Conclave Research Shows 1946 Origin of Five Eyes Spying Operations on the United States by the UK-GQHQ

cat smileFor those of you emailing us “Where are my daily Cat Reports?”, please recall that we mentioned several times that we are traveling during the summer and unable to post on a regular basis. We have a few days between trips and have updated this week’s highly important Conclave miner finds.

Additionally, we have some amazing information to share with you on vibrational science and healing from a conference we recently attended. What a delightful surprise to meet AIM patriots Brigitte and Carl who intuited that we would be attending the conference in Asheville. We had a delightful dinner with this power couple and enjoyed a wide range discussion from politics to alternative healing practices and modalities the globalists hope you never discover.

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The Truth Factory posted an excellent video on social media, Zuckerberg, and Michael McKibben while we were traveling. Please fan this out to your circle of influence and keep in mind that the social media giants want the government to break them up – they will make even more money in this scheme. Listen to Michael and Douglas explain this in their recent audio:

Will they go to prison for racketeering?

The Truth About Facebook

Download this raw *.mp4 video file (151 MB) to share preserve it as we see that Facebook has already started censoring it….duh.

Now…to the miner finds for the week:




Proof most current illegal global intel activity flows from the Mar. 05, 1946 UKUSA “Five Eyes” Agreement

NSA building

Scarlet Kim, Paulina Perlin. (Mar. 25, 2019). Newly Disclosed NSA Documents Shed Further Light on Five Eyes Alliance, WITH LINKED DOCUMENTS. Lawfare. (39 MB, 350 pgs)

five eyes 1.JPG


five eyes 2five eyes 3five eyes 4

On Oct. 27, 1972, the NSA cited the Sep. 12, 1945 order by President Truman, signed on Mar. 5, 1946 as the guiding source for the dubious intelligence integration with the British and Commonwealth that secretly allied with globalist international banks and multinational corporations

five eyes 5five eyes 6

five eyes 7

blair clinton

Both Clintons and Blair are today worth well into the $100’s of millions of dollars, having exploited this intelligence. Hillary holds the PKI encryption keys to much of the Federal Bridge Authority, including the FBI’s. Tony Blair a Clinton Foundation British surrogate?

blair 2.JPG



siginit 1.JPG

siginit 2.JPG

siginit 3





This was a Feb. 27, 1946 meeting of U.S. and British intelligence chiefs held just prior to the Mar. 11, 1946 Technical Meeting — two weeks later with a number of the same participants.


NOTE: This may also apply to Christopher Strunk’s case where he argues that the State of New York is relying on this agreement to sell baby parts that they do not own.

Note how they said cleverly that even if stolen inventions (they used patent specification lingo, e.g. device, apparatus, method, technique) are conveyed between the party, and the conveying party paid nothing for it, the receiving party may still have to pay royalties to use it. (Conveyed is buyer-seller contract language.)

James P. Chandler knew all about this fiddle.

top secret 7






. . . .  The conveyance by one party to the other, pursuant to this paragraph, of a device or apparatus may take the form of a gift, loan, sale, rental, or rendering available, as may be agreed and arranged between the parties in the specific instance. The fact that the disclosing party may have the privilege of using a method or technique, or a device or apparatus pertaining thereto, on a royalty-free basis shall not of itself relieve the receiving party of the obligation to pay royalties.


Chandler’s 1993 “Review” of the NSA-GCHQ integration

“… no [substantive] changes to it [Mar. 1946 UK-USA agreement] have been made”

“full and interdependent partnership” between NSA and GCHQ (19934)

Made up NSA-GCHQ  term: INTEGREES (among second and third parties)

UKUSA 1NSA GCHQ 3.JPGintegrees 1.JPGfive eyes 8




john tiltman afiJohn Hessell Tiltman was one of the leaders of the UK-USA Joint Intelligence Agreement on Mar. 05, 1946.

William Lutwiniak. (Jul. 01, 1982).  John H. Tiltman: A Reminiscence, Summer/Fall 1982-Vol. 1, Nos. 2-3. Cryptologic Quarterly. NSA.

Look at the certificate they created for him at the NSA.

Tiltman was an “Intergree” meaning he was employed by GCHQ and the NSA simultaneously. “Integree” appears to be a word fabricated just for use inside the Five Eyes secret community for personnel that they share across organizations.

tiltman 2

tiltman 3

tiltman 4.jpg

Inman became Deputy Director of the CIA shortly after signing the certificate

bobby inman


Note to researchers:

Chandler and Freeze surely collaborated with Tiltman since Freeze ran the US Army Security Agency (ASA) under Jimmy Carter. Tiltman had been the GCHQ liaison to the ASA. Inman and Feeze/Chandler worked closely together, and Inman even threatened Winfield Diffie (encryption innovator, Diffie-Hellman PKI ) in the 1980s. Hillary, Mueller, Chertoff, Rose Law were paying close attention, obviously


Military Intelligence Hall of Fame,%20James.pdf

Wild Bill bio,%20William.pdf

Organized the US propaganda

Inducted in the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame as HONORARY MEMBERS OF THE MI CORPS 2008.


james Freeze 1.JPG


Perhaps Freeze set up the Uranium One scamming based on this study?

james Freeze 2.JPG


james Freeze 3james freeze 4


US ASA. (Jun. 01, 1975). Colonel Freeze to be General Officer, Vol. 8, No. 5. The Hallmark.

james freeze pix

Click to access 50_6_the_hallmark_6_jun_1975.pdf


james freeze afi.jpgWasn’t Snowden working in Hawaii? Was this setting up that operation? Seems so.

Isn’t this all evidence of illegally surveilling countries in peacetime?

BG Freeze = Brigadier General James E. Freeze, Leader’s first director who introduced us to Chandler.


honolulu accord

honolulu accord 2.jpg


stephenson afiSir William Stephenson, British Spy “Intrepid” who used his WWII “stay-behind” intelligence network to establish the secret alliance between spies (incl. C.I.A. founder Bill Donovan), Nelson Rockefeller, Henry Luce (Life, Fortune, Sports Illustrated), funded by NY and London banks (incl. Hambros–former director of SOE) and fascist corporatists now called the “Deep State shadow government.” In 2008, the U.S. Military Intelligence Corps named Sir William an Honorary Member—the only British knight ever

Sir Stephenson, William. (2008). Honorary Members of the MI [Military Intelligence] Corps, accessed Jun. 12, 2019. Military Intelligence Corps Hall of Fame.

hall of fame.JPG

William Samuel Stephenson, Esq. (Jan. 01. 1945). Knight Bachelor, New Year’s Honours, No. 36866, p. 2. London Gazette.

donovan 1.JPGhambro 2

Hambro 3.JPG

donovan 2

Henry Luce = Magazines: Life, Sports Illustrated, Fortune

donovan stephenson.JPG



For those of you that like to have fully indexed versions of the reports from the Swamp:

Fully indexed

Michael E. Horowitz. (Jun. 11, 2019). Executive Summary, A Review of Various Actions by the FBI and DoJ in Advance of the 2016 Election. Department of Justice.


This note from an AIM reader:

Two days ago I talked with an activist who set up a Mailchimp account just to have it shut right back down again within hours for “violating” their policies. Mailchimp was not specific.

Yesterday Jennifer S  posted a screenshot of Mailchimp stating they do not allow anti-vaccine content on their platform and disabled her account of 4 years.

Today I received a message from a vaccine educated group that everyone on Basecamp knows and their account is also suspended and they cannot access their email list.

THEREFORE, if you are using Mailchimp I recommend you drop everything you are doing and EXPORT YOUR LIST ASAP. Once Mailchimp disables the account, you cannot access your emails.

It will not be long before the pro-vaxxers catch on and start sending complaints to Mailchimp on all of our accounts. They could take out 1/2 of us in just one day very easily. EXPECT THIS TO HAPPEN and make back up plans right now, starting with getting that export onto your computer.

I suspect it is only a matter of time before Constant Contact and others follow suit.

Our response: MailChimp was started by Sheryl Sandbergs husband who died in Mexico on a vacation from a treadmill “accident” in a hotel he wasn’t staying in.


Have you been paying attention to this month’s kill list:

submitted by luvmyhub75

NYPD Detective Joseph Calabrese : “””suicide”””

NYPD Deputy Chief Steven Silks : “””suicide”””

(in 24 hours time, both senior officials who probably knew what was on the Weiner laptop)

Former Arkansas state senator Linda Collins-Smith: found dead with a gunshot wound.

Former Oklahoma state senator Jonathan Nichols: also found dead with a gunshot wound.

Deputy Dante Austin, ‘big-hearted’ LGBT leader, found dead in Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office.

Chris Reed, police chief in Texas and an Army vet : fell off his fishing boat and disappeared yesterday.

U.S. Commerce Department official Lola Gulomova killed in murder-suicide.

Todd Tongen, Florida news anchor and reporter: cause of death is “not immediately known”

Tony Rodham, Hillary’s brother, cause of death is “not immediately known”.

I’m sleeping with one eye open tonight… (thanks anon)

And the son of Warren Jeff’s committed suicide (looking at you Romney)