stolen Tesla wireless telegraphy] patents are worked by both companies.” (PDF p. 115)

Bonar Law, MP, Lord Privy Seal, PM (1922-1923)

Godfrey Issacs, Rufus’ brother managing director of the English Marconi, arranged the sale at below-market prices.

A third investor, Master of Elibank (later) Lord Murray, Privy Council, Sec. of the Treasury, invested Liberal party funds as chief whip, paying £2 on Apr. 17, 1913 for American Marconi shares that jumped to £3.3 per share the next day. (PDF, p. 113).

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The Crown and The City created the allusion of private control of companies to fool investors


The ensuing Parliamentary inquiry into the corruption reveals that “one preference share on behalf of himself and other shareholders” in English Marconi was made by Cecil Chesterton, the brother of writer G.K. Chesterton. In subsequent lawfare and media propaganda, the existence of this share was smothered in obfuscation. The nature and power of this share was never revealed outside of Queen’s Court. Researchers strongly believe that it is quite likely one of the earliest “Golden Shares” issued to the monarch thru intermediaries to control “privatized” companies secretly, while fooling the public markets into thinking they are publicly controlled. (PDF, p. 37). G.K. Chesterton (his brother) and George Bernard (writers for the British War Propaganda Bureau), denied in their propaganda.

George and Isaacs denied, in somewhat ambiguous language, any transactions in the shares of “the Marconi company,” a denial that technically referred only to the British company but was generally assumed to cover the American Marconi that was majority-controlled subsidiary as well. A select committee of the House of Commons revealed the facts and, although by a party majority it acquitted the ministers of blame, Lloyd George’s reputation was damaged, but Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table disciples (Milner, Buchan Masterman, Law, Chesterton, Shaw, Smuts) exploited Lloyd George’s weakened political state to take over Parliament Imperial War Cabinet.[1701]

The combination of the Golden Share and 56% controlling interest in American Marconi gave the British tight control of the global wireless telegraphy deployment worldwide from inception before World War I. The weaponized technology was used for naval communications and mass propaganda mind control and brain washing. British SERCO has effectively hijacked technology worldwide via “The Internet of Things.” SERCO also runs the U.S. Patent Office under contract from the Senior Executive Services (SES) shadow government.

History reveals that these unethical acts by Lloyd George and Issacs founded the entire modern world of wireless high technology on a corrupt foundation from which it has never recovered, and in fact, has veered into nefarious uses such as euthanasia, war mongering, monopoly, property theft, abusive taxation, wars, false flags, hedge funds, oppression, lying, tyranny, slavery, human trafficking, money laundering, illegal surveillance, pedophilia, insider trading, racketeering, bribery, drug abuse, murder, mutilation, genocide, drug trafficking, pornography, blackmail, luciferian blood and body parts trafficking, ritual child abuse and sacrifice (The Seven Deadly Sins). Indeed, Jesus Christ warned about building human activity on depraved moral foundations in the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders in Matthew 7:24-27.

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