chandler and freeze

British & American spies weaponized modern intelligence to enrich themselves, their knights, bankers, lawyers, accountants, propagandists and war corporations thru continuous fake enemies and contrived conflicts

Their “Inner Sanctum” brotherhood took an “ULTRA oath” not to reveal even the existence of their Mar. 05, 1945 agreement and only grudgingly allowed the FBI to join

U.S. Maj. Gen. James E. Freeze, ASA, NSA was groomed by the 1945 “Inner Sanctum,” created Echelon, then stole and weaponized Leader Technologies’ social networking invention

The Senior Executive Service (SES) and IBM hired tens of thousands of German scientists from Operation TICOM (Target Intelligence Committee linked to Bletchley Park that includes Operation Paperclip as just one of its projects) to staff U.S. corporations using stolen IP

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James Elias Freeze. Recruited into the U.S. Army Security Agency (ASA) in 1949 right out of high school. He rose through the ranks to become Brigadier General chief where he created the highly illegal ECHELON mass surveillance network first exposed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013. In 1999, Freeze agreed to be a director of Leader Technologies. He introduced Leader to patent attorney James P. Chandler, III, who also became a Leader director. These two men plied their deception craft on Leader to cajole a copy of Leader’s invention source code, which they immediately gave to IBM who distributed it freely as ostensible “open source” to all of Silicon Valley. Social media was born on this theft of arguably the most valuable invention in history

See Major General James E. Freeze. (Jun. 21, 2019). Biography & Timeline.

(MAY 17, 2019)—On Apr. 18, 2010, the U.S. NSA and British GCHQ disclosed for the first time the existence of an above top secret (ULTRA) intelligence sharing agreement signed on Mar. 05, 1946 that still directs their treasonous “Five Eyes” collaboration to this day. This is yet more hard proof that America has not yet won the American Revolution of 1776. We have ceded our most valuable intellectual property to British theft and control, in our opinion.

Shockingly, this agreement gave these multinational spies complete control over global communications, banking and propaganda from 1946 until now.

Even the existence of the agreement has been secret. Not even presidents and prime ministers were told. Arguably, this immorality has murdered many tens of millions of souls and set the cultural agenda for our world to this very day.

Between Mar. 11, 1946 and Mar. 27, 1946, a very select group of British and American spies met in London to plan out the the post-war implementation of the Mar. 05 agreement.
signal intelligence
Five Eyes, ANCIB(US)-ANCICC(UK). (Mar. 11, 1946). DAY 1: TOP SECRET CREAM, Inauguration Meeting, U.S. – British Signal Intelligence Technical Conference, March 11, 1946, DOCID: 2959299, REF ID: A2666693, National Archives Ref: HW-80-5, PDF p. 108. NSA.
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Sir William Samuel Stephenson, codenamed “Intrepid.”

The chief British spy after Sir Sewart C. Menzies that was not redacted was Sir Edward W. Travis. Travis is the primary intelligence actor in the modern world who assumed control over American intelligence after World War II, we believe.

Another likely participant (redacted) was Sir William S. Stephenson whose spy codename was “Intrepid.”

Sir William covertly ran the British Security Co-Ordination Service (BSC) from Rockefeller Center in New York as an umbrella organization for MI5, MI6, SIS, SOE and PWE (Political Warfare Executive) throughout the Americas.

Tellingly, Sir William is the only British knight inducted into the U.S. Military Intelligence Corps Hall of Fame (2008), along with U.S. Generals Freeze and Corderman, discussed below.

One of Sir William’s stated goals was “the assurance of American participation in secret activities throughout the world in the closest possible collaboration with the British” and “create a secret British intelligence network throught the western hemisphere.” He was also Churchill’s personal representative to Roosevelt.

edward travis

Sir Edward Wilfrid Harry Travis. See Cdr Edward Wilfred Harry “Jumbo” Travis (1888-1956). (Accessed May 29, 2019). Certificate of Service (1939-1945); Chief of Codes and Ciphers at GCCS formation on Nov. 01, 1919; Mansion, Dep. Dir. GCCS (1925 to Feb. 1942); Dep. Dir.(Service) (DD(S)) from Feb. 1942; Dir. GCCS from Mar. 1944 to Apr. 1952 (renamed GCHQ); Roll of Honour, Cert. 9170.


Sir Edward was succeeded as director of GCHQ in Apr. 1952 by Sir Eric Malcolm Jones KCMG CB CBE, then by Sir Clive Loehnis KCMG. Sir Clive was also a member of the 1946 Inner Sanctum British delegation. It is reasonable to assume that Sir Eric was a British delegation participant whose name has been redacted in the minutes so as not to show so blatantly the total British domination of post war Anglo-American intelligence.

Note: GCCS or Government Code and Cypher School (also GC&CS) was formed right after WWI on Nov. 01, 1919. It was renamed GCHQ or Government Communications Headquarters after WWII in Apr. 1946, immediately following the 1946 Inner Sanctum meetings with American intelligence that ended just a few days earlier on Mar. 27, 1946. Evidenlty the British wanted a new name for their new global intelligence hegemony in celebration of their successful coopting of America’s intelligence apparatus, supplied by IBM. IBM even managed to get paid for all the punch cards they supplied to Adolph Hitler’s death camp prisoner IBM tabulation machines all throughout the war. The conspiracies among the Inner Sanctum and their corporate sponsors appears to have planned to profit from war and death. WWII may have been little more than a ruse to bring America into the Cecil Rhodes 200-year plan. To these eugenics satanists, death and destruction merely help to rid the world of deplorables who are only consuming their resources unnecessarily.


hinsley afi

Sir Francis Harry Hinsley. Chairman of Operation TICOM (Target Intelligence Committee, often referred to by one of its component activities: Operation Paperclip).


The British delegation was led by Sir Stewart G. Menzies, Sir Edward W. Travis and (Sir)Francis H. Hinsley who served as Secretary. Sir Harry was then chairman of Operation TICOM (better known as “Paperclip” that exported tens of thousands of German scientists, engineers and technology to Britain and the U.S.).

Of the unredacted British participants, all participants except one were knighted soon after this meeting if they were not already knights loyal to the British Monarch (Read: not the U.S. Constitution).

Ask a very simple question in Washington, D.C. and watch the spies squirm.

Ask: “If the NSA, ASA, C.I.A. and FBI do not work for the President, for whom do they work?” We now know, for the British and themselves. They are truly rogue to the core.

The lone exception was NSA “Integree” John G. Tiltman, CMG, CBE, KCB, MC who moved to Washington as the GCHQ liaison, then ended his career actually working for the NSA. “Integree” appears to be a post 1946 made up NSA-GCHQ word for Brit spies working inside the NSA as dual employees, presumably with dual allegiances as well.

coderman afiThe American delegation was led by Brigadier General W. Preston Corderman, chief of the Army Security Agency (ASA) where he built his operations at Arlington Hall Station using IBM computers and transplanted German cryptologists from the TICOMtechnology and personnel capture program run largely by the British.

To illustrate the continuity of this Corderman activity into the present day, Corderman’s protégé, Iowan James Elias Freeze, was recruited into the ASA in 1949.



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james freeze bio.JPG
Major General James E. Freeze. (Jun. 21, 2019). Biography & Timeline.

james freeze afiFreeze followed in his mentor Corderman’s footsteps and became ASA Chief on Sep. 01, 1975. He then created the highly illegal Echelon mass surveillance program ca. 1978 with evidently full compliance from no-bid defense contractors associated with the DoD Office of Net Assessment and the Highlands Group, who enrich themselves by stealing and weaponizing new inventions.

In 1952-53, Freeze was stationed in Eritrea where his wife Dorothy was employed by the United Nations overseeing the Federation of Eritrea and Ethiopia. This was a time of important transition for the British in Eritrea. One can logically assume that Freeze was sent there by the “Inner Sanctum” to test his loyalties.

Only Freeze’s formal Army record reveals that he graduated from the Aerospace Control and Guidance Systems Committee (ACGSC) training in 1963. He never discloses this in his public biographies.

On Apr. 29, 1970, then Colonel Freeze commanded the 303d ASA Radio Research Battalion. Freeze personally received the order from President Nixon to invade Cambodia.

After promotion to Brigadier General on Jun. 05, 1975 by President Gerald Ford, Freeze took command of the Army Security Agency (ASA)—the same position formerly held by his “Inner Sanctum” mentor, Brigadier General Corderman.


James P. Chandler, III

On Dec. 16, 1999, Freeze became the first outside director of Leader Technologies, after which he introduced Leader to Professor James P. Chandler, III.

Chandler and Freeze then stole Leader’s invention for use by their ULTRA secret Echelon NSA/CHQ handlers via the IBM Eclipse Foundation—the ASA’s main supplier (see Corderman bio specifically identifying IBM). These activities are certainly clever, albeit grotesquely immoral, not to mention unConstitutional.

Also notable is the fact that Freeze was inducted into the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame in 1987, before his mentor Corderman in 1988, no doubt due to ECHELON.

The world’s first knowledge of Freeze’s Echelon program came on Jun. 06, 2013 from whistleblower Edward Snowden. Snowden revealed the unholy alliance of government and select private multinational corporations like Google/Alphabet, Facebook, Yahoo!, Pal Talk, Apple, Microsoft, YouTube, AOL, Skype, Cisco, AT&T, EDS, Qualcomm, Oracle, Intel, Verizon, Qwest, HP, Motorola . . . “Alliances with over 80 Major Global Corporations.” Whistleblower William Binney also confirmed this illegal activity.

David J. Kappos. 

Notably, a month after Binney quit, on Nov. 29, 2001, Leader Technologies’ patent attorney James P. Chandler, III and David J. Kappos, IBM’s intellectual property counsel, started the IBM Eclipse Foundation with a $40 million “donation” as the vehicle to steal Leader’s social networking inventions and distribute them as “open source,” laughably, anyone who knows IBM, knows they would never do this with their own inventions. IBM is the largest of patent holder in the world.


Remarkably, one of the first orders of business in the 1946 meeting was to decide whether the FBI would be allowed to participate through their proposed representative: Mr. John A. Cimperman, who first had to swear the “ULTRA oath.” We could not find a text of this oath. Readers are requested to help find it.

Here are the detailed minutes of the Mar. 11-27, 1946 meetings, including a full, searchable transcript.

William (Wolfe) Frederick Friedman

Earlier, on Aug. 20, 1943, Corderman’s Army Security Agency (ASA) research director William F. Friedman had visited the British GCCS operation and had thanked its director Sir Edward Travis for “opening wide the gates of the Inner Sanctum.” (This document was only released by the NSA on May 19, 2014.)

Normally, one would consider reference to an “Inner Sanctum” as mere hyperbole.

However, given the subsequent ULTRA secrecy of the post-war intelligence sharing plan among these shadowy actors, it is evident that a British Privy Council Inner Sanctum (hidden agenda) did indeed exist within British intelligence into which the Americans were being initiated.



gates to inner sanctum.JPG


AFI researchers are deep in the mines on this research, which is voluminous. More analysis of the evidence will be forthcoming. Remarkably, this 1946 “Inner Sanctum” agreement took place with almost no accountability, which has led to the rise of a global, rogue Anglo-American spy state mentality that has dictated terms to our world during our entire lifetimes. It is truly astonishing how our lives have been so controlled by these megalomaniacs.

This reign of terror must come to an end immediately. As far as we can see, the fastest way to control these agents of darkness is to cut off the resources of Google/Alphabet, Facebook, Yahoo!, Pal Talk, Apple, Microsoft, YouTube, AOL, Skype, Cisco, AT&T, EDS, Qualcomm, Oracle, Intel, Verizon, Qwest, HP, Motorola . . . “Alliances with over 80 Major Global Corporations.”

They should also be forced to disgorge their ill-gotten gains from the hundred years of theft of patents and other intellectual properties, starting with Leader Technologies’ Miller Act Notice.